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Cemetery Jaunts in Colorado

No Name Cemetery

Being into the paranormal and a huge history enthusiast I have inevitably spent some time wondering around some really amazing cemeteries. I know that some people find cemeteries scary or sad, but I find them to be peaceful, full of energy, history, and sometimes ghosts.

To walk around a cemetery reading stones and imagining what happened to these people during their lifetimes is like reading countless novels. Some action packed, some romantic, some tragic. You’re reading their stones, but you are also reading their lives. Granted, you don’t REALLY know the persons actual history, but the stories you imagine can make the person
seem VERY alive and sitting next to
you telling you about their lives.

No Name Cemetery Pic 2

History lives and breaths in graveyards. “Here lies Robert Pickford, Father, Son, Brother, and Friend.” Did Robert have a true love? Was there a dramatic story somewhere in his past? What emotions did he feel most? What where his passions and was he a good man? These and countless other questions role through my mind when I wonder the graveyards.

I know that this being Haunt Jaunts you are expecting a post about the paranormal, and while A good deal of the cemeteries I have been to are reported to be haunted, but I have never had any paranormal experience at a cemetery. I feel that while many people would assume that a lot of cemeteries would be haunted because there are bodies buried there, I feel that it is probably more rare then we think. I can see a haunting by a grief stricken wife, mother, husband..etc. But for the most part, if you are going to haunt wouldn’t it be somewhere there was an emotional connection to? I would venture to say that most the people buried in a cemetery had only visited the cemetery in life a few time if any. I don’t see the emotional connection needed to explain a haunting. This is just my opinion. Like I said, I have never had an experience that I could positively attribute to something paranormal.

Since I don’t have any juicy ghost tales for you I will close this post with some examples of my favorite headstones that I have come across in Colorado.

Crested Butte, CO

Ruby Camp Cemetery, AKA Irwin Cemetery. (Summit of Kebler Pass)

“My good people, as you pass by, where you are now, so once was I. As I am now, you soon must be, prepare yourselves to follow me.”

Littleton, Co

Littleton Cemetery:

“See. I Told You I Was Sick.”

Cripple Creek, Co

Victor Cemetery:

“Here lies a man named Zeke. Second fastest draw in Cripple Creek.”

Mount Pisgah Cemetery:

“He Called Bill Smith A Liar.”

Rosita, Co

Rosita Cemetery:

“I am ready.”

Breckenridge, Co

Breckenridge Cemetery:

“Step softly, a dream lies here.”

Ouray, Co

Cedar hill Cemetery:

“Peace be to his dust.”

Mommy D

P.S. I’d like to thank Courtney for inviting me to do a guest post. This is one of my favorite blogs, and she is one of my favorite people. It was an honor.

Thanks Court!

Dinell Lamb Holmes is the dynamo who mixes up family, food, and fun in Mommy D's Kitchen.

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  1. Mommy D, it is I who needs to thank YOU! I LOVED THIS POST! I love whatever FB comment you left that even sparked the idea of me asking if you’d care to guest blog on this. Oh, it was that wonderful quote you shared from your jaunt to the one cemetery on Keebler’s Pass. I loved that, and then to see what you did here? WOW! Love it. Love the quotes and the photos and your awesome writing. You are fantastic. Thanks so much again for doing this!!!!!!

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