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My Haunt Spots Caper – by Guest Blogger, “E” – Part 4 and Final

When last we met up with our Guest Haunts Blogger “E”, they had intrepidly faced their whole tour. Join us for the conclusion of her Caper Company expedition…

We headed back to our rendezvous point. It was warm by the fire, and we gladly partook of cookies and beverages and gushed excitedly about our evening’s adventures. Next time I’m taking more people, and I’m going earlier in the evening, right up until dusk! Going in the dark was great and creepy, but we couldn’t actually see very many details, and we couldn’t ignore the real risk of being three girls out at night in secluded, unlit areas.

I loved the tour so much! It was totally worth it (even though we ended up skipping #3), and it was so much creepier than I anticipated. We went in with a “yes!” attitude, and we ended up laughing at ourselves more and more as it got scarier. And we didn’t have to do any work or research ahead of time – everything in the tour package was ready to go and user-friendly. I haven’t felt this spontaneous and adventuresome in a long time! Thanks, Caper Company!

(Thank you, E!)

Susan Scot Fry

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