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Super Light for Spectral Detection

Confession — it’s all about the day. Sunny day, everything is sharp. Cloudy day, everything is movie-set atmospheric. Either way, we win.A Favorite Haunt Spot

Another confession — It was this time of year when I got hooked on researching Wisconsin haunts. Night time chill didn’t matter because we went out during the day. The natural atmosphere of some of the places we explored was ramped up to the nth degree when combined with the look of bare trees or the dusky cloud cover. Those impressions are such a part of my memory that when I re-visit a Haunt Spot later, I’m often surprised at the difference. If a place has got it, it’s got it — but this time of year is special.

Be Brave and Happy Haunts,

Susan Scot Fry
Caper Company Tours LLC

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One thought on “Super Light for Spectral Detection

  1. Hi!! You are so right about this tijme of year!! And I would like to see more ghost haunting in the day. My personal belief is that they are still there but with so much activity we actually squish them. Thanks.

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