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30 of the Best Frighteningly Fun Halloween Props and Decorations

While I was out and about this Halloween season, I saw a bunch of frighteningly fun Halloween props and decorations I’d like to buy.  (Because unlike the Frog Queen or ShellHawk I’m not crafty and need pre-made Halloween decorations to haunt my home with.)

Not surprisingly, a lot of what I liked was zombie-based. A lot…but not all.

Below are  my picks for the Halloween props and decorations I thought were the best. I put them in order from 30 on down to my number one fave.

NOTE: Most, but not all, of the ones with “animated” in their titles have videos showing them in action. If they don’t I noted it. If they do, feel free to click through. You’ll be taken to the site where I found them and you’ll see the video link there.

30. Haunted House Halloween Face Changing Portrait

29. Inflatable Black Cat Halloween Mailbox Monster (I also saw an Inflatable Ghost Mailbox Monster and an Inflatable Witch Mailbox Monster too. I thought this would be something fun for people with small children. Spirited without being too scary.)

28. DevilMingoes (And I thought the skelemingoes –which are my next pic– were novel? What will they come up with next year? My vote is still for a zombie gnome!)

27. 2 Halloween Skeleton Yard Flamingos Lawn Decor (I thought these were really clever when I saw them, which was pretty early on in the season. I knew it was going to be a good Halloween when I came across something so unique and fresh!)

26. Animated Haunted Magic Mirror Prop (No video showing this one in action.)

Animated Haunted Magic Mirror Prop

25. Man & Woman Lenticular Tombstones (Their eyes follow you! Creepy coolness!)

Man & Woman Lenticular Tombstones


24. Zombie Arm Lawn Stakes (I liked these because (1) it’s Zombie related and (2) at only $5.99 they appealed to my thrifty side!)

Zombie Arm Lawn Stakes

23. 3 piece Ghostly Group Lawn Decor (I saw yards that had these. They grouped six ghosts together around trees. I thought they looked pretty good really. As good as the ads, which isn’t always the case.)

3 piece Ghostly Group Lawn Decor

22. Moving Bag Of Rats (Eeeeewwwwwww!)

Moving Bag Of Rats

21. Animated Body Bag Prop (If the body bag starts rockin’, don’t come a knockin’…run! Like hell!)

Animated Body Bag Prop

20. Animated Rise From the Grave Grim Reaper (This one’s less than $40 even! A pretty good deal because, boy howdy, does it spring up!)

Animated Rise From the Grave Grim Reaper

19. Light up Hand Held Lanterns

Light up Hand Held Lanterns

18. Floating Witch Lawn Stake

Floating Witch Lawn Stake

17. Man with Axe Shadow Door Cover

Man with Axe Shadow Door Cover

16. Gothic Vampiress Head Prop

Gothic Vampiress Head Prop

15. Talking Skull Radio (It’s motion activated and broadcasts seven different spooky news bulletins and scary predictions for uneasy listening.)

Talking Skull Radio

14. Animated Boxed-In Prop (I also saw an Animated Crated Mummy Prop but I liked the boxed-in man’s sayings.)

Animated Boxed-In Prop

13. Dearly Departed Animated Tombstone Decoration (The way it moves and what it says reminds me of Disney’s Haunted Mansion ride.)

Dearly Departed Animated Tombstone Decoration

12. Grave Busting Skull Animated Fog Accessory

Grave Busting Skull Animated Fog Accessory

11. Giant Standing Jester Prop (He’s not even animated, but ack! He’s awful looking doing nothing except hanging around!)

Giant Standing Jester Prop

10. Kneeling Geist Girl (Doesn’t it remind you of Carol Ann from Poltergeist? If she hadn’t come away from the light, that is…)

Kneeling Geist Girl

9. Two Arm Wallbreaker Animated Decoration (I also saw a One Arm Animated Wallbreaker Prop but I liked the two arm one slightly better. No video of him doing his animated thing, though.)

Two Arm Wallbreaker Animated Decoration

8. Lifesize Haunted Scarecrow Standing Prop (Hmmm, I wonder how he’d work on the rabbits in my garden? Maybe he’d be scary enough to keep them away!)

Lifesize Haunted Scarecrow Standing Prop

7. Lifesize American Gothic Zombie Farmer and his Lifesize American Gothic Zombie Wife. (OMG! I just loved these!)

Lifesize American Gothic Zombie Farmer

Lifesize American Gothic Zombie Wife

6. Thrashing Zombie Animated Prop (No video of him doing his thrashing, but the pic sort of gives you the idea.)

Thrashing Zombie Animated Prop

5. Lifesize Michael Myers Animatronic (ACK! If I’d seen this on All Hallow’s Eve after all the jello shots I did I would’ve thought Michael Myers popped right off the screen and into real life! This one does have a video. And if the music comes with it and wasn’t added to enhance the effect? Even better!)

Lifesize Michael Myers Animatronic

4. Animated Lifesize Witch with Fogging Cauldron (She talks, cackles, stirs…a very fun animated witch prop!)

Animated Lifesize Witch with Fogging Cauldron

3. Animated Face Ripping Clown Prop (The sum of all clown fears. He’s got a vid too. DON’T watch if you suffer even the slightest bit from coulrophobia. It will not help your condition.)

Animated Face Ripping Clown Prop

2. Animated Hovering Ghost (I thought this was going to be a pretty boring one because it was just a sheet sort of decoration. Wrong! I watched the video and was enthralled. It really does hover!)

Animated Hovering Ghost

1. My number 1 is tied for a group of Halloween props rather than just one thing. I absolutely LOVED the Zombie Babies! There were a bunch available for adoption, but if I had to adopt any it would be one of these four:

Creeping Tommy Zombie Baby Prop

Creeping Tommy Zombie Baby Prop

Evil Ernie Zombie Baby Prop (I particularly liked this one because one of my husband’s nicknames for me is “Ernie.” It could be our zombie baby progeny!)

Evil Ernie Zombie Baby Prop

Slay Time Zombie Baby Prop (A face only a mother could love…blowing to bits if she had any sense!)

Slay Time Zombie Baby Prop

Demonica Zombie Baby Prop (I dig the red eyes. Good detail for a demonic baby girl!)

Demonica Zombie Baby Prop

I showed you mine so it’s only right I should ask this I think: What were some of your favorite Halloween decorations this year?

Courtney Mroch
Courtney Mroch, otherwise known as HJ's Ambassador of Dark and Paranormal Tourism, is an author, traveler, and ghost enthusiast. When she's not writing, jaunting, or planning her next trip, it's a safe bet you'll find her in one of three places: on a tennis court somewhere, on a yoga mat somewhere, or watching a horror movie somewhere. She currently resides in Nashville, Tennessee.

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  1. All good choices. I have a friend that owns a haunt and she has a bit of a…dare I say…creepy facination with zombie babies. Everytime we are at a show and she sees a new one she HAS to have it……I believe she has a nursery full of them in her haunt at this point 😀


  2. THANKS Frog Queen! I think I would like your friend. I so dug the zombie babies this year!

    But sorry they creeped you out, Jessica! LOL I didn’t think that was possible!

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