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Update: New “SCARED!” and “Believers” Episodes Info

Thanks to Haunt Jaunts handy dandy Facebook fan page, I got some groovy info from Brian J. Cano of SCARED! and Chris Hambright of “Believers.” Both had new episode info to share.


Below is the YouTube trailer for their “Urban Explorer’s Backpack Vol. 1” DVD. (I kept seeing chatter about it on their Facebook page, but ding dong me thought they had put together an actual backpack. Thank goodness Brian stopped by like he did to share the link. It set me straight!)

Anyway, you can also pre-order the DVD from their website. It’ll ship on March 29.



Chris Hambright also has a new episode up of their investigation of the Bayard House Restaurant in Chesapeake City, Maryland. You can find it on their YouTube channel broken down into three parts. I pasted Part 1 below.



I found a fun application on Facebook tonight I hadn’t seen before. It’s the Who in the SCARED! Crew am I most like? quiz.

I love quizzes so I of course had to take it. I found out I’m most like Brian J. Cano. Take it and let me know who you’re most like!

And if you’re going to be in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania March 25-28 you can meet the SCARED! crew at Phenomenology 102.

Also, Chris also happened to mention in an email to me that they’re working on posting another “Believers” episode soon. Autumnforest, listen up. You’ll be especially interested in it. It’s of a place I’ve often heard you talk about: the Vulture Mine!

Chris gave it a 12 on a creepy scale of 1 to 10…and that was in broad daylight. Delicious! I’ll be keeping an eye out for that one.

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