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A Must Watch Eerie Ghost Adventures Clip From Old Fort Erie

Tonight’s Ghost Adventures episode has Zak, Nick, and Aaron heading across the border to Old Fort Erie in Fort Erie, Ontario, Canada.


It was Ontario’s first fort (built by the British in 1764). It served as a base for British troops, Loyalist Rangers and Iroquois Warriors during the American Revolutionary War.

During the Siege of Fort Erie from August 3 to September 2, 1814 (part of the War of 1812), 3,000 troops were killed or wounded there. Now it’s known as Canada’s bloodiest battlefield.


Tonight’s Ghost Adventures episode makes it clear Old Fort Erie is one eerie place indeed. The guys catch some of their best evidence not only of this season, but to date overall.

Like the below clip of a shadow figure. They use a man named Daryl, a groundskeeper at the fort, as a trigger object. He’s in the kitchen doing an EVP session (and catches one), but then cameras also catch a very distinct and shocking shadow figure.

As one person commented on the clip, it almost looks like it has claws!

It reminded me of the shadow I saw on the third floor of the Old South Pittsburgh Hospital. Same sort of circumstances (pitch black, during an EVP session) just sans the IR camera. (And the claws. If the shadow I saw had kookie shaped fingers I would’ve bolted!)


It is very wild. I’ve watched and rewatched it over and over again trying to figure out how they’d fake it if it was staged. (Because I’m always a little skeptical of such clear footage. In this case because there are two cameras on this guy. One behind him, and one showing him from the front. Having two angles like this is not a usual set up for the show.)

However, I’m not savvy enough to debunk it (if it in fact can be debunked or proven fake just by watching). There looks to be a window behind the groundskeeper. It’s possible someone was outside casting a shadow, but that would’ve required light and that would’ve shown up on the IR.

I can’t explain it, but I know creepy when I see it and this is one creepy clip! What do you make of it?

Courtney Mroch
Courtney Mroch, otherwise known as HJ's Ambassador of Dark and Paranormal Tourism, is an author, traveler, and ghost enthusiast. When she's not writing, jaunting, or planning her next trip, it's a safe bet you'll find her in one of three places: on a tennis court somewhere, on a yoga mat somewhere, or watching a horror movie somewhere. She currently resides in Nashville, Tennessee.

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13 thoughts on “A Must Watch Eerie Ghost Adventures Clip From Old Fort Erie

  1. I watched it last night, and I was impressed and then got a little skeptical at their response. Then I thought about it today and convinced myself they faked it somehow. These are the things that make me curious:
    1. How can Daryl see that in the pitch dark? I am a PI and you cannot see definition like that.
    2. If he did see it why didn’t he freak out?
    3. Better yet, why didn’t Zac freak out like he ALWAYS does?Why didn’t they rewind the tape and and record their reactions?
    4.Why didn’t they investigate the room further?
    5. Why didn’t they have any of their “experts” take a look at it, like they always do, especially evidence of that caliber?
    I mean that whole scene looked like they were acting. That guy could have seen anything and made that comment which is a perfect opportunity to add in animation. They just do not seem at all excited about what was the holy grail of evidence. Something smells very fishy. Sadly, I want to believe it, but I don’t. I have watched them too long and they were just acting very differently…and then boom, the episode ends.

  2. You raised some EXCELENT points! And put words to the feelings I had but couldn’t express. Their reactions didn’t seem quite right. Although, I have to say…I saw something similar on an investigtation and I just stood perfectly still and wasn’t going to say anything because I figured I must’ve just been seeing a shadow. I only spoke up when the guy who I saw the shadow next to explained he’d not only seen it but had been overcome by a weird feeling. We were both sort of in shock (not exactly, but both of us were prety sleptical about what we saw and figured it must’ve been a shadow). We tried and tried to recreate it but it couldn’t. And the room was dark, very dark with no windows and we had our backs to the walls. So…when I think about how I reacted to that I think maybe it was just a case where they got actual bonafied BIG evidence and didn’t know how to act to that.

    Or it’s faked.

    Wonder if we’ll ever know?

  3. Ok lets see I’ve watched the You tube clip several times and there is so many things to either ask or comment on.

    1. There is a window or what use to be a window to the guys right in either shot.(but very dark) You can see the window seal and trim
    2. Why do they have two cameras with one narrow shot and on the guys back side. Facing that spot and a wide shot (unless they knew something was going to happen)
    3.Where is the guys shadow in the narrow shot if you look close you can see a stick next to the window and where the shadow figure is seen.
    4. Notice how bright the IR lights are in the wide shot. It shows the shadow of the axe and wooden drum to his right with the guys shadow behind them but why can’t you see those drums in the narrow shot. Because they want our focus on that spot.
    I don’t know why but after looking at this for awhile I want to say that on the shadow figure it almost looks like it has on a watch on but it could be just the wrist itself. Also the arm almost looks likes Zaks. Big bicep and smaller forarm. And if that person is standing to the guys left it might project a shadow on to the wall.
    I’m sure I can keep looking at this and find more things to think about but I’m with you Diana I think they faked it. Aaron and Zak should have gone off the deeeeep end when they saw that shadow but they were very calm about it ( Yes fishy) And no Courtney we may never know because Ghost Adventures is very big right know if it came out that they faked it that show and The Travel Channel would crash and burn.

