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Merry Christmas from Haunt Jaunts: Virtual Gift Deliveries

I’ve had the pleasure to come to know a lot of really neat people this past year and a  half since I’ve been blogging as the Director of Paranormal Tourism for Haunt Jaunts. As I’ve been shopping this holiday season I’ve come across things that have made me think of all my online friends.

I wish I had enough money to buy everybody I know a Christmas gift. I love giving people things so they know I’m thinking of them.

Alas, that’s a bit impractical. (Especially because many of the gifts I pick are expensive!) But virtually gifting them with Christmas presents isn’t!

So, here’s what I virtually give to:

Syd Southsworth

I love the Tweets Syd and I exchange. She’s a very Earth-friendly lady. Heck, she’s just a friendly lady period. Plus, she has a good sense of humor. I wish I could make her a handmade gift like she does for others, but I can buy ones others make! I saw these hand-blown polluted glasses and thought she’d appreciate both their craftsmanship and humor.

Syd, thanks for being so kind, generous, and simply amazing. You were among the first Twitter friends I made when I decided to hop on the Tweetin’ bandwagon in 2009. I really appreciate all the support you’ve shown me since then, and all the friendship you’ve extended! I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a fantastic New Year!

Monica Robayo

This Dear Santa NecklaceI saw on Femail Creations had Monica’s name all over it.

Monica is always coming up with the funniest sayings on her FB page. I saw this necklace and thought, “OMG! That’s so something Monica would say.”

Merry Christmas, Monica! Thanks for all the laughter you brought into my life this year. Looking forward to more of it in 2011!

Marilyn Biersdorff

I’d actually give Marilyn the present of laughter via something I gave her cat. (Syd also might appreciate this gift for her cat Bob.) X-Treme Geek had these funny cat playhouses: a tank, fire truck and airplane. They’re all funny, but I think the fire truck looks like it’d be the easiest for a cat to get in and out of, so I’d go with that one.

Thanks for all of your support and friendship this past year, Marilyn!

Chad from Chateau Grrr

This year I learned that Chad, who loves vampires, doesn’t need the special FX Fangs I saw in the What on Earth catalog. He went to a dentist who hooked him up with real fangs that are permanently in his mouth!

But when I saw this Vampire Friends Goblet from Pyramid Collection Catalog I thought of him. So…Merry Christmas, Chad!

Mrs. B of Confessions of a Pagan Soccer Mom

A Witches’ Bible: The Complete Witches’ Handbook – Something tells me she already has it, but she’s who came to mind when I saw it.

However, every good witch needs a wand, right? Does she have one that can change channels like this magic wand remote control? If nothing else, it might keep the kiddies busy and entertained so she could get some things done.

Merry Christmas, Mrs. B!

Rotten One from Rotten Works

The Rotten One likes pairing fire with pumpkins. This is a very simple gift. More of a stocking stuffer really. But I think he could find some good uses for Flash Rocks.

Merry Christmas and happy burning, Rotten One!

Julie from Above the Norm

Julie first came to mind when I saw the Book of Strange and Curious Legal Oddities.

When I first started following her blog over a year ago she was always weaving unusual tidbits into her posts. I think she’d get some ideas from this book to blog about.

However, I’m also certain she’d really enjoy Names on the Land: A Historical Account of Place-Naming in the United States.

She once wrote a couple of posts that I really enjoyed about some of the places in Arizona with odd and bizarre names. When I saw this book she popped instantly to mind as someone who might appreciate it.

Merry Christmas, Julie! I don’t comment as much as I should, but I love all the pictures you include with your posts and the places you take us readers to!

Sky “Agent Zero” Londa of

Sky’s sight has driven a lot of traffic to mine this past year. Area51.0rg has consistently been in my Top 10 Referring Sites every week since I started paying attention to those stats.

The blog lists a bunch of awesome paranormal sites that deal with everything from ghosts and monsters to UFOs and other unexplained mysteries. I saw these big silly alien sunglassesand thought that’d be a fun gift.

