Friday Fun: The Escape Game Nashville

My husband and two friends of ours went to the Escape Game Nashville a couple months back. I decided it would make a great Friday Fun post, even though it doesn't exactly have to do with anything paranormal. Still, it was a little creepy being "locked" in a room with only

Friday Fun: Haunted House Prank on Real Estate Agents

A friend from Phoenix shared this link with me from a local radio station there: WATCH: Haunted House Prank on Real Estate Agents. (The video's also posted below.) After watching I of course immediately shared it on HJ's FB page. Way too funny not to! However, it also makes a great post

Friday Fun: Telekinetic Coffee Shop Surprise

There's nothing I like better than a good laugh. Even better when there's a fair amount of cleverness involved. I ran across this Telekinetic Coffee Shop Surprise YouTube clip on Tuesday and instantly knew it'd be this week's Friday Fun share. Man, I would love to be involved in something like

Friday Fun: Phantom 309

Last Sunday Wayne was working from home and was using our SONOS to play one of his Pandora stations. On comes this song I never heard before, but which caught my ear pretty quick: "Phantom 309." It wasn't perhaps the catchiest of tunes, though it was catchy in its own right.