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My Love of Halloween (And the Paranormal!)

Hello! My name is Emma Rae Curtis, and I’m a huge fan of Halloween. I blame it completely on my wonderfully active imagination. I’ve had it ever since I was a little girl, and there’s been no looking back. It is a big part of who I am. Halloween has always been the holiday I look forward to the most, which I suppose is unusual. But that’s just who I am! Typically people are more mushy gooey about family holidays like Christmas or Thanksgiving. Me, though, well I’ve always been a bit different. Pretty much from October 1st on around my house it’s 100% Halloween (sometimes I cheat and start earlier!). My husband and family are good sports and not only put up with it but are actually supportive, for which I’m extremely grateful. I’m one lucky lady.

My love affair with Halloween started almost before I can even remember. There’s just something magical (and supernatural!) about the whole season. The crispness in the air, the smell of leaves on the ground, the spooky stories and costumes, the energy of knowing it’s the final days before winter. I honestly can barely put into words the excitement I feel around Halloween. It feels as if the whole world comes alive. It as if, during this season, the supernatural isn’t so implausible! I’ve always had this attraction to the supernatural, ever since I can remember. And there’s no better time of the year to celebrate and enjoy the paranormal than Halloween.

I love all the fun spooky stories told and broadcasted around Halloween. I remember the excitement I felt as a little girl hearing all the magical tales and chilling ghost stories. Ichabod Crane in the Legend of Sleepy Hallow was my first love! Then, as I grew up, I became famous for my Halloween bashes. I love going all out, throwing as big and interesting a Halloween party as I can. I’m well known on my block by the local children as the must visit house on Halloween. I have all the decorations, costumes, and special effects. They absolutely love it.

Since my kids have left home, and me and my husband officially became empty nesters, I’ve started a Halloween blog. My friends and family urged me to start it for years. You can come over and visit me at I love chatting about all things Halloween (or paranormal) and welcome guest writers.

Since finding I’ve really enjoyed reading all about fabulous haunted sites. I’ve been planning all sorts of fun and spooky holiday travels. I think any travels I do will really be a great addition to my own blog (not to mention hauntjaunts!). I can’t wait to get out into the wide world and see some paranormal sites. It’s really opened my eyes to the broader world of the paranormal that naturally goes along with Halloween.

I’ll be writing more about Halloween and the paranormal here in the future. Now that you know who I am I hope you keep your eyes out for me and enjoy my guest posts. Thanks so much to Courtney Mroch for her welcoming me to write on! Leave a comment if you’d like to hear anything in particular about Halloween or a request on a paranormal story. Thanks for reading!

Emma Curtis
Emma Rae Curtis researches and writes about everything Halloween: Halloween costumes, party ideas, parenting, baby costumes, and makeup.

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  1. We will await more Halloweenesque postings. This reminds me of the annual Halloween episode on “Roseanne”. 110% Halloween.

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