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Aliens and UFOs – the 19.5 degree solution

This post is by Steven Rumbelow.

sr-ufos-1For aliens, traveling at the speed of say 7,000,000 miles per hour, it would take about 425 years to reach us from a neighboring star. That’s nothing like the speed of light but the speed is almost beyond our comprehension and it would probably not be possible to survive such speeds.

So some people rationalize the idea that aliens reaching our little planet would either travel at near light speed conditions or be able to fold space or in some way teleport instantaneously through space using extremely advanced string technologies borne of current theories made real. All of the theories involve some form of time defeating or bending technology and involve advanced quantum theories … or dimensional theories which involve an adaptation of Topology.

When considered Topologically, the notion that Aliens and UFOs may be either our own culture visiting us from the future or beings from other dimensions, it all becomes somewhat more reasonable. Not to mention the seeming lack of normal physical contact. Those of a different temporal or dimensional source would behave counter to our laws of physics and could would seek minimal personal contact.


As is the case with UFO behavior and seeming arm’s length contact. Theories tell us that existence of other dimensions can be evidenced by extreme upwellings of energy on large rotating hyperspheres at 19.5 degrees North and South.

It just so happens that on all the planets of the solar system and our sun, the most violent energetic disturbances are at 19.5 degrees North and South. Sun spots, Jupiter and Uranus’ storms, Saturn, Earth’s volcanos and geophysical disturbances – all are at 19.5 degrees North and South.


It just so happens that the significant UFO activity is noted often along those latitudes. Also worth noting here is that Richard Hoglan’s observations of structures on Mars note that they fall on the same latitudes.

Recent NASA video of strange huge crafts seemingly entering the sun at high velocity and some craft seemingly gathering energy from the sun could bear out the use of the sun as as a vehicle for advanced transportation.

The activities of UFOs seem to display two main types: Those that move according to our physical laws and therefore likely our own advanced military technology. On the other hand the erratic physically impossible jumping craft that seem to exist outside of the rules of inertia and acceleration … i.e. like craft that are bound by a different rule of physics. Rules that seem to be closer to quantum than relativistic universes.

Therefore, from what I’ve seen, it seems to me that the behavior and speeds of what I might call ‘genuine’ alien craft display manipulation of time and or dimensions.

This observation was born out by our Channeler on the Beyond TV Series who’s channel asserts that this universe merely is an illusion of time and space but what really holds it all together is an electromagnetic ‘veil’. Modern physics tells us that electromagnetics is the new aspect of light that proves aspect of relativity to be wrong.


Einstein once said something to the effect that “One day we will simply think and we will be there”. Sages and Asian philosophers have been saying as much for centuries. The key to the building of the Coral Castle was reportedly electromagnetics as expressed by the builder … and of course, Tesla and Rife asserted as much and a lot more.??These subjects were all explored in individual aspects of the Beyond series.

If this interests you watch out for a new article in the future that explores light and TOE (the Theory of Everything).??

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Steven Rumbelow
Steven Rumbelow was born in Bristol, England, and has been a director in the entertainment industry for decades. He began in theatre in London and then started on films. His career has been a melange between media productions and theatre ever since. Rumbelow runs his own production company in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Renegade Motion Pictures, which produced "Beyond," a paranormal series that Steven directed.

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One thought on “Aliens and UFOs – the 19.5 degree solution

  1. Wow. You know, I haven’t really studied or contemplated UFOs and aliens as much as paranormal activity, especially ghosts. I never even actually stopped to think how do they get here? I assumed they traveled fast, BUT…I never even considered how does a body withstand that? I just took a lot at face value without any consideration to the dynamics of it all.

    So that very first paragraph blew my mind to start with. Then you introduce this 19.5 degree stuff…whoa. Fascinating.

    I’m thinking Einstein is right. I’m always so impressed with what our minds can do and summon. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if one day we figure out (or understand better) how to tap into the cosmic consciousness. I just hope we use it for good and not evil!

    I’m very glad you shared this. Thanks so much again for these thought-provoking guest posts!!

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