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Guest Blogger Chris Verstraete Wonders: Is Hot Rod Dogs Haunted?

The following is a guest post by my long-time friend Christine Verstraete, whose blog is the Candid Canine. I’ve been trying to get her to share a guest post here for a while now. (We met over 10 years ago through our fiction writing and quickly discovered we gravitated towards the macabre not only in our work, but in many things. It was the first of many “pod sister” revelations.) She finally found just the right thing to write about, something up my alley not only because it involves the paranormal but also my other love: food! Bon appetit!

The first indication that something unusual might be going on began when Louis Davila and Manny Palos were remodeling part of the former bus depot building at 2311 Roosevelt Rd., Kenosha, Wisc., for their new restaurant, Hot Rod Dogs.

First, they came in and found the wooden beam they’d left standing upright against a wall now in a different position—but it didn’t look like it had simply fallen.

The remodeling done, they put up photos and car-related art on the main wall. The next day they came in and found one of the pictures on the floor. The same picture, and only that one, fell several times until they attached it with four, instead of two, picture frame holders.

The most unusual thing didn’t become evident until Palos later looked at one of the photos taken during the remodeling. The photo of part of the wall now in the kitchen area shows an unexplained round image. (See top right of photo. Another couple light spots seem to be next to it.) The image doesn’t appear in any of the photos taken before or after.

Hot Rod Dogs under construction - with help from a ghostly worker? Photo courtesy of Christine Verstraete


Something else is visible in one of the photos from their grand opening in late June. In this photo of the men (Palos at left, Davila at right), you see another unexplained blue circle/orb visible in front of Palos.

Is that an orb with them in the kitchen? Photo courtesy Christine Verstraete

Take a closer look. What do you see? (See close-up.)

Is that an orb in your pocket or are you just spooked to see me? Photo courtesy of Christine Verstraete.

While no other photos have shown any unusual phenomena so far, the men reported that they have had trouble regulating some of the equipment. The fryer, for one, seems to change temperature for no reason, despite their setting it at a certain level.

So does a resident ghost have a taste for hot dogs? You decide.

* (See Hot Rod Dogs on Facebook.)

(Note: None of the photos have been altered except to reduce or crop them for publishing online.) – C. Verstraete.

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2 thoughts on “Guest Blogger Chris Verstraete Wonders: Is Hot Rod Dogs Haunted?

  1. Those certainly look like plasmoids but that is not necessarily an indicator of a haunting. An unusual phenomena but not wholly paranormal. The activity seems rather mild if it is a haunting though.

  2. You know, I’m always skeptical of orb shots. HOWEVER, these I find compelling. Although, I’m sure investigators will have a way to debunk them and an explanation for it, but the blue one was interesting. (a) for the color (which probably means something from a photography standpoint), and (b) the size. Also, the white one is solid. And bright. I’d be interested to hear more about the property’s history. Also, I’d love to try the food! (Naturally. I’m always all about eating!) Thanks so much for such a great post, Chris!

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