Looking for some chills, thrills or a way to have a spooky good time with like-minded individuals? Great! You’ve come to the right place.

Here’s where we list:

  • Ghost Hunting Tours & Events – Includes paranormal investigation ghost hunting tours, overnight and weekend ghost hunts, paranormal cruises, and other one-day or overnight paranormal (or paranormal-ish) spirited events like Halloween parties, masquerade balls, and races and walks.
  • Paracons, Halloween & Horror Fests – Pretty much like its name says, this section includes paranormal events, conferences and conventions (aka “paracons”), as well as horror fests and Halloween haunter and enthusiast cons. However, under the “para” cons umbrella we’ve  included UFO and cryptid-centric cons. Here’s where you’ll also find events like zombie and witch events and cons too.

Each section lists events both my month and state. That way if you’re looking for something during a particular time of the year, or in a particular part of the country, you should be able to easily do that.

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