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I Lost My Ghost Hunting Virginity at the Old South Pittsburgh Hospital

Old South Pittsburgh Hospital

Back in June, Steve Vaughn of Ghost Eyes invited me along on a paranormal investigation he’d put together to the Old South Pittsburgh Hospital in South Pittsburgh, Tennessee. He said it’d make for a “great haunted jaunt.” An overnight one at that.

I’ve been following the adventures Autumnforest of Ghost Hunting Theories and Julie from Above the Norm have been having on their haunted investigations around Arizona. (Which has partially been in conjunction with their Hug-a-Blogger project.)

I figured, “You know what? It’s a different kind of haunt jaunt than the ones I’m used to, and South Pittsburgh is an easy jaunt down I-65 from Nashville. Why not? Hopefully it’ll give me something neat to write about like Autumnforest and Julie have been doing.”

Steve also said we could invite people if we knew anyone who might be interested. I knew Jessica of Ghost Stories and Haunted Places didn’t live too far from South Pittsburgh either. I mentioned it to her and she said, “Count me in!”

So, on Friday July 30, Steve and his girlfriend Angela (aka @GhostEyes_Angie on Twitter), Jessica and her husband Alex, Jeremy of Rocket City Paranormal (@RCP_GatorFan on Twitter) and Brett of Southern Ghosts (who just recently joined Twitter as @BrettTCB5150 but there’s also @SouthernGhosts) and myself all met up at the Old South Pittsburgh Hospital.


I arrived shortly before 5 p.m. Steve instructed me to park around back, a.k.a. the old Emergency Entrance.

Entrance to Old South Pittsburgh Hospital

Below is the sign I saw on the door as I waited for Steve and crew to come down from the 3rd floor to let me in.

Beware of dog and contact info for investigations signs

The “Beware of Dog” sign gave me some pause. I’m not afraid of dogs by any means, but I wasn’t expecting any to be there. Later, on our tour of the facility, I saw the three dogs who lived on the premises. Sadly none of my pics of the mangy mutts came out very well.

Suffice it to say, the Old South Pittsburgh Hospital is well guarded.

After I met my fellow ghost hunters (who thankfully I felt instantly comfortable with) and got our tour, we headed to dinner at Shoney’s in nearby Kimball. Well, I should say everyone else ate. I wasn’t hungry right then so I just had some fruit. I’d regret not forcing myself to eat something more substantial later.

After dinner some of us made a quick stop at Walmart. Then it was back to the hospital to settle in for a night of investigating.

Jeremy (left) and Brett in Walmart


I don’t remember what the exact temp was inside, but I’m not exaggerating when I say it was 90 plus of pure stagnant air. I have never sweated as much as I did that night. Not even when I was going through all my cancer stuff. Back then I’d drenched my clothes at times and have to change. I could’ve changed four times in an hour at the hospital!

And we weren’t alone in thinking that. Teams are allowed to sign on the wall. Here’s what one investigator decided to put as his stamp on the wall. I totally second his nomination!

Yes it was!

The third (and top) floor was the worst. (Heat rising effect and all that.) Luckily that’s where they started setting up first. (Better to get it over and one with!)

All the 3rd floor cameras positioned and ready to record

Steve hooked me up with my very own K2 meter.

The K2 meter Steve let me borrow

He also gave me a walkie because he’d promised my husband (who’d taken time off to go to my aunt’s funeral with me and couldn’t spare another day off that week) that he’d either show me a real good time or lose me, but whichever it was he’d do it 100%. But since he didn’t really want to lose me, he figured supplying me with a walkie might help prevent it.


Why? Because it was the coolest! (It was one of the few places with the A/C on and running, and it was a blessed retreat!)

Jessica (or at least her knees) and Angie taking a break in the A/C room
Brett hogging…er, I mean enjoying…the cold air coming from the A/C unit


We spent the rest of the night doing something I’d watched many a time on Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures, and something many other paranormal enthusiasts have done but that I never have: we conducted a paranormal investigation of the Old South Pittsburgh Hospital.

On the way home it dawned on me: I’m no longer a ghost hunting virgin!

I couldn’t have lost it with a nicer bunch of people. But, as is sometimes the case when we lose our virginity, there are regrets.

Would I have rather that my “first time” been somewhere else? Perhaps.

Until I lost it I didn’t realize I had an “ideal paranormal cherry buster.” (Which is Waverly Hills, by the way.)

But I might have it too built up in my mind. It might not have lived up to expectations. So you know what? The Old South Pittsburgh Hospital was a fantastic place to get some “experience.” (Hubba hubba!)

And, again, I couldn’t have lost it with a neater bunch of people. They were extremely professional, patient, funny, and just downright nice. They definitely made it a night to remember!


In another post I’m going to write about my experiences at the hospital, and I’ll also link to some of the evidence Steve and gang found.

But for now here’s what my fellow ghost hunters from that night have had to say about it all:

  1. Ghost Eyes – Old South Pittsburgh Hospital Paranormal Investigation Part 1 and Part 2
  2. Ghost Stories and Haunted Places – Ghost Hunting at Old South Pittsburgh Hospital in Tennessee


Courtney Mroch
Courtney Mroch, otherwise known as HJ's Ambassador of Dark and Paranormal Tourism, is an author, traveler, and ghost enthusiast. When she's not writing, jaunting, or planning her next trip, it's a safe bet you'll find her in one of three places: on a tennis court somewhere, on a yoga mat somewhere, or watching a horror movie somewhere. She currently resides in Nashville, Tennessee.

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11 thoughts on “I Lost My Ghost Hunting Virginity at the Old South Pittsburgh Hospital

  1. It was a great time that night! Lots of great experiences, I agree with the hot though! Maybe we will have to try and fill your “fantasy” and hook you up in Waverly for an overnight :).

    It was an absolute pleasure to meet you and spend the evening investigating with you. Look forward to next time.

  2. My little girl is growing up! I’m so proud of you. Yeah, I’m sure that building felt like most AZ buildings do during this season. It’s why I usually take a bit of a break during the hottest months (well, that and rattlesnakes).

  3. LOL both Ghost Eyes and Autumnforest!

    I definitely had a great time meeting you, Steve (and Angie). Well, everyone I met that night. It was a BLAST! Even if it was 5,000 degrees Fahrenheit!

    And Autumnforest, it did remind me an awful lot of a AZ oven…sweltering. Ugh. BUT it was worth it.

  4. Hey! You fibbed. Your pictures are great, except that one of that crazy lady’s legs. What an adventure! I’m so glad I got to join you. I’m so glad to have lost my ghost hunting virginity with you and the group from Southern Ghosts too!

  5. LOL, Jessica! Your legs are SWEET! I love your tattoo. Everyone seemed to have them that night…’cept me. (Well, except for my radiation treatment ones. But those don’t count. Not cool designs like you guys!)

    I do what I can with pics. I’m no Jessica Penot or Julie or Mommy D. You guys always post wonderful pics!

    Sure glad we had that adventure. I will never forget the night we met… 😉

  6. Yea, you have now officially ghost hunted. It looks like you had a fun night. Now you have to go on one with me and Autumnforest.

  7. Maybe we can squeak that in on your Hug-a-Blogger stop here, Julie!

    Sandra, I’ll hurry up and get it worked up to post either today or tomorrow. They caught some good EVPs.

  8. Congratulations on losing your ‘virginity’ in such a gloriously, sweaty manner! Can’t wait to see the pictures! 😉

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