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“Scariest Places on Earth”: The Mystery of the Anchor Inn Exorcism Demon Episode

Anchor Hotel

Before I talk about the Anchor Inn Exorcism on Season 1, Episode 1 of Scariest Places on Earth (remember that show?), let me tell you what sparked this story.

As anyone who follows HJ on social media knows, this past weekend I attended HAuNTcon. Met some creepy cool people and had some super interesting conversations.

Like the one I had with Scott Morrow, aka The Fearless Ghosthunter. (He’s the host of a show by the same name on ParaMania Radio, which you can tune-in to live on Saturdays at 9-11 p.m. Eastern.)

Meeting Scott

He was presenting a seminar I wanted to attend: “Adding Off-Season Revenue with a Paranormal Attraction.” (Because that sort of thing interests me. I present into evidence Exhibit A: 5 Popular Real Haunted Places That Also Have Top Halloween Haunted Houses, and Exhibit B: Three Halloween Parties in Real Haunted Houses for 2016.)

I met him at lunch on Friday when I finally found Chris Davis from Davis Graveyard. (Who I’ve known through blogging for years and was super excited to finally meet in person.)

She and her husband and their friend were at a table eating lunch with HAuNTcon’s owner, Leonard Pickel, and a couple of other people. One of whom was Scott Morrow.

As he got up to leave, I worked up the nerve to ask if I could pick his brain at some point during the conference and maybe interview him for HJ.

Trouble was, I was so nervous to ask I just blurted it out. Awkward. (Hey, I don’t get out much. My interpersonal skills are rusty.)

Anyway, he was kind enough on a break during Day 2 to say, “Let’s talk,” when he saw me between classes.

That’s when he graced me with a plethora of info. (I’ll have blog posts for a while referring to nuggets of inspiration gleaned from him.)

But let’s start with this one: perhaps the scariest Scariest Places on Earth episode out there….that no one’s really ever talked about.


Popping the Demon Question

“Do you want to see a demon?” Scott asked when our conversation had progressed into that area. (We had talked about everything from paranormal “reality” TV shows to theories on the supernatural to the Warrens, which is how we arrived at the demon question.)

I paused. I didn’t know how to answer.

If you’re unfamiliar with Scott, tune in to his show sometime. You’ll quickly see what a character he is. I wasn’t sure if he was setting me up for something or what. Also, is there really a good answer to, “Do you want to see a demon?”

“Um, I don’t know. Do I? Yes? No?” the people-pleaser in me wavered indecisively. (So why not throw them all out there? One has to be right, right?)

He wasn’t looking for a right answer. He wasn’t really looking for anything. He wanted to share something no one else has really talked about.

“If you want to see some freaky shit, watch Scariest Places on Earth. The first episode from the first season.”

A Call for Help

He went on to tell me about the Anchor Inn in Haydon Bridge, England and how he’d come to know of it. (Which is now the Anchor Hotel by the way.)

It’s both a restaurant and hotel. Although you won’t easily find references to its 15 minutes of television fame or its ghostly past… if it really ever even had one. (Something I’ll be investigating. Already am actually. Reached out to the hotel. Waiting to hear back.)

Anyway, once upon the time the owners of the quaint little inn used to be Elen McGannet and Elaine Burrows. At least according to the Scariest Places on Earth episode, who could have used fictitious names.

Elen had reached out to Scott on a message board or in a forum he’d seen Scott in. Elen needed help. He had unwanted paranormal activity that was scaring his family. Could Scott help?

Ed and Lorraine Warren

Well, Elen and Elaine were in England. They didn’t have the means to get Scott there, and he didn’t have the means to go there, but as fate would have it, Scott knew Ed and Lorraine Warren.

He contacted them about the case. They had been contacted by this new show which was just about to start filming episodes for the series.

The Warrens got the show to cover travel expenses and that’s how Ed and Lorraine got to the Anchor Inn in Haydon Bridge, England.

And that’s when they filmed the exorcism.

Growling Demon Caught on Film?

“It’s near the end of the episode where you want to watch,” Scott said. “It’s going to happen right after Ed lights the incense. You’ll hear a growl and you’ll see a doppelganger rise up right next to the woman. That’s the demon being so bold as to show itself.”

I know I look sweet and innocent and I can be gullible, but I’m a skeptic at heart.

Riiiiight, I was thinking. Demons + growling caught on tape = edited for TV.

But I like creepy shit and Scott had me intrigued. Before bed that night, much to my husband’s chagrin, I found the episode and fast forwarded to the exorcism.

Yep. Sure enough. Incense gets lit, there’s a growling (that no one seems to notice), the camera pans to the couch where Lorraine, Elen and Elaine are seated, and…WTF is going on with Elaine? All of a sudden there are two of her.

Elaine is sitting next to her husband. This is a screen shot of the moment the doppelganger demon rises beside her.
The Mystery Doppelganger

Ed and Lorraine eventually let Scott know, “Hey, by the way, remember that case in England you told us about? Went there, filmed it for a show, it’ll be on and you should watch.”

Scott did and immediately called them and said, “What the hell was that?” after watching the doppelganger appear.

Lorraine and Ed said they hadn’t noticed it before that. They sure hadn’t been aware of it during the exorcism.


Did the cameraman even know? Or was it edited in afterwards?

Clearly whoever edited the show saw it, because that part is used earlier in the episode as a teaser to what’s coming up next.

Except there’s never any mention of “Witness this creepy demon look-alike rising from this poor unsuspecting inn owner during an exorcism.”

So what happened? Was it manipulated and purposely put there after filming?

But here’s the rub…It’s never made a “thing” out of at all. Why?

And therein lies the mystery…

The Episode

Watch for yourself and see what you make of it. Then let me know.

The fun starts just after the 38:40 mark.

Courtney Mroch
Courtney Mroch, otherwise known as HJ's Ambassador of Dark and Paranormal Tourism, is an author, traveler, and ghost enthusiast. When she's not writing, jaunting, or planning her next trip, it's a safe bet you'll find her in one of three places: on a tennis court somewhere, on a yoga mat somewhere, or watching a horror movie somewhere. She currently resides in Nashville, Tennessee.

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  1. I have lots of questions about this. How did any editor miss it? I’ve done professional editing with Avid and I know editors go through the same footage over and over to get things right. They should have noticed the growling sound too from making sure the sound was in sync. Also, if the Warrens are so famous for their various abilities, how did they not catch a demon? They didn’t see it, sense it, pick it up with their psychic abilities? I’m really skeptical about this.

  2. Oh wow. So you raise some questions I hadn’t even thought of. Good points. Good reasons to be skeptical. Would love to talk to anyone involved in producing this. If I figure out how to do that I’ll write a follow up post.

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