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What Can You Expect from ParaMania Radio Shows in 2018?

Do you listen to many Internet radio shows? I have to admit, I didn’t before I got a show on ParaMania Radio.

However, now I find myself tuning in to ParaMania’s live shows when I can, and seeking out the On Demands when I can’t.

Talk about infotainment! The personification of it! It’s like chips for my ears and mind: Once I start listening, I can’t stop!

I’m so very grateful that Scott Morrow, who hosts the Fearless Ghosthunter on Saturday nights, encouraged me to apply for a show of my own. It’s greatly broadened my world. Not to mention introduced me to a whole new group of people (be they the hosts, their guests, or the people Fate sees fit to cross my path with who wind up as guests on my show) who share many of my same para-philosophies.

B.S. Zone

I note “same para-philosophies” because, before last year, I was feeling more and more isolated from the paranormal community.

Many of the people I met when I first launched HJ have since left. Many of the newer people on the scene are more about seeking fame and showcasing their “expertise” than adding any real substance to the field.

Oh, and drama? Good lord. It shouldn’t be that hard to get along and be cooperative with one another. What the hell is all the competition about? Ridiculous!

That’s what I liked about Scott. He called B.S. on a lot of the same stuff I did.

And as I first started listening to the shows on ParaMania Radio, I realized so many of the other hosts had also had their run ins with para posers, fame seekers, instigators, and possessive place hoarders. They just wanted a safe space to share ideas and meet with other like-minded folks.

That’s what ParaMania Radio strives to do: gather people together to exchange ideas without any pretense or phoniness.

Finally. I found a para tribe again!


What’s New, Boo?

I asked my fellow hosts what listeners can expect from their shows in 2018. What kind of guests they’ll have and topics they’ll be discussing. That sort of thing.

I didn’t exactly get any specifics from anyone, but many were interested in being included in a post about our home.

And I realized upon listening to some of their first shows for 2018 that many addressed this very issue: what they hope to accomplish in 2018.

Basically, all are striving for the same thing: to continue delivering a great informative and entertaining listening experience in 2018.

The ParaMania Radio Lineup

Here are all the shows offered by

I’ve listed them by day and included their times so you can mark when to listen live. But if you miss a show or want to catch up on past episodes, tune in via the On Demand section.

Some shows are just an hour long.

(I say “just” because time flies on ParaMania Radio. Seriously. It’s like there’s some kind of freaking time warp. It’s the top of the hour one second, then the next thing I know it’s over. That’s what happens when you’re having fun I guess.)

Others are two hours long.

And there’s quite the variety. Most are some sort of talk format, but not all are. Nor are they all about ghost hunting and paranormal investigating. There’s psychics and spirituality, astrology, even shows filled with music and a brand new comedy hour!

Hosts come from all walks of life, all parts of the America, and even from the U.K.!

Check out the show descriptions and see what appeals to you. Then tune in. (If you haven’t already.) I’m curious to see if you find them as addicting as I do!


Show: On the Horizon
Hosted by: Vicki Johns and Brock Burroughs
Description: Brock Burroughs and Vicki Johns talk about paranormal, spiritual and current events that effect people and the world around us. How do these events shape the world we live in? Do these events control our decisions and our lives?
Time: 8 pm Eastern

Show: Fox Cities Paranormal Radio
Hosted by: Tim Maile
Description: Every week, Tim Maile brings you the most recognizable names in the paranormal field.
Time: 9 pm Eastern

Show: Para-Time with Brock and Doc
Hosted by: Brock Burroughs and David Erickson
Description: A show that explores all aspects of the Paranormal including but not limited to technology, investigation techniques, personal experiences, locations, events, team investigations, residential investigations, aliens, big foot, demons and much more.
Time: 10 pm Eastern



Show: Sit, Chat and Laugh with the Lynchs
Hosted by: Jay Lynch and Teresa Lynch
Description: Come in, grab a seat, your favorite beverage, and listen in as we chat with the most wonderful people. We want y’all to feel like we’re friends sitting around the table sharing a our adventures, knowledge, theories, and hopefully a good laugh! 
Time: 7-9 pm Eastern

Show: The Third Eye Lexicon
Hosted by: Cat Wilder, The Felinist
Description: The Third Eye Lexicon is an open format chat where your host, The Felinist will guide you through talks about everything eclectic and odd in the world of the metaphysical, spiritual and paranormal, covering topics far and wide. Join in the fun for a variety of subjects from quantum physics, folklore, magic, theology, your host’s experience in the realms of the paranormal and even open Pyschic readings and chats.
Time: 10 pm Eastern



Show: Haunted Playground
Hosted by: Sheena Metal
Description: Ghosts, Angels, Demons, Psychics, Elementals, Inter-dimensional Creatures, Aliens, Bigfoot, or the Griffin in your own back yard – nothing is off-limits or too outlandish while on-air with Haunted Playground, anchored by top-rated talk host Sheena Metal founding member of The Western Pacific Paranormal Alliance.
Time: 6-8 pm Eastern

Show: Haunt Jaunts
Hosted by: Courtney Mroch
Description: Haunt Jaunts, a travel site for restless spirits, is excited to add a radio show to its repertoire! Paranormal tourism, dark tourism, Halloween, and horror…basically, if it’s haunted, scary, macabre or unusual, we’ll now be talking about it in addition to listing it, linking to it, writing about it, and definitely wanting to visit it. 
Each week special guests will be joining your host and Ambassador of Dark & Paranormal Tourism, Courtney Mroch, to help guide you to your next great adventure. So turn up your speakers, settle in, and come jaunt with us. If you dare…
Time: 8 pm Eastern

