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There I Was, Innocently Checking Out Our Final Haunt Spot…

Hey, I’m just beta testing our upcoming Haunt Spots tour here. Now’s not the time for a paranormal experience. Oh, yeah?

Last night, we were checking out the final destination in Caper Company’s newest tour “A No Safe Haven Caper” – scheduled to debut on Thursday. We need to make sure that the written directions will get you where you need to go, that the Caper is all do-able, etc. Check — check — check. Couple tweaks here and there and it’s looking good. We’re on track to get this baby off the launching pad.

(actual stream of consciousness) “Oookaaay… what’s that smell? OMG! It’s the smell I described in this tour at this destination. Is it? Yes, it is! It’s an honest to goodness confirmation of one of the reports of paranormal activity for this Haunt Spot. Yes! Wait! Augh! Get me out of here! Hey, does Ron smell that too? Yes! Wait! He never detects anything paranormal. Does that mean that this place is especially potent or … what? Who cares! Get me out of here!”

This experience reminded me of something one Caper Company fan wrote to me recently about how it doesn’t matter how many time she visits this Haunt Spot destination — something always seems to happen. Ditto.

When you least expect it.

What’s Your Ghost Story?

Susan Scot Fry
Caper Company Tours LLC
A Haunt Spot from A No Safe Haven Caper

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