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Top 3 Most Haunted Dolls

I’m very pleased to welcome guest blogger Ritoban Mukherjee from All About Occult with this spooktacular guest post about haunted dolls, a great example of the types of posts you’ll find on All About Occult. 

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Haunted Doll: Image Courtesy of Charles 16e

It is perhaps because of their very innocent and harmless appearances that the dolls make the most perfect haunted objects. After all, no one can imagine a small girl’s beloved doll being possessed by a spirit that wants to bring doom to the family. But here are some spine-chilling cases of haunted dolls to give you hair-raising experience.

Robert the Haunted Doll:

Robert The Doll (5999680656)

 When it comes to haunted dolls, Robert obviously deserves the first place. It all began Mr. Thomas Otto moved to a new house with his wife and son in Key West, Florida. The Otto’s were infamous for the mistreatment they inflicted upon their poor servants. One day, Mrs. Otto caught their Haitian maidservant, who was hired as governess to her child Robert, practicing voodoo in their backyard. Mrs. Otto decided to immediately discharge the maidservant from her duties. Humiliated, the maidservant presented Robert with a voodoo doll. This doll was 3 feet tall, had buttons for eyes and was stuffed with straw. There is also a belief that the doll contained bits of Robert’s hair. Everything went fine for the next few days and Robert became so attached to the doll that he gave it his own name. But soon enough, the doll revealed its true wicked form. At midnight, the Ottos would often find their child Robert emitting horrified shrieks from his room as everything around him lay ransacked. When inquired, he would blame everything upon the doll. Soon the neighbors began to see the doll actually moving from one room to another, and giving out nasty grins to scare away strangers. Scared, the Ottos had the doll put up in the attic. Years later, when grew up to be a famous artist, he had the doll out once again and remained very closely bonded to it till his death, just prior to which the doll was once again put up the attic. Later another family purchased the house, whose daughter claimed the doll for her. The doll again returned to its menacing activities and even attacked the girl, fatally. Today the doll lies for display at the East Martello Museum in Key West, Florida, where it is still reported to give out diabolic grins and tap on the glass case which encloses it.

Annabelle the Possessed Doll: 

 Annabelle the Haunted Doll at the Warrens Museum of Occult: Image Courtesy by 826 PARANORMAL
Annabelle is the doll perched in the “DANGER! DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING” cage

Another doll worthy of mentioning is Annabelle, who is reputed to be possessed by a demon. On a fateful day in 1970, a mother gifted her adult daughter Donna with a Raggedy Ann doll on her birthday. Donna, at that time, was living with her roommate Angie. Soon, the two girls started noticing strange things about the doll. It would be discovered from a place completely different from where it was left, and small parchments would be found all over Donna’s room filled with gibberish writings. One day when Donna discovered blood on the doll, she decided to call a medium to communicate with the alleged spirit which had possessed the doll. The medium found out that the doll was possessed by the spirit of a young girl named Annabelle Higgins who felt comfortable with Donna and wanted to stay with her. The kind Donna agreed and let the doll stay with her. However, this mistake proved deadly. Lou, Donna’s friend, had always disliked the doll. One day the Doll actually attacked Lou when no one else was around, inflicting twelve claw marks on his back. Donna was now scared and called up the famous paranormal investigators Edd and Lorraine Warren to investigate into the matter. The Warrens were convinced that the doll was possessed by a demon and held an exorcism to ward it away, and, as an extra measure of precaution, took the doll away with themselves at their Occult Museum in Moodus, Connecticut. The doll now stays perched in a cage in that museum.

Joliet the Cursed Doll: Joliet the doll is a cursed doll owned by Anna G. According to her, every daughter in her family is cursed by the doll to give birth to one son and one daughter, and the son dies 3 days after birth. This curse befell their family when her great grandmother was presented the doll by a jealous friend. Since then, her great grandmother, her grandmother, her mother and herself were all cursed to bear a son and a daughter, with the son dying 3 days after birth. However, Anna also believes that the sons of their family who died have been doomed to possess the doll until the end of the world. Often at night the sound of many infants screaming at once is heard from the doll. Thus, Anna’s family hasn’t got rid of the doll as they feel a duty to care for the spirits of the deceased sons captured in it.

I hope you enjoyed my post. I am Ritoban Mukherjee, the author of a paranormal and occult blog named All About Occult, where I blog about scary urban legends, ghosts, cryptids, haunted places, occult religions and dark religious rituals and parapsychology. Remember to visit my blog for more cool posts on dark paranormal stuff.

Courtney Mroch
Courtney Mroch, otherwise known as HJ's Ambassador of Dark and Paranormal Tourism, is an author, traveler, and ghost enthusiast. When she's not writing, jaunting, or planning her next trip, it's a safe bet you'll find her in one of three places: on a tennis court somewhere, on a yoga mat somewhere, or watching a horror movie somewhere. She currently resides in Nashville, Tennessee.

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  1. Hi Courtney. I am the writer of the above guest post so I thought maybe I should make the first comment. Thank you very much for publishing my article. I am glad you found it good.

  2. I do believe my family may have a haunted doll. It has done anything to hurt us though. She’s a pose-able doll named Jewel. We’ve kept in the basement since my sisters and I stopped playing with toys. She was a garage sale find given to us by our Aunt. But as soon we brought her home, really weird things started to happen at night. doors would slam, there would be strange footsteps, the toilet lid in our bathroom could be heard being slammed, and sometimes strange shadows could be seen moving about.

    Ever since she was moved to the basement, all of that stuff has died down, A LOT. I would bring her back up, but I’m afraid of what would happen, because my sisters and I are now adults, and I even have a one year old niece living with me and my parents.

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