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Haunted Jaunts: Five Very Haunted Hotels

This is a guest post from Matt Smith at Skyscanner Ltd about just what the title suggests: Haunted Hotels. (Or Spooky Stays as I like to think of them.)

Whenever you go on vacation there are always certain things you expect from a hotel. It’s always going to have a TV with a disappointing selection of channels, towels, soap, or the lack of an iron. But the last thing you’re probably expecting from your hotel is to be known for paranormal activity. If the idea of sharing your hotel room with a spirit doesn’t put you off, then perhaps a night in one of these horridly haunted hotels might help make for a spooky vacation!

The Jamaica Inn – Cornwall/Newquay

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Having stood on the picturesque Bodmin Moor for centuries, this legendary coach house enjoys a notorious reputation among Newquay hotels. According to local stories, The Jamaica Inn was once a favourite haunt (pardon the pun) for smugglers who would often conduct shady deals throughout the corridors. Occasionally, these deals would go sour and heads would roll leading to more than a few spirits with an axe to grind. Having featured on Britain’s “Most Haunted” TV show, this hotel is famous for paranormal occurrences and plays host to regular ghost hunts. Don’t miss out!

The Georgian Inn – London

We’ve come across a few haunted hotels in London on our search, but The Georgian Inn wins for the  sheer regularity of its spooky episodes. Formerly a posh residence, it appears the original owners are none too happy with the ever-changing cast of guests and have taken it upon themselves to try scare them off! Guests have reported hearing children running up and down the corridors at night, while one guest awoke to find an old man at the foot of her bed. Luckily, when she screamed he disappeared.

Bally’s Hotel & Casino – Las Vegas

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While it may not enjoy the same glamorous reputation as other hotels on the Strip, Bally’s does have a dark secret that keeps some of its clientele coming back for more: it’s the most haunted hotel in Las Vegas. Formerly the MGM Grand, in 1980 the hotel endured a huge fire in which 80 people died. Five years later it re-opened as Bally’s and the paranormal has been a regular occurrence ever since. Guests have reported smelling smoke (despite there being no fire), hearing screams from the corridors and there’s even a haunted row of slot machines that an elderly female gambler ghost frequents.

The Mayflower Park Hotel – Seattle

Of all the haunted hotels we’ve looked into, The Mayflower has perhaps our favourite ghost. This 70-year-old hotel is frequented by one mischievous spirit who likes to share rooms with the guests, particularly when they stay in room 1120. Described as a “benign presence”, reports have poured in down through the years of guests feeling they weren’t alone in the room and hearing strange noises. Hotel management have enlisted the services of a psychic, but the playful poltergeist just keeps coming back for more.

The Algonquin Hotel – New York

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Enjoying a rich history at the heart of life in the Big Apple, The Algonquin regularly hosted round table discussion nights for New York’s elite wits in the 1920’s known as the “vicious circle”. Any time the hotel has undergone renovations the spirits of the vicious circle make themselves known, knocking down paintings and creating a ruckus. These haunting episodes seem to happen with regularity around the 13th floor, so if you’re looking for a spirited break, book yourself in!

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