However, due to the nature of how’s site is set up, Sky also might get a kick out of the Internet Message Clock I saw that “receives and displays messages anywhere on Earth with an Internet connection.”

Merry Christmas (and thank you for the traffic), Sky!

Chris the Frog Queen from Frog on the Pumpkin

I don’t know if Chris wears much jewelry, but I know she loves frogs. I saw this Sterling Silver Frog Ear Cuff and couldn’t help but think of her.

It’s unique, froggy, and even if she didn’t want to wear it on her ear I bet she’d find someplace to hang it. Merry Christmas, Chris! Hope you have the “hoppiest” of Holidays and a leaping lizards fantastic New Year!

Autumnforest of Ghost Hunting Theories 

Beauty and grace and all things autumnal come to mind when I think of Sharon from GHT. This Echoes of Autumn fairy I saw on the Pyramid Collection embodies that and makes me think this would be what she would look like carved into a figurine.

Merry Christmas, pretty lady! Here’s to you and all of the amazing places you’ll go in 2011!

Andrea from Ghost Stories

Andrea is so knowledgeable when it comes to horror movies, TV shows, and the like. I’ll find something new-to-me and think I’ve surely found something she’s never heard of before. I’m always wrong!

So, I know she’s probably already heard of this Thriller series, and likely has seen it many, if not all, of the episodes. But it was new-to-me and that’s what I’d gift her with –in the hopes it was also new-to-her. (And I wouldn’t be offended if she returned it. I’d laugh and shake my head and think, “One day I will find something she doesn’t already know about!)

Merry Christmas, Andrea! I hope you do get some pleasant new-to-you surprises under your tree this year.

Angela of The GAC Daily

Ah, Angela. She’s been so nice to me. She’s always including stuff I Tweet or write in her Top Stories lists. As a fellow Ghost Adventures fan, I’d have to gift her with something GA. This Scratch Me hoodie would do it.

The only thing better is if I could either get Zak to pose with her while she’s wearing it and snap a photo or get him to sign it. Merry Christmas love to you, Angela!

Peter of Ask Doc Paranormal and Gummerfan from Gummerfan’s Monster Hunter HQ

I wrote about this gift in my Monsters, Zombies and Other Macabre Gifts, Oh My! post. I can’t copy and paste the picture to show, but I can post the link to the Beware of the… Sign on What on Earth. If you click through you’ll see the picture there.

It’s totally funny! And two men came to mind when I saw it: Burt and Peter. They both have great senses of humor for one thing. And then there’s the whole “is whatever did that to the sign the thing we should beware of?” aspect I think they’d both appreciate.

Merry Christmas you guys! Thanks for always keeping me chuckling!

Steve and Angie from Ghost Eyes

Steve and Angie spend a lot of time on the road traveling from one paranormal investigation spot to another. Sometimes they even caravan. I think he’d have a lot of fun with a scrolling digital license plate.


For Angie I’d also go with something tech. Something she maybe could use on investigations. Like this mini video camera and recorder pen.

It might not capture good EVPs or anything, but it might be a handy way for her to note stuff she wanted to jot down in the evidence book later or something.

Merry Christmas you two! I really had a blast meeting you and sweating together at Old South Pittsburgh hospital. Hoping I can jaunt with you again in 2011!

Jen Blaney, iZombie and Jessica of Ghost Stories and Haunted Places

I have another gift that I featured in the Monsters, Zombies and Other Macabre Gifts, Oh My! post. This Scary Zombie Board Game  made me think of all my Z lovin’ friends. (Or should I say “fiends.”)

Merry Christmas, Jen, iZombie and Jessica! I have it on good authority that “Zombie Santa Claws” is already on his way to see you! (One of my readers, tjcmen, told me about him. Hope you’ve all been good so Zombie Santa Claws doesn’t eat you!)

But I’d also get Jessica something else. (Especially since I just found out her bday is the same week as Christmas. This would be her bday present.)

I know she likes Victorian type things like I do. That’s why I think she’d like this Victorian Slide Bracelet.

Plus, it’s classy like her. She’d wear it well. Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday, Jessica! Thank you for sharing your beauty with all of us via your wonderfully written blog and pictures!