Show: Decoding the Mystic
Hosted by: Jen Young and Vicki Johns
Description: A show that deals with advocating for human rights, the environment and caring for our spiritual self.
Time: 9 pm Eastern


Show: State of Mind
Hosted by: Sarah Soderland and Dave Erickson
Description: Hosted by forensic psychologist, Sarah Soderlund, and paranormal investigator, David Erickson. State of Mind is a podcast that features mentalism, mystery and modern psychology with twists of cognitive process and challenges of the mind. News, discoveries, banter and guests that talk all things fascinating.
Time: 10 pm Eastern


Show: Leo Bonomo the Voice of Spirit
Hosted by: Leo Bonomo
Description: Leo’s show is all about mediumship, connecting with spirit, spiritual development, live readings with guests some well known. He doesn’t ask questions, because genuine mediums do not ask questions! He is a professional, inspirational, clairvoyant medium and psychic. He has been privileged to give readings in Germany and to have appeared on “The Circle TV” on Channel 166 the information Channel. He’s the author of Summerland and A Book of Thoughts. His site is:
Time: 5-7  pm Eastern

Show: Behind the Open Door
Hosted by: Maggie Renea and Jodi Nettles
Description: Behind the Open Door is geared to sharing all things Paranormal,Ghost, hauntings, and Spiritual as well as the world of psychics, mediums, and palmistry etc. etc. to share our experiences in our individual yet common goals of enlightenment of self and others. We hope that it is through others, along with our Special Guests, that one can learn more of self and others in an infromative, educational and fun way. Please join us and see what is behind the open door…
Time: 8 pm Eastern


Show: Understanding Spirit
Hosted by: Father Alan Cox
Description: Understanding Spirit brings to you, all different out looks and opinions of the spirit world. Every week Alans guests talk about their beliefs and experiences. The show offers a diverse view of life and the after life.
Time: 5 pm Eastern

Show: The Parasearch UK Radio Show
Hosted by: Kerry Greenway and Jay Lynch
Description: The Parasearch UK Radio show covers the UK and US perspective on paranormal investigating.
Time: 7 pm Eastern

Show: The Chris & Wayne Show
Hosted by: Chris and Wayne
Description: Join Chris and Wayne and their other crew members aboard the Haunted Ship of Doom. Each week they explore all variety of paranormal topics and often welcome special guests.
Time: 8 pm Eastern

Show: Paranormal A to Z with Amy and Zana
Hosted by: Amy Farley and Zana Lowe
Description: Amy and Zana will delve into every topic regarding the paranormal and will seek answers from some of the most qualified experts in the field. Like the name… No stone will be left unturned.
Time: 9-11 pm Eastern


Show: Musical Memories with Alan Cox
Hosted by: Alan Cox
Description: Alan plays the top 5 songs in the charts in USA and the UK that correspond to the present week.
Time: 6 pm Eastern

Show: Heavy Metal Psychic
Hosted by: Melissa Bruce
Description: Weekly Astrology and Mediumship Readings with a little bit of teaching, all against a rocking Metal Background! It’s always a party on the Heavy Metal Psychic!
Time: 7 pm Eastern

Show: The Haunted Chronicles
Hosted by: Mr. Haunted and Jennifer Runyon
Description: The Haunted Chronicles debuted on Friday,December 13,2013. It focuses on haunted houses, haunted places and haunted people. Mr.Haunted (Jimmy Petonito) has investigated 100s of haunted homes and places and has over 25 years of experiences to share. Join hosts Mr.Haunted and Jennifer Rinyon every week for something different as they cover subjects like Hauntings, Exorcisms, Urban Legends ,strange phenomena, Ghost Story Call-in shows, guest interviews, paranormal news and more. Please visit for more info.
Time: 8 pm Eastern


Show: The No Pants Zone!
Hosted by: Greg Hall
Description: The No Pants Zone is the ultimate live party with host Greg Hall of Funky Werepig fame. A fast-flying hour of comedy, music and special guests, NPZ crashes Paranormal Radio the first Friday night of every month like a devil monkey in heat. So catch the show many are calling ‘the perfect escape’, ‘unpredictable fun’ and ‘What the Insert-your-own-word-here!’
Time: 9 pm Eastern – the 1st Friday every month only!



Show: Rockin’ with Doc
Hosted by: Dr. Dave
Description: Dr. Dave hosts a grand music show where the guests in the chatroom make up the playlist. Join Dr. Dave in the chatroom at and send him a private message with your song requests as he weaves a magical explosion of music made by you the listener.
Time: 8 pm Eastern

Show: The Fearless Ghosthunter
Hosted by: Scott Morrow
Description: Lets call it a warm up for all the ghosthunters out there. Listen live as you’re setting up and call Scott to let him know where your team is and what it’s doing. So while your setting up and getting ready for a long night of ghost hunting or your sitting at home on the couch just listening give him a call and talk to the guests and let’s hear what you think. 
Paranormal, Halloween, anything spooky, this show will bring out the truth about the paranormal and bring you some of the top guests in the world. Also Scott knows you love Halloween so he brings you people from the Halloween and Haunt industry too. Every week something new fun and exciting. Also if something is interesting in the movie world he reviews the latest flicks.
Time: 9-11 pm Eastern

Courtney Mroch
Courtney Mroch, otherwise known as HJ's Ambassador of Dark and Paranormal Tourism, is an author, traveler, and ghost enthusiast. When she's not writing, jaunting, or planning her next trip, it's a safe bet you'll find her in one of three places: on a tennis court somewhere, on a yoga mat somewhere, or watching a horror movie somewhere. She currently resides in Nashville, Tennessee.

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