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If it’s haunted, scary, macabre or unusual, we list it, link to it, write about it, talk about it, and definitely want to visit it!

Courtney Mroch, HJ’s fearless Ambassador of Dark and Paranormal Tourism, launched Haunt Jaunts in April 2009. It was her “get off the couch” project as she battled cancer. (Stage 2 non-Hodgkins lymphoma.)

Basically, she’d always had the idea for a Haunt Jaunts Guide to Paranormal Tourism book. (Well, she still does and is now working on a series of books.)

However, getting cancer and facing her mortality made her realize she might not live to see her dream of writing books come true. But she could start a blog…

Haunt Jaunts has since evolved from a place for Courtney to write about her interest in jaunting to haunted and macabre places into a site –and, as of March 2017, a radio show!– where she can share her passion for all things paranormal, horror, Halloween, and travel.

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Courtney and Skellie

12 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Courtney

    Many thanks for your kind comment on my blog

    Your story is a true inspiration as well as being incredibly moving.

    Good luck with everything and I know you’ll achieve all you want and more with such spirit.

    Sorry for not replying sooner but only got back from battling through the snow last night!

    Can I link to your site from my Haunted Britain site?

    Best Wishes

    Richard Jones

  2. Hi Richard! WOW! Thanks for stopping by and checking my blog out.

    Of course I’d delighted if you wanted to link Haunted Britain to HJ!

    I see I haven’t yet added Haunted Britain to my blogroll, which is an oversight on my part that I apologize for. I have it in my personal RSS feeds and I had thought I’d added you to my links, but I guess I got sidetracked before I got that done the other day. Hmm, I’ll remedy that immediately!

    Again, thanks for stopping by. It’s delightful to make your acquaintance and I look forward to reading more of your Haunt Jaunting adventures as the year goes on!


  3. Hi Courtney,

    I just happened to stumble onto your site and what an inspiring story. It’s really nice to hear of someone who despite the challenges in life positively changed their life the way they wanted it to be. Way to go and I admire your positve thinking!!

    I also, have been interested in ghosts for awhile, but more because I am living in a haunted home.

    Take care and wishing you all the best 🙂


  4. Hey Carrie!

    Thanks for your nice comment. I’m going to go check out your blog. What an interesting thing to write about! You don’t have to haunt jaunt, you can do a staycation at home and find them from the sounds of it!!!

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  6. Hello.
    miss Mroch I am the founder nad president of SMP the Southern Michigan Paranormals. A while back I read a comment by yourself in connection to the news article of our investigation of the Van Buren Poor House in Lawrence Michigan. as the report reflects…it was not an accurate or very informative write up of the actual events or the interview and certainly not all of the pertinent facts of the story or of who we are. I just wanted to clear the air….even though I disagree with your statements of having news coverage of such things….that is for another time. Let me just sum up the reasons we work with the museum and why we felt the need to report it. First we due a lot of historical site investigations in connection with the sites interest in either the claims or to be able to capitalize on the interest as to help bring in economic help for the sites themselves. I do not lightly hand out Haunting’s nor do we claim all is haunted, but we do take many measures to assure a process is followed and that all the facts are presented as they were gathered.We try and debunk and explain most of what we can within reason and then what we are left with is the unknown until further investigation can explain too. We do have some orb pics but rather light anomalies up on our pics as unknown and non-reproducable. We also have many EVP’s but I will remind many that the networking of knowledge and the marketing of ones group is not a bad thing! on the contrary it has helped us open doors to do the research and investigating we wanted to do it also let many know we were out here and available to help if needed. not everyone gets their info offline…good old fashioned journalism in print still works…..We are very bothered by many groups and individuals who follow no doctrine or have any idea of what they are doing or claim to do….we have a great reference list including many who belong to the State of Michigan Historic Preservation Network and many Historical Societies, Businesses, and private citizens. That’s all….I believe we were not given our day in court so to speak….lol to really have anyone reading the re post or comments to see just who we are. I appreciate what you do and like the work I have sen on your project and site. If you would ever like to interview myself or any SMP member please feel free to do so we would love to talk with you. last note….I also have Ghost Tour in Howell Michigan I invite you to take a look at it it is up on the pure Michigan sites as well as the Livingston County visitors bureau site.
    thanks for your time.

  7. Dan, I appreciate you taking the time to stop by and share your case. After reading what you wrote, the going back to find what you referring to that I commented on, I will be writing a follow up post here about it. I’m not exactly sure what got into me the day I left the comment I did. I *think* I know what I was trying to say, but it sure didn’t come off that way. I thought you might be with another group that really left a bad taste in my mouth for their procedures and claims, but after re-familiarizing myself with the story about you, I have a different perspective about the whole thing. I’m going to chalk it up to growing pains, as I will describe in the article I write. I’m glad you took the time to stop by and bring this to my attention.

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