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Colonial Ghosts Now Offering Only Cemetery Tour in Colonial Williamsburg

Several weeks ago, Nicki Spiers of Colonial Ghosts, graciously took some time to talk with me about her popular Colonial Williamsburg ghost tour company and the exciting new tour they’ve recently added: cemetery tours.

These are not ghost tours. Instead, they focus on “the interesting and hidden history of Williamsburg’s past and its cemeteries.”

(Although, some of those stories are connected to ghost stories.)

First, Only, and Original

Unbelievably, Colonial Ghosts is the first tour company to offer cemetery tours in Williamsburg.

Because they’re the first, they can also claim that they’re the original. And, for now, they’re also the only one offering them. (Not that I have any inside info on any other company adding them to their tours. But I imagine if they see Colonial Ghosts having success, they’ll add them in.)

When I was talking with Nicki, I was very surprised to learn there wasn’t already such a tour. With all that history right there?

Then I was even more surprised when she told me that there are 12 cemeteries within the Williamsburg limits.

You know the occupants of those cemeteries must have some amazing stories behind. These are the people that lived, loved, and shaped the area’s history.

Four Types of Cemeteries

Colonial Ghosts doesn’t go to all 12 cemeteries, however. They do cover four types of cemeteries, though.

(Did you know there were different kinds? I didn’t! I thought a cemetery was a cemetery.)

Here are the different types that their tour takes you to:

  1. Town cemeteries
  2. Family homestead burial places
  3. Garden graveyards
  4. Grouped burials

Historically Accurate

Nicki emphasized that herself and the others who research the stories behind the haunted places on their ghost tours, and now the stories of the people at eternal rest on their cemetery tours, are historically accurate.

They are not concerned with gimmicks or spreading rumors and legends. They are very concerned with quality and making sure their facts are straight.


Colonial Ghosts is not a theatrical kind of tour company. (For either the cemetery or the ghost tours.) There are no kitschy cloaked guides with lanterns, or people popping out to scare you at ideal times.

These people are that amazing combination of history buff and entertainer. They’re very passionate about conveying true information, but in an entertaining style. The personification of infotainment!

About the Cemetery Tour

Okay, so you’ve read the above and are excited to experience this tour, right? (This is one of those “there’s only one right answer” questions that I like to ask, with the only answer being, “Yes!”)

Okay, so here’s the important info you’ll need to know:

  • Times: Cemetery tours run at 1:30 and 3:30 p.m. rain or shine.
  • Duration: The tour lasts 90 minutes.
  • Distance Covered: Just under one mile.
  • Ticket Prices: $15 adults, $10 children under 12.
  • Buying Tickets: You must book online. ( However, if that poses problems, they ask you call 757.598.1805. And as a very last resort, you can buy in person at Kilwins, but it’s cash only and will cost you $2 (for a total of $17 per ticket).

For More Info

Visit their website, Colonial Ghosts:

Spooky Stay Tip

Fort Magruder Hotel and Conference Center

Nicki also told me that the place I want to stay when I finally make it to Colonial Williamsburg is the
Fort Magruder Hotel and Conference Center

According to some of their blog posts, apparently some hotel guests encounter Civil War spirits during their stays.

For more on that, see these blog posts from Colonial Ghosts:

Buy Colonial Williamsburg Tickets

Colonial Williamsburg Admission

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