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Chicken? Me? Nah…?

Well – Actually – Yes.

A typical Haunt Spots research day averages 10 destinations to check out. With a total route drive time of a couple of hours and 5 to 60 minutes per stop, by sheer necessity we travel during daylight hours. We need to see to be able to easily explore, investigate, and evaluate. We need lots of photos and I don’t have a night vision camera.

Here’s my deep, dark not-so-secret secret. I wouldn’t do research at night even if I could. Many of the destinations are accessible during the evening and into the night. I prefer not to, thank you very much. So, I not only don’t go alone, I don’t go at night. ‘Why?’ you ask. That’s another story.

How can I tell if a place is going to make a good Haunt Spots tour destination if I don’t go at night? I’m not psychic, a medium, or any of those sorts of extra-sensory things. I do have a decent atmospheric radar. Combine that with years of experience at evaluating whether or not a setting, situation or interaction is going to be tantalizing to an Explorer and we have a winning blend.

Haunt Spots ghost tours are about exploring and heightening your paranormal sensitivity. They are about doing something that may require you to be a bit brave. It’s about sharing this experience with friends, roaming places with deep historical roots and having fun doing it. That’s also what research days are like for me – even during the day.

Happy Haunting,

Susan Scot Fry

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4 thoughts on “Chicken? Me? Nah…?

  1. I’ve always said in ghost hunting, there’s a place for everyone. You’d probably be under my “history buff/romantic” classification. These people are pretty much what keep ghost hunters able to hunt. They seek out places and histories and information and all the ghoulish and spooky background stories. Bravery not required, but love of cool old places–necessary. Sounds like you fit the bill.

  2. You’ve got me nailed! I adore getting out to these places and scoping them out. When I started putting days out together with friends, people started telling me that I should start a business. And, hey – who am I to argue with that? Thus Caper Company Tours is born.

    I really think there are a lot of us out there who don’t necessarily want to get into full-fledged ghost hunting, but would love to explore some cool places with that kind of history and stories of paranormal activity. Heck, I am my own demographic!

  3. I am your demographic too! That’s why Haunt Jaunts…I’m not necessarily into the “full-fledged ghost hunting” part of it all (although that is fun too), but I LOVE the romance/history side like Autumnforest brought up. Haunt Jaunting gives you the opportunity to get out and see a lot of really neat areas, and learn about the history too –even the darker history. Fun! Another great post, Susan!

  4. Thanks, Courtney!

    One of my research partners always takes her digital voice recorder when we go on research days and has actually captured one EVP that made me sit up and go “Woah!”. But, I hardly ever get into the full-fledged ghost hunting either. Leave that to the experts / people with the equipment. I adore the romance and history – and pushing myself out the door to places where I have to be a little bit brave sometimes.

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