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Scream Break and St. Patrick’s Day Haunted Houses

Scream Break 2016

April Fool’s Day is coming but this is no joke. If you’re hankering for some more seasonal haunted house openings, you’ve got ’em. Move over Valentine’s Day. The banshees want in on some of the spooky fun.

Here’s a list of the Scream Break St. Patrick’s Day haunted houses we’ve come across. If you don’t see one on here that you know of, shout! (By way of leaving a comment below or using the form on our Contact Us page.) We’ll be sure to update the info.

St. Patrick’s Slay Weekend: Dark Hour Haunted House, Plano, TX  – March 11-12, 2016

The Irish hold the legend of Saint Patrick, whose story is a common one, and the witches know it well. They waited until the veil between the world of humans and the world of faeries was stretched thin and Shannon MacKenna rose to power in the Dark Hour coven. She called upon the Leprechaun and the Fomorian giants, the trolls, faeries, and goblins. She demanded that they go out and hunt men, using them in rituals as she makes mockery of the holiday.

To wreak havoc on the land and spread fear in the surrounding areas so the coven can take hold is their only purpose. They swarm at the call of the witches.

The numbers of the wee and faerie folk grew, coming through the portal from the green isle, but the witch Shannon MacKenna is too greedy and has reached too far. Even a magical hold of the little people is broken if you try to take their gold… Now they’re taking back what is theirs and more, and the witches are scrambling for power and dominance with you in the crossfire. You’ll need more than the luck of the Irish to survive this struggle…

Scream Break Haunted House: Moxley Manor – Bedford, TX March 12, 2016

Not a lot of details about exactly what you might encounter here, but you’ve only got one night to experience it so make it count!

St. Patrick’s Day Celebration: Factory of Terror – Canton, OH March 12, 2016

Another one-night only haunt…in what was once (and still may be) the “longest” haunted house (over a mile long!). Here’s a YouTube video they made to whet your appetite:

Froggy’s Fog Party & Open House: Phobias Haunted House – Wright City, MO March 17, 2016

Post Image_2016 Rogue Tour

This sounds like one I would love: dancing, dinner, and a tour of the haunt plus their new escape rooms? Heaven! And even better, they’re going to have giveaway prizes. How fun!





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