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Was the Ghost Adventures Crew Respectful While Aboard the USS Hornet?

Zak, Nick and Aaron aboard the USS Hornet - Photo courtesy of Ghost Adventures

Veteran’s Day seems like the perfect time to examine last week’s Ghost Adventures episode. Did you think the Ghost Adventures guys showed proper respect while investigating aboard the USS Hornet?

Before I could answer that question I had to rewatch it. After I did I could see why some might feel that way. There were a couple of things that left me a bit uneasy:

  1. The Siren: All I could think was, “How would I feel if I was a trapped spirit and I heard that damn siren?” Yes, it’s a wonderful trigger object. I imagine it sparked incredibly heightened feelings in real-life situations when it was sounded. But to set it off now just to see if it sparks activity? That seems almost borderline cruel, and definitely doesn’t let the ghosts of any servicemen rest in peace.
  2. The Recreations: When Zak was all bandaged up and the guys were doing an EVP session saying things like, “He’s dying, help him.” Or, “Did you die in here like he’s about to?” Are ghosts stupid? When we die do we somehow lose our ability to differentiate between what’s real and not? Don’t you think the ghosts saw them say, “Hey, let’s get all bandaged up and see what happens?” Staging like that seems just silly, especially when they’ve been walking around investigating and then suddenly they’re pretending to be injured or a doctor trying to save a life? Give the ghosts a little credit for Pete’s sake!

So, yes, I can see how some might feel the Ghost Adventures boys were disrespectful.

However, in their defense, they also did two specific things to show respect:

  1. Before they headed out they thanked any spirits who might be listening for their service and sacrifice.
  2. They dedicated the episode to all those serving in our Armed Forces.


Was a goof caught on tape? Right before Zak does the siren drill the time noted is 2:03.

Cut to the next shot. They’re getting ready to do EVPs in the Burn Unit. As Zak explains what they’re fixing to do, the time noted is 2:03.

Huh? How could that be?


In case you missed it last week or would like to rewatch it, the USS Hornet episode will air again tomorrow before an all new episode, an investigation of La Palazza in Las Vegas.

Courtney Mroch
Courtney Mroch, otherwise known as HJ's Ambassador of Dark and Paranormal Tourism, is an author, traveler, and ghost enthusiast. When she's not writing, jaunting, or planning her next trip, it's a safe bet you'll find her in one of three places: on a tennis court somewhere, on a yoga mat somewhere, or watching a horror movie somewhere. She currently resides in Nashville, Tennessee.

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9 thoughts on “Was the Ghost Adventures Crew Respectful While Aboard the USS Hornet?

  1. Interesting questions there!

    Zak, Nick, and Aaron are all about trying different situations in order to recreate the energy that may be trapped at their locations. A lot of times it actually works and they catch intelligent responses to the situations that have re-created.

    I just wanted to state that the guys have the utmost respect for former and current military servicemen and service women, and they made it a point to thank them at the end of the episode.

    Thanks for the post Courtney!


    Travel Channel Online Team

  2. THANKS for the comment, Brandon!

    Sheesh, I reread my post. After walking away and coming back at it with fresh eyes I see my POV coming off as a little harsher than I meant it to.

    I appreciate they’re trying what they try to provoke responses. I think I was just thinkiing of how I’d feel if I was a ghost. (Especially with the siren. The dorm I lived in my freshman year of college set the campus record for most false alarms in one semester. When I went home that Christmas break I remember pulling up to my house and thinking wearily, “I wonder if there’ll be an alarm tonight?” And I can’t tell you how long it took before I stopped getting up and heading for the nearest exit when I’d watch reruns of the original Star Trek. The alarm on there sounded EXACTLY like the one in our dorm! It almost scared me for life! lol)

    Anyway…that’s what I was thinking. Just putting myself in the ghost’s shoes.

    Truly I believe Zak, Nick and Aaron are always respectful. Because like I’ve mentioned before, I don’t just like their show, I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! (And if I didn’t I wouldn’t watch. Stopped watching another one because of a respect issue, but more because of lack of respect for the audience’s intelligence in that case…)

  3. There was nothing about this episode I liked. Everything seemed incredibly cheesy and false. They were trying way too hard to be dramatic and saying some of the most off the wall things. The whole incident in medical was plain silly. I don’t think any of their antics raised the level of activity on board. In fact, there didn’t seem to be much activity which just made them all act so over the top that the entire episode was just grating.

    I think the recreations were a complete waste of time and detracted from the show. I don’t they were being disrespectful, just annoying.

  4. HI RottenOne! Always good getting your perspective. I actually think you summed up what I was trying to say. I have to agree that maybe disrespectful was the wrong word. Annoying IS better, and for the exact reasons described. The episode struck me that same way. (I still enjoyed it, though. Annoying and all. But I still did think it was cheesy…I think I sort of am coming to expect that and like the fact they take this approach rather than the “we are Gods and know everything” tact some other shows take..) It sure is good to hear from you! Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts!

  5. I think they did a great job and showed respect for the former military and todays.

    About the different time issue. Maybe they did those shots on different nights and the time was just a fluke thing. I wouldn’t think they could shoot all those different shots in one night.

  6. Someone else also told me maybe they don’t really do the lockdown like they say and actually piece together those shots over more than one night of investigating. Which sort of sucks since they try to portray is as being all done in one night, but…if they do that but not fake evidence I’m not going to complain! Thx for stopping by and sharing your POV, Jack. 😉

  7. I think they would have to do more than just one night for all that filming that they do.
    I read somewhere that’s what Ghost Hunters do. I mean with all the evidence that they film it seems like they would have to do it more than one night. If you look sometime on GH they will put the time of how long they have been investgating and sometimes it like 12 hrs or 16 hrs it should be day light if it was done in one night. Now I do think they are locked down untill morning and then that night they go back and either finsh it up or keep going until there done. So I really don’t have a problem with that part aslong as the evidence is real and not fake just to get ratings. Keep it real guys (GH, GAC, GL etc)

  8. You are so clever! I never would’ve thought about if it shold be daylight or not given how long an investigation lasted. I mean, it’s very obvious when you point it out, but it’s not something I would’ve picked up on right away on my own. And I like your end stmt: “Keep it real.” YES PLEASE!!

  9. This for jack even if you think was annoying and waste of time then why did you watch the in the place your the one whos a waste of time get a grip and grow up from maui hawaii

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