Haunted Canada Stamps and Coins

I thought it was pretty cool the United States Postal Service finally released a Halloween stamp. However, Canada has released something even cooler: Haunted Canada Stamps. I found out about them from the same place I found out about the U.S. Halloween stamps: Linn's Stamp News. Specifically from Fred Baumann's article:

The 4 Best High Seas Haunted Jaunts

Expedia, one of our affiliates, has a deal that immediately caught my cruise-loving eye: Book a Cruise this Summer and Enjoy up to $750 Onboard Credit with Expedia! Expires 6/29/15 We've now been on 11 cruises. Alaska, Canada and New England, Bermuda, the Caribbean, Mexico, the Mediterranean...cruising has allowed us to

Paranormal Activity at 61 Grange Avenue, Toronto

This post is by Steven Rumbelow. I experienced this paranormal activity first hand when I moved into the house to investigate it after a friend determined he didn't want to live there any more. This friend of mine had been conducting Nazi SS harmonics experiments in the house with an antique

The Six Haunted Places of “Stranded”

I wrote about Stranded back in November as one of the new crop of paranormal "reality" shows debuting on Syfy this year. Well, its time has come. Stranded will debut on Syfy on February 27 at 9/8 Central. It looks like it could be good. As I stated before, it reminds

Creepy Cruiser

When we posted Kathryn Hohmann's first guest blog, we suggested there might be another one to follow. There certainly is, and it's another creepy one. We're delighted to share it with you here and welcome Kathryn back. Blame it on the rental car. With every gloomy mile, we seem to be