Courtney Mroch, HJ’s fearless Ambassador of Dark and Paranormal Tourism, launched Haunt Jaunts in 2009. It was her “get off the couch” project as she battled cancer. (Stage 2 non-Hodgkins lymphoma.)

Basically, she’d always had the idea for a Haunt Jaunts Guide to Paranormal Tourism book. (Well, she still does, but she’s since decided to turn them into a series of books.) Getting cancer and facing her mortality made her realize she might not live to see that dream come true. But she could start a blog…

Haunt Jaunts has evolved from a place for Courtney to write about her jaunts to haunted and macabre places into a site where she can share her enthusiasm for travel, dark tourism in particular.

We know there are a lot of fun sites out there. We sure do thank you for taking some time to visit ours. We hope you enjoy it and come back as often as you like. You’re always welcome!


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