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Guy N Girl Travels Guest Blog: Our Ghostly Stay at 17Hundred90 Inn

I asked Michelle from Guy N Girl Travels if she’d be interested in contributing a guest blog when I learned she was headed to Savannah a couple of months back. To my delight, she obliged. Michelle is a super talented writer and I never fail to LOL when I read her. I hope you enjoy her post as much as I did.

Recently, my husband and I went to Savannah, Georgia for a haunted adventure. We’ve seen Savannah featured on many ghost hunting shows and wanted to see for ourselves what all the “haunts” were about. We arrived the week before Halloween and spent four nights in room 204 of 17Hundred90 Inn.

Photo courtesy Michelle from Guy N Girl Travels

For anyone who’s ever been to Savannah, you’ll recognize this inn as being one of the city’s most haunted. Room 204, a.k.a. the scariest room ever, is where Anna Powers, a resident ghost/once chambermaid lingers about after throwing herself out the bedroom window. It’s a traditional ghost story: girl meets guy, girl loves guy, guy rejects girl, girl kills herself, girl haunts the room.

Staying in Savannah’s “most haunted room” was not my idea. My adventure-loving husband wanted to stay here. If it were up to me, we would have stayed in a romantic B&B with a giant bubble bath and views made for two! But, I figured, why not stay in a haunted room? I mean, we were going to Savannah around Halloween, right?

Photo courtesy Michelle from Guy N Girl Travels

Upon entering room 204, we were spooked at first sight as a creepy, old doll lay on the center of the nicely made bed. Granted, the room was large and romantic with a fireplace, four poster bed and Victorian décor, but there was something about the picture of a young girl on top of the dresser, that sent our spines tingling.

There was also a strange stillness to this room, like as though no one has ever stayed here before as our lungs suffered from an eerie workout from struggling to breathe in thick air. The room felt suffocating as we threw our bags down and took a breather with dinner at the restaurant downstairs.

Prior to checking in, we read online about a journal left in the room where guests can write about their personal experiences with Anna. This journal actually does exist and we read it the first night, which explains why we barely slept a wink! All of the stories all seemed to be the same; young teenagers celebrating birthdays with a friends-only sleepover or ghost adventurers staying a night to see if Anna will communicate with them.

For the most part, nothing seemed to happen other than the occasional haunting sounds of footsteps or glass shattering. But, they all agreed that the second night is when Anna likes to play.

So, the first night of our four night adventure, pretty much went like this: me opening my eyes every few seconds to see if there was a ghost standing over the bed as Joey rubbed my back, trying to ease me to sleep. Thankfully, no ghost appeared!

The second night, which according to the journal is when all the stuff goes down and boy, did it ever! Around 3 a.m. I woke up to an echoing sound of a window shattering. It was so loud, yet so faint at the same time.

Joey jumped up at that very moment and looked around the room. After making eye contact with me he plopped his head back down on the pillow and passed out. Then I followed suit only to feel a hand brush over my right cheek. Seconds later, our sheets were being tugged at our feet and surprisingly I didn’t scream. I just embraced it!

The next morning, I asked Joe if he remembered anything and he said no. I told him about the experience and was too afraid to be left alone in the room, so we took a shower together. Anna must have still been with us because when I got out of the shower to dry off, (Joe was still in the shower) the tissues on top of the toilet moved as though someone flicked it with their fingers. Thinking I moved the tissues with a gust of wind from my towel, I was flapping my towel around trying to make the tissues move and they didn’t! Instead I scared Joe, with all the wind because he thought Anna was haunting him in the shower! But, no, she was haunting me and the tissue box!

On the third night it was finally Joe’s turn as he woke up to a feeling of someone lying on top of him, holding him down. The creepy thing is that I felt the same thing, but mine wasn’t as intense as his! For me, it felt like a heavy presence weighing me down and putting me in a deep sleep. For Joe, it was much more intense as the presence didn’t want him to fall asleep. (I guess Anna wanted to have her way with my husband as she lulled me to sleep!)

The fourth night, my rapidly beating heart and growing grey hairs couldn’t take all these ghostly experiences, so I asked Anna nicely to leave us alone as we had a long drive back to New Jersey the next day. Thankfully, she did and we finally got a decent night’s sleep! (Thank you, Anna!)

Our experiences with Anna were pretty surreal and although we didn’t see her apparition, there is no question that Anna made her presence known to us! I’m not sure I would ever stay back at 17Hundred90 Inn. (My heart can’t take it!) But, my husband on the other hand has his handsome-adventure eyes on the lovely Kehoe House B&B, which was once a funeral home!

A Funny Tip for Staying at the 17Hundred90 Inn and Restaurant:

Tour buses and walking tours stop by here regularly, so it’s pretty funny to scare the tour-goers by moving Anna’s mannequin located in the hallway window, right outside of room 204!



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8 thoughts on “Guy N Girl Travels Guest Blog: Our Ghostly Stay at 17Hundred90 Inn

  1. Michelle, THANK YOU so much for such an awesome post. OMG! ROFLMAO!!! Do you know how many guys would want to book a spooky room and have their girls not want to stay alone so bad they’d even take a shower with them? I chuckled at that part, but then the flapping towel/moving tissue part had me LOLing.

    And it’s good to know you’re a trickster at heart with the mannequin tip. Which was also good for me to know. Ghosts I don’t mind. Mannequins, however, FREAK me out! No way I’d want one just outside my room!!!!!

    Thanks so much again for such a great post!

  2. Hey Courtney and Michael! Thank you sooooo much for your amazing comments!! Omg! That mannequin freaked us out day and night!! Thank goodness it wasn’t in our room!! Lol!! 😀 Scaring the tour-goers with it was a blast!! 😀

  3. HAHAHA! I *might* be able to embrace my fear of mannequins to have some fun messing with people, but I don’t know…Only in the day time!

    And Jen…LOL! At least now you know where NOT to stay! 😉

  4. What a great post! I’ve been reading about the 17Hundred90 Inn for years and have wondered if there really is activity or if it’s just a promotional ruse by the inn. It’s nice to know that there really is something there. I may have to book the room for a few nights to see what happens.

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