Media Monday: The Whispers

I haven't been watching much TV lately, but the other night I happened to be watching something on ABC and saw the ad for The Whispers. It looked sort of freaky and I happened to notice a familiar face, Lily Rabe (of American Horror Story fame). Hmmmm... It was worth looking

Movie Monday: Battleship

A couple of weeks back when we went to see The Hunger Games, we saw a preview for Battleship. I'd seen the movie posters before that. They'd referenced, "Based on the Hasbro game." Or something to that effect. Well, when I think of Battleship the game, I think of the catchphrase

Researching the Paranormal in Istanbul

Researching the paranormal in Istanbul via the Internet for our trip has proven to be no easy task. There is most definitely a shortage of links about haunted places there. However, I've found a few. 1. Two extraterrestrials were caught on tape in Istanbul The first thing I found was a story about

Five Museums Dedicated to the Paranormal

I love visiting museums whether they're haunted or not. However, check out what I've discovered: paranormal museums! Five of them, in fact. John Zaffis Museum of the Paranormal -  I found out about this from a post on Ghost Lounge some time back. John Zaffis has collected all kinds of supposedly haunted artifacts during his