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Book Review: The Empathic Ghost Hunter by Bety Comerford and Steve Wilson

The Spirit Light Network team’s new book, The Empathic Ghost Hunter (Schiffer Books 2017) by Bety Comerford and Steven Wilson, is a study in which they believe ‘empathy’ can help one understand the connection of a spirit and the calling of life.  

The book offers “12 lessons why you are here and why your gift of empathy is so valuable to your search for your destiny.”  It offers suggestions on how to use your empath skills effectively.  You will also gain an understanding of how to use the power to navigate your own life.

Travel to Bisbee, Arizona with a group of empaths while they pay a visit to the famous Copper Queen Hotel.  The anxious crew of four entered their rooms situated near each other on the 3rd floor.  What did the frightened ghost hunters witness in these rooms that made them promptly check out of the hotel?

Traveling over to the Birdcage Theater in historic Tombstone, Arizona, the group encountered the swirling energy most guests experience —a loss of concentration.  Learn what it means when an empath feels the pain of spirits injured in the past.

A visit to the Astoria in Vermont was another adventure the group members explored. While other paranormal investigators used ghost hunting equipment to contact the ghosts, the team used their empathic abilities to zone in on the spirit activity. Learn what occurs when they explore the hallways of the old Astoria.  Whose aura did they encounter in the shape of a blue orb?

One of the most active spirit locations in the US is he Gettysburg Battlefields.  What happened as the group was suddenly devoured in a mix of pain, emotion, and unexplained spirit visits as they explored the bloody battle grounds.

The book also reflects on ways to deal with a demon energy, methods to help move a spirit on to another realm, and reasons why these spirits return to this plane to deliver messages for those who can feel and listen to their stories.  Discover what an empath feels and what they can do to help during a paranormal investigation.  ‘The Empathic Ghost hunter’ is a valuable tool for your paranormal library.  

Debe Branning
Debe Branning has been the director of the MVD Ghostchasers--a Mesa/Bisbee, AZ based paranormal team since 1994. The team conducts investigations of haunted, historical locations throughout Arizona and has offered paranormal workshop/investigations since 2002. Debe has been a guest lecturer at Ottawa University, Central Arizona College, Arizona State University, Scottsdale Community College, and South Mountain Community College. She has been a speaker at science fiction conventions such as Phoenix ComiCon, CopperCon, FiestaCon, HauntedCon and AZParacon. Debe has been the guest speaker at many historical societies and libraries talking about historic/haunted Arizona. She has appeared in an episode of “Streets of Fear” for which aired October 2009 and on an episode of TRAVEL CHANNEL'S "Ghost Stories" about haunted Jerome, Arizona in July 2010. She recently appeared as an extra in the 2017 horror movie “The Covenant”. She enjoys assisting in the research field for various Travel Channel TV shows such as ‘Ghost Stories’, ‘Haunted Highway’, and ‘Deadly Possessions’ and MTV’s ‘Fear’. She has traveled, toured and investigated at haunted locations across the United States, England, Scotland, Ireland and Mexico. Debe is the author of “Sleeping With Ghosts-A Ghost Hunter’s Guide to AZ’s Haunted Hotels and Inns” (2004), "Grand Canyon Ghost Stories" (2012), "The Graveyard Shift--Arizona's Historic and Haunted Cemeteries" (2012), "Dining With the Dead--Arizona's Historic and Haunted Restaurants and Cafes" (2017) and a series of three children's books, "The Adventures of Chickolet Pigolet: 1. “The Bribe of Frankenbeans" ----2. "Murmur on the Oink Express" ----3. "You Ought to be in Pig-tures". For 7 years Debe penned 3 columns for titled: “Phoenix Travel Adventures,” “Arizona Haunted Sites” and "Haunted Places" so travelers could know where they might find a ghost or two when they visited Arizona and the United States. She was the Managing Editor of “Paranormal Investigator Magazine.” As a paranormal travel writer, Debe traveled to Europe to cover haunted castles, jails, ships, inns, cemeteries and ghost walking tours. She has been the guest of several US tourism departments such as Carlsbad, Historic Hotels of the Rockies, Salem, and Biloxi. Debe is a preservation activist with a special interest in preserving historic cemeteries. She is on the board of directors of the Pioneers' Cemetery Association and the Arizona Genealogical Advisory Board. She is also one of the co-hosts of the Association of Gravestones Studies in Arizona.

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