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Through the Pouring Rain: The Story of the Wooded Rapist

image from morguefile
image from morguefile

Earlier this month I explained the things I lived through that made 2008 such a catastrophic year for me. Included was the shock of discovering someone I played volleyball with (and saw on a weekly basis and joked around with) was arrested for being the Wooded Rapist, a serial rapist who had stalked Nashville women for 14 years.


His name is Jason Burdick. (Well, his full name is Robert Jason Burdick, but I knew him as Jason.)

Today I revisited the shock I had over a year ago when I first saw his face on the news. I was watching Today this morning when Ann Coury explained an upcoming story they would cover later in the hour about a serial rapist who had targeted women in affluent neighborhoods. Since he had been arrested a year ago, I never thought it would be about Jason.


But then there was a clip of him in his jail jumpsuit being led into court. And then there were two women he had attacked with a backdrop of downtown Nashville behind them who would be interviewed. I had to get going so I did not get a chance to watch. But I called my husband and told him.

Wayne figured out that the story was bigger than Today: Dateline was doing a whole show on it!

It aired tonight and was called “Through the Pouring Rain.” Crazy! We watch Dateline all the time, but we never expected to know anyone on it. Much less “the bad guy!”


It is just really creepy and surreal to know someone now deemed (and justifiably so) as a “monster.”

Monsters are supposed to lurk under beds, in closets, and…well, yes even in the woods. He certainly fit those bills, but…he certainly did not look like a monster. No fangs. Not big and hairy. No wings or red, glowing demon eyes. He just looked…normal.

But as it turned out, he was far from normal. In his chest beat the heart of a monster, and flowing through his veins was monster blood.


Do not judge a book by its cover. Those who may look like monsters may in fact have the heart of angels…and vice versa.


Here is a link to the transcript of the show if you are curious and did not get to see it. Below is an interview with one of his victims that aired on Dateline.

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Courtney Mroch
Courtney Mroch, otherwise known as HJ's Ambassador of Dark and Paranormal Tourism, is an author, traveler, and ghost enthusiast. When she's not writing, jaunting, or planning her next trip, it's a safe bet you'll find her in one of three places: on a tennis court somewhere, on a yoga mat somewhere, or watching a horror movie somewhere. She currently resides in Nashville, Tennessee.

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3 thoughts on “Through the Pouring Rain: The Story of the Wooded Rapist

  1. You know, even though I have a very open heart and care about people a great deal, I did learn while I was growing up that no one can be judged by how they appear and everyone has secrets to different degrees. I’ve come in contact with some monsters that paraded as religious leaders, teachers, and other trusted people. Humans who could inflict their illness on others. I live my life knowing that anyone has the potential to be evil inside. It doesn’t mean I give up on people, but I do accept that a lot of people are broken in some significant way and I’m no longer shocked to hear what people have done when it comes out. I hate that you had to experience that. It’s a really startling event that can make some people give up on humanity and others to question their own judgment. That you didn’t know his real soul is not a reflection on you, it shows that when someone is nice you expect them to be whole. That says that you’re a good person. I don’t think this guy could possibly change that about you at all.

  2. How do you do that, Autumnforest? In one comment you convey your wisdom, warmth, gentle spirit, humility, compassion towards your fellow man, and then you also dole out some of the nicest compliments ever! I love your comments! I love when you leave them here and I love when I come across them on the other mutual blogs we follow. (Most of them which I discovered via you!) And you read me perfectly…I was shocked and confused because shouldn’t I have been able to detect that about him? That’s what put me on edge the very most. I have to admit I’m a little more cautious of people now, but I’ve also seen and met so many great people (because of another shocking event last year, the cancer) that my faith in people is still pretty much intact. I’ve met people such as yourself who remind me there are people who not only want to do good and see the world be a better place, but every day get up and contribute to their vision!

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