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  1. hauntedfortscott.com contains reported paranormal activity and subsequent investigations in Fort Scott, Kansas. A history of each location with associated stories, EVPs, photos and videos are included.

  2. During the Halloween season it a haunted attraction, The rest of the time it’s a real Haunted Place.
    We have traveled all through Kentucky doing documentaries called Shadows of Kentucky which has been seen on the CW channel, We been to all the haunted locations that everyone has talked about and many places that no one has heard of, The Baxter Ave Morgue we fount is the most active haunted place in Kentucky with solid proof of photos and videos of such a place, From full body apparitions to a chair flipping over on its own and radio shows canceled because of the activity , Even the owners and workers are afraid to go in to the Morgue because they had seen and heard things that scares them, Several people got scratched including 1 worker, This is just a little of the happens there, here’s the web site http://www.louisvilleparanormalinvestigations.com/Baxtermorgue.html
    If you think you might be interested place email us or call us at 502-641-1988. This place has some awesome history.

  3. I am a paranormal investigator and I will be investigating the Kentucky Baxter morgue in Louisville, does anyone have information on this place as it being fake, i have heard different stories.

  4. Love the site! I am always trying to gather new haunted places, paranormal news and other ghostly things for my new site and would love for any of you guys @ Haunt Jaunts to register as contibutors @ Mostly Ghosts! http://www.mostlyghosts.com It’s easy to find fans and lovers of the paranormal but finding ones who are willing to write about it is a little more difficult. Either way keep up the good work!

  5. Hi Shea! THANKS so much for stopping by and sharing your site. I’ll add you to the Links page and definitely stop by. THANKS again so much for stopping by to let us know about Mostly Ghosts!

  6. Hello thank you for the links! Also do you know of any sites where people who need their houses investigated might post? I want to start investigating private homes but don’t k ow how to get clients or where. I’m from Northern VA. Thanks 🙂

  7. This is great, I love reading about haunted places, I am also hoping to visit some of these locations to stay for a couple of nights in the hope that ‘someone’ will be nice enough to come and visit me 🙂 another great list of haunted hotels is here http://www.hauntedhovel.com/hauntedhotels.html yet more I would love to visit 🙂 and hopefully you will to

  8. love the site, I’m always on the hunt for new places to check out for the dearly departed. Have u ever thought to add any canadian haunts to ur list? I recommend Castle Loma in Toronto ON, the Custom’s House in Hamilton ON, The Screaming Tunnel in St. Catherine’s ON, just to name a small few.

  9. Hey Stephanie! I don’t usually list places individually. I mostly just keep track of other places that keep haunted places lists. However, I am very thankful you stopped by and shared these specific ones. Ontario is a part of Canada I haven’t made it to yet, so I’ve added these to my personal list of places I’d like to check out for when I do get up that way. THANKS!

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