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Spooked TV Benefit Auction Trying to Scare Up Funds for Christopher Saint Booth

Are you a fan of twin brothers Philip Adrian Booth and Christopher Saint Booth, a.k.a.  the Booth Brothers? (Not to be confused with the Christian music group who’s also known as the Booth Brothers. The Booth Brothers I’m asking about are heavily into the paranormal.)

Or are you not quite sure who they are?

Sadly, I’m in that latter boat. I’d heard of the Booth Brothers, but other than knowing they’re involved in the paranormal, I didn’t know much about them.

So I guess a good place to start would be to get acquainted with them better, right?

Who Are the Booth Brothers?

In addition to being paranormal investigators, both Philip and Christopher are filmmakers.

A couple of their more popular documentary titles (that have also been seen on the Syfy Channel) include Spooked The Ghosts Of Waverly Hills Sanatorium (directed by Christopher) and Children of the Grave (directed by Philip).

A couple of their feature films (also which have run on Syfy) include: Death Tunnel and Ghouls Gone Wild.

Christopher the Writer

Christopher Saint Booth also has several books to his credit, including:

Why the Auction?

My friend Scott Morrow, who hosts the Fearless Ghosthunter show on ParaMania Radio, had Christopher Saint Booth on as a guest this past week. (You can listen to the show here.)

Scott reached out to me and asked if I’d spread the word about the auction to benefit Christopher Saint Booth.

Sadly, stomach pains forced Christopher to go to the hospital recently. That’s how he learned he had a tumor. He had surgery to remove it, and is now thankfully doing better it seems, but he’s accumulated some steep medical bills. (I’m gathering he doesn’t have insurance.)

However, rather than just asking for money, he’s put together an auction to sell some of his artifacts from his investigations and shows, as well as accepted donated items, to try and scare up funds to squelch his debt.

The Where, When and How of the Auction

Facebook often gets a bad rap, but in this case it makes for a powerful tool.

Team Booth has set up a Facebook event: The Spooked TV Auction  For Christopher Saint Booth. Helping Medical Expenses.

The auction runs from August 9 through August 14.

Auction items will be posted daily. They must have a lot of items because they’ll be posting up to 30 a day! (We’ll get to some of the cool items they’ve already put up for bid in a moment.)

All you have to do if you see something you like is put a bid on the post for that item. It’s really quite simple.

Exciting 6 day SPOOKED TV auction to help Christopher Booth medical expenses. There will be art, jewelry, movie memorabilia, personal items, clothing, costumes, custom hand crafted items, dolls, antique items, Waverly Hills Sanatorium bottles and much more. Lots of various items but all are one of kind and/or limited. All items are certified for authenticity. Bids start low as of $5.00 so everyone will have a chance. Please join us and stop by. Medical Bills suck and anything you bid on will help greatly. Much love and hugs..

All bids must be placed by 10 pm Eastern on August 14.

For more detailed information on how it all works, see their Pinned Post under the Discussion section of the event.

What’s Being Auctioned?

Unfortunately I can’t embed any of the auction item posts from Facebook to here. That’s always a handy feature when it’s available. It appears discussion posts in FB events don’t allow for embedding like regular FB posts do. (At least the posts set to Public sharing, that is.)

But never fear. I can still show you examples of auction items via screen shots!

Here’s some of the types of items up for grabs:




Do you collect memorabilia? Any of the above catch your eye? Have you watched any of the Booth Brothers’ movies, or have you read any of Christopher’s books?
Courtney Mroch
Courtney Mroch, otherwise known as HJ's Ambassador of Dark and Paranormal Tourism, is an author, traveler, and ghost enthusiast. When she's not writing, jaunting, or planning her next trip, it's a safe bet you'll find her in one of three places: on a tennis court somewhere, on a yoga mat somewhere, or watching a horror movie somewhere. She currently resides in Nashville, Tennessee.

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