Groupon for the Haunted Homestead in Hot Springs, VA

Got to make this disclaimer ahead of time: Group Getaways is one of our affiliates. I've been keeping a watch on Groupon Getaway deals each week to see if any haunted hotels come up. This week they have one! It's for the Homestead in Hot Springs, Virginia. The first Homestead hotel was

Upcoming Paranormal Events Report Week of 9/3/12

Well, it's taken me a couple of months, but I think I have the hang of this upcoming paranormal events thing. People are even taking note and sending me info about their events. Awesome. This week I even came up with an official name and tag for what I've been doing:

Paranormal Events for June 11-30

Well, I'm already going to start cheating a bit on my weekly paranormal events reports. Maybe "cheating" isn't the right word. "Modifying" my approach may be more appropriate. There wasn't a whole heck of a lot going on for this week. Then I decided maybe it'd be better to give people