    I’m and big fan of GA and I hate to think that they fake some evidence but that’s TV they have got to keep it interesting for us viewers but still too think it’s fake just to make people watch there show is dishearting. Thanks alot and keep hunting Jack

  4. More well raised points! THANKS for stopping by and sharing your insights, Jack. The window in the background troubled me, as did the cameras. I thought it was weird to have the 2 angles. So it makes me suspicious. And after reading your observations with Diane’s, you’ve both given very strong arguments for them faking it, even though neither of you would want to see that. Very compelling. But would a fakery scandal hurt GA? Or would most people expect it? That’s a good question. You might have just sparked a new post idea. Thanks!

  5. Well Courtney I really don’t know.Some people are so strong about there shows like I am about GA but like GH I don’t watch it as much as I use to just because they don’t give really good evidence anymore(o did you see that shadow when the camers turns it’s gone) or did you hear those foot step (yes we here foot steps all the time) come on guys give us something good. And it might be they had some tricks done on there show or stuff like Donna LaCroix statements.

    I don’t think it would hurt them a first but more and more people would start to tear apart each show just to see what they can find out. And it would effect not only GA but all the other shows as well. So hopfuly that doesn’t happen.

    You know people like Jason and Grant meant well when they started TAPS the same with Ghost Adventures, Ghost Lab, Paranormal State, and any other show that are on TV but to get those rating that they want they need to spice it up weather the cast wants to fake it or not and they do get paid for there time. Thanks

  6. Were you on debate team or something, Jack? Or are you just naturally talented at bringing up good points? Again, VERY well thought out comments. You brought up some excellent issues I hadn’t thought of in respect to would it help their PR to fake.

    And I’m with you…I was over the moon for GH at first. Now it’s almost painful to try and watch. GA I still love. Don’t know why, but I do so…

    Thanks again for taking the time to share your insights.

  7. I know I use to love to watch GH. Couldn’t wait to get home from work or church to turn TV on and get the latest show or I would watch reruns until my wife would be sick of those guys but times have change and I think GA brings a whole new attiuide with there show. I mean three guys that carry there own camars so what they see we might see as well and there pretty funny Aaron is the bate most of the time Nick is the level headed one and Zak is just Zak you can’t beat somebody like him pretty cool guy. It’s a really good show I think.

    And no I wasn’t on a debate team or anything like that I just enjoy doing that kind of stuff. I like to bring new ideals to the table if I can. My wife says I am a neg kind of person but in this field I think if you get rid of the neg the stuff that doesn’t seem to fit or you can or can’t explain it then it’s paranormal or it isn’t. But to be honest I’ve never been on a real ghost hunt yet some friends of mind want to but we have never got together yet.

    The house that my sister lives in she says as some weird things that happen time and time again so it might be the first place we try.

    Keep hunting and keep it real Thanks Jack

  8. I like the camraderie of GA. It used to be like that with GH, but then it turned into more the Grant and Jay show with their minion sidekicks. I don’t know…it just sort of all shifted and hasn’t been the same since Brian and Donna left. Miss those guys!

    Well, I think you would be a valuable asset on a team. You remind me of my husband. He’s blamed as being negative too because he always points out the other side of things, but really he raised valid points. It’s quite a talent really. I’m not like that naturally. I’m a bit jealous you are to be honest!

    Hey, that’d be fun to know the person whose house you’ll be investigating. I’ve only been on one real “hunt.” It was fun, but because of the people there. Lots of time nothing really happened. A lot of standing around in the dark. (And for me I was tired and hungry so I sort of faded towards the end…) I’d much rather watch it condensed on TV and do my haunt jaunting like I do. 😉

  9. I know I really like Donna but Brian kind of got on my nerves. But Jason and Grant I think picked on him to much on the show but maybe he didn’t mine who knows.

    Thanks for the nice comments about being a valuable asset on a team. I like to just give it the way I see it I know some people wouldn’t agree but that’s ok.

    If I can get up the courage to investigate my sister house anytime soon I’ll let you know how it goes.

  10. i like GA i hope they never go down the path  GH did. i find GA entertaining and i like how they give the backgroud of the places weather there evidence is real or not they dont go overbord most of the time like GH dose GH is just fake now a show for people who want a good laugh at the ghost hunting comunity.

  11. I agree with you wholeheartedly, mystic!!! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.  

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