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Results of ChateauGrrr’s Cruise Against Lymphoma Raffle

I was really excited to be a part of ChateauGrrr’s “Cruise Against Lymphoma Raffle.” In case you’re not familiar, the concept was buy a $25 raffle ticket for a chance to win a $1,300 cabin aboard the 2010 Gothic Cruise.

I thought it was a neat idea and set out to help an organization near and dear to my heart: the Lymphoma Research Foundation.

The deadline to get a ticket ended yesterday, but sadly there is no winner to report. There needed to be at least 14 tickets sold to cover the $350 change of ticket processing fee charged by Carnival Cruise Lines.

However, Chad, aka ChateauGrrr’s Cryptkicker, wrote a post today about how he wasn’t going to let that stop him from making a generous donation to the LRF anyway.

Haunt Jaunts would like to follow suit and will make a matching donation. (I have an email in to Chad to find out how much that’ll be for.)

Thanks again to everybody who helped us spread the word about the Cruise Against Lymphoma Raffle. If you wanted to help but didn’t necessarily want to spend $25 or buy a raffle ticket, here’s the link to make a direct donation to the LRF in whatever amount you’d like.

Courtney Mroch
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