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The Series Finale of Lost: Discuss It!

The series finale of Lost. I can’t believe it’s over. They’ve strung us fans along for how many years now? And all for what reason? Will we finally find out tonight?

I decided to finally utilize the Discussion feature on HJ’s FB fan page with this topic: The end of Lost.

Feel free to stop by and interact with any other HJ Lost fans who share their thoughts about such things as:

  • What you thought of the last season.
  • Whether all of your questions were answered.
  • If the ending was satisfying and satisfactory.
  • If you think they’ll eventually take it to the big screen in movie form (3-D of course).
  • If the island is a place you’d ever like to Haunt Jaunt to.
  • Or whatever other thoughts you may have.

It sure has been a good ride, hasn’t it? (Well, some seasons were better than others.) Still, what a phenomenon.

Sayanora, Sawyer, Kate, Jack, Hurley, Sun and Jin, Sayid, Locke, Desmond, Benjamin, and all the other characters we’ve come to know these past several years.

And as far as that crazy little smoke monster-ridden island with the mysterious, powerful light…can’t wait to see what happens to you and who ends up staying to tend to you. Something in my gut tells me it won’t be the last time we hear from you though…

What did you think of the last season? Were all your questions answered? Was the ending satisfying? Do you think they’ll eventually take it to the big screen in movie form (3-D of course)? Share whatever your thoughts are!
Courtney Mroch
Courtney Mroch, otherwise known as HJ's Ambassador of Dark and Paranormal Tourism, is an author, traveler, and ghost enthusiast. When she's not writing, jaunting, or planning her next trip, it's a safe bet you'll find her in one of three places: on a tennis court somewhere, on a yoga mat somewhere, or watching a horror movie somewhere. She currently resides in Nashville, Tennessee.

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7 thoughts on “The Series Finale of Lost: Discuss It!

  1. Great idea, I was thinking about heating up Twitter on my blackberry tonight while the show was going on. Those eastcoasters will be an hour or two ahead of us westcoasters but maybe they might have answers to my questions if I get Lost (pardon the pun, lol). Mike invited me over to his place for a Lost party but I think I will pass and text him if I have any questions or comments to chat about. Like everyone else, I hope all our questions are answered.

  2. I have not watched a single episode of this show but sounds like quite a few fans were disappointed with the ending. Always hate when that happens. A great show that ends badly. I’m sure a lot people demanded a Soprano finale re-do.

  3. Jessica and Julie…I’m curious to know what you all thought of it. I didn’t get it. I’m kind of miffed about the ending because if it’s what I’m understanding it to be…what a cop out! Didn’t answer one question and actually begs the big one: so what was that all about anyway then? Very disappointing.

    Andrea: After last night’s finale, you were actually smart not to invest any time in the show. I never watched the Sopranos but I remember that finale. Now I think I know how all those fans felt who didn’t like the way it wrapped up!

  4. Unlike some, I liked the ending. The events on the island really happened to the survivors from all the craziness, smoke monster, the others and the untimely deaths. It was like this group of misfits were brought to the island as some sort of test. Having Jack defeat the monster, Locke, and give Hurley the task of protecting the island was as it should have been. The very last scene was of Jack lying on the ground with Vincent the dog and the camera focusing on his eye closing as he died. As many of you lostie fans remember the very first scene of the show was of Jack’s eye opening and Vincent the dog was lying next to him. I wasn’t sure what the sideways storyline was all about but it was all of them in death. It focuses on Desmont visiting each person getting them to try to remember the others. He was helping Hurley get them all together in one place. Jack was the last one to remember and realize that he was dead after seeing his father. Once he did, he was reunite in death with all of his friends that he considered family. It was great seeing all the lost couples get back together and remember each other from their time on the island. Those scenes were very touching. No matter what, I was happy with the ending but sad that it is over.

  5. I’m among those not happy. I’ve been in a heated debate on my FB page with friends about how they viewed the ending and why they liked it too. And how it made sense to them. I get where they’re coming from, but there were bigger questions that were never answered. And I’m mad because if I really stop to think about those Qs, the rest of what happened makes no freaking sense and negates the whole series.

    But that’s just me. I like things neat and tidy. Like I said on my FB page? Was it a good series? YES! One of my all time faves for sure. And funny you mention about those end clips (when they’d “remember” everything)…I was bawling watching those. That’s when I realized just how much I loved those characters.

  6. The show has never been neat and tidy. It has constantly left us each week with questions. Each week the show ended with me saying, WTF! I’m not sure what questions you were left with, but if I can answer some of them, I will be happy to do so. I posted the Jimmy Kimmel’s alternate endings on my blog. You should check them out, they are funny.

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