Nathan from A State of Mind

Nathan likes to flex his mental muscles in many different ways. Whether it’s using his psychic abilities, or reading tarot cards., or interpreting runes. I think he’d especialy get a kick out of the Mind Flex game where you move objects with the power of your mind.

Merry Christmas, Nathan! I know your brilliant mind will cook up some neat new things for the New Year. Looking forward to seeing what you churn out!

Aaron Sagers from ParanormalPopCulture

Aaron does LiveBlog Investigations of Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures shows in progress. I think he should think about making them 3 D with this Minoru 3 D webcam.

Although, it only comes with five pairs of 3D glasses so…that wouldn’t really be enough for all of his followers.

But it’s the thought that counts, right Aaron? Merry Christmas to you! Thanks for all you did for me this past year. Appreciate the advice and hook-ups!

Jason, Laura, Michelle and Sara from The Occult Section

I would give them the gift of first aid –rather, something for their New York Paranormal Society’s first aid kit, that is. Every paranormal investigation group should have bandages just in case. And why not have a little fun with these Crime Scene bandages?

Jason and Laura, thanks especially to you two for your friendship this year. Jason, I’m still sorry I didn’t get to hop on over to Staten Island when we were in NYC for our cruise this year. Next time when I’m up there I’m coming over for pizza, beer and a ghost tour! Merry Christmas to all of you!

Dinell “Darkside Mommy D” Holmes from Mommy D’s Kitchen

Ah, Dinell. There were SO many things I came across that made me think of her. Like a Go Ahead and Jingle My Bells Apron and Tea Towel set on Femail Creations. I’d share a link and pic but guess what? They are all sold out! (No surprise there. Too funny!)

Coffee gifts came to mind, too. Because that Mommy D loves her coffee! But I think I’d give her this Wilton Halloween Haunted House/Christmas Holiday Gingerbread Cake pan.

It’s a retired pan, so it’s not only going to be a collector’s item, but she could use it for two different seasons. And I know she’s the type who’s creative enough to create masterpeices with it.

Mommy D, your friendship has meant the world to me this past year. As one of my friend’s likes to say about people she’s completely fond of and enamored with, “I think you hung the moon!” Merry Christmas to you!

Author Linda Moffitt(and HJ’s new Paranormal Historian and Researcher)

Like me (and also Jessica, Autumnforest, Julie, and Andrea, as well as probably many others), Linda loves Steampunk. I still think as far as classic Steampunk anything goes, the Wild Wild West rules. I’m sure if she watched some of these episodes from the Complete Series she’d find ideas and inspirations for her hoops.

Courtney Mroch
Courtney Mroch, otherwise known as HJ's Ambassador of Dark and Paranormal Tourism, is an author, traveler, and ghost enthusiast. When she's not writing, jaunting, or planning her next trip, it's a safe bet you'll find her in one of three places: on a tennis court somewhere, on a yoga mat somewhere, or watching a horror movie somewhere. She currently resides in Nashville, Tennessee.

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  1. I must say, you, my friend, have FABULOUS taste in friends! This was a wonderful post. Not only do I get a mention, but I learned a lot about everyone. Thank you!

    p.s. I promise I will be answering your email soon. It’s gunna be a busy couple days here but hopefully by Sunday things will be back to a normal crazy 😉

    Luv to you!

  2. Why thank you my dear, that was really fun. I love seeing everyone “open” their gift. What a clever idea…but no suprise coming from you. Have a happy holiday!



  4. I’m responding via my email and just now realized others left comments too. Glad you all liked your virtual gifts.

    THANKS, Sharon!

    Mommy D: Aw shucks. And no worries about responding. When you can. I know you’re busy!

    Chris: You give the best compliments, you know that? THANKS!!!!!!

    Julie: Well hugs back to you too!


  6. Oh wow. Sorry you had to work. Unless you wanted to work. Then I guess it’s great! And the snow…you all got a lot of it up there. Well, more than here it looked like. But we were just happy to have a white Chritmas too. Nice!


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