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Elgin’s Graveyards New and Improved Tours

Historic Ghost Hunt Tours of Elgin, Illinois recently announced a new tour, Bluff City Cemetery Ghost Hunt Intensive, and an improved one, Elgin Cemetery Ghost Hunt Van Tour.

The new Bluff City Cemetery Ghost Hunt Intensive is a three hour tour that meets at Bluff City Cemetery. They allow tour goers to get “hands-on experience with a whole ghost hunter’s toybox of equipment.” This includes K2 meters, a SB7 Spirit Box, EMF meter, and even an Ovilus X.

Even though they have access to the whole cemetery, they voluntarily restrict themselves to the historic sections. They also not only allow for, but encourage, discussions of the latest theories and techniques in the world of paranormal investigating.

There is an age limit for this tour: no one under 13 allowed. They also require advanced notice if any of the tour-goers are between the ages of 14-16. They must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

The cost is $45 per adult, max 14 adults. It runs most Sunday and Thursday nights March through December.

The improved Elgin Cemetery Ghost Hunt Van Tour is four hours long and departs from the Elgin Public House. It’s a haunted history tour through Elgin’s most haunted places, including the Bluff City Cemetery, the Elgin State Mental Hospital Paupers’ Cemetery, the Channing Park and Channing Park Elementary School, and the Elgin State Mental Hosptial.

The description on the mental hospital part of the tour sounds particularly spooky:

For over a century at the Elgin State Mental Hospital, the depressed and unwanted were locked in with deranged, evil psychopaths, subjected to inhumane “cures” of shocking brutality. The lost souls and eternally damned alike gather at Hell’s Back Gate longing to escape. An exceptionally active site!

The same age limit applies to this tour as to the Bluff City Cemetery one. The cost is $55 per adult, also with a max of 14. It runs most Friday and Saturday nights March through December.

An interesting note about the Bluff City Cemetery, which both of these tours encompass, is that it was featured in Nightmare on Elm Street 5.

To learn more and get your tickets, visit Historic Ghost Hunt Tours of Elgin, IL’s page:




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