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Discussions: Cemeteries and Paranormal Blundering

I love the Discussions feature on Facebook. I recently added two new discussion topics: Paranormal Blundering and Cemeteries. (Well, I say two new. They’re actually the first for the new Facebook page. The old one had a couple of others.)

Anyway, they were inspired by two posts from recent guest bloggers: Jessica Penot of Ghost Stories and Haunted Places who wrote the guest post “The Paranormal Blunderer: What You Shouldn’t Do When You’re a Paranormal Tourist”, and Mommy D of the Weekly Spectre and her post “Cemetery Jaunts in Colorado.”

Below are the thread starters for each of them:


Jessica Penot shared a humorous look at what can go wrong as a paranormal tourist in her guest post “The Paranormal Blunderer.” Have you blundered trying to take a ghost tour? Have you encountered any snafus on a ghost hunting expedition? In short, have you ever been a paranormal blunderer when Haunt Jaunting?

I have! Except it wasn’t a ghost tour or ghost hunt. It was a trip to Halloween Horror Nights in Orlando that brought out my inner blunderer. (Yes, haunted houses of those kinds can qualify as Haunt Jaunts too.) I ended up being so terrified in the park we had to leave not even 1/2 hr after we got there. My husband was NOT happy we wasted $80 on tickets for me to have a primo meltdown, let me tell you!


This discussion is based on a guest post from Mommy D. She got me to thinking, and perhaps better understanding, why some like to wander in graveyards. I sometimes like the looks of the different headstones or tombs, but Mommy D and another friend I know, Jade, seem to pay attention to the inscriptions on the headstones. (Which, as Mommy D’s guest post revealed, often carry inspiring messages or funny ones, or combos of both.)

If you like to wander in cemeteries, I’d love to hear your thoughts on what it is that draws you to them, what you like about them, what you find there.

Feel free to join in either or both discussions here or on the FB page!

NOTE: As of this posting Mommy D was in the process of transitioning her Weekly Spectre to a new server. If you get a 404 error it’s because that transition hasn’t become effective just yet.

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4 thoughts on “Discussions: Cemeteries and Paranormal Blundering

  1. Cemetery wandering is one of my favorite pass tmes. It is always ironic to me that the best art made by humanity is often made in celebration of death. Wandering cemeteries is like wandering a museum. They are filled with history and art.Statues and mystery. Sunshine and shadow. Poetry and sorrow. I like everything about them.

  2. My best advice is to treat it like a church, oh, and always park in the gate so they can’t close it. Got locked in one time and it was hell to get out.

  3. I am starting to enjoy wandering around a cemetery with all its fabulous statues and carvings. There are beautiful photos to be had in a cemetery. I will check out the discussion group on Facebook.

  4. Oh, Jessica, how beautifully you wrote that. Your words were filled with the same kind of poetry you must find in cemeteries! Very eloquently written!

    Autumnforest: LMAO! You combined them…cemeteries+blundering. Only you!

    Julie, well said. I agree with you. I’m starting to appreciate cemeteries for exactly the reasons you said!

    Thanks for the comments, ladies!

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