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WTF Is This Thing? Dover Demon or Hoax?

On December 11, 2010 my friend Kim shared a link with me on HJ’s Facebook page to a story about an unknown creature photographed in Louisiana. I expected blogs to blow up in the following days with speculations and conjecture of the creature caught on the trap camera.

It probably blew up more than I realized. I got distracted doing holiday stuff and have once again fallen behind on my blog reading. But I made it a point to search out posts by bloggers I trust to have some interesting things to say on topics like these.

Monster Hunter extraordinnaire Gummerfan covered it on his blog. (See, “One Freaky Piccy!” and “Freaky Piccy Pt 2”.) He conjectured this could be what he calls a “one-timer pop up.” (A creature that causes a stir once, but then you never see it again.)

He found an account of something called a Dover Demon that popped up once and never was heard about again –until perhaps now. Accounts of what it looked like fit the Louisiana Swamp Monster’s details.

Javier Ortega of course had a post about the Louisiana Swamp Monster Photo. I suspected Javier would be skeptical about this pic. He felt it was digitally manipulated for reasons only the geek in him (or others who are on his geek level) can understand.

I am a geek, but I don’t speak fluent geek. But the skeptic in me felt that photo, while creepy and nice for a horror movie, looked too staged to be real. The thing that struck me as most wrong was, what are the chances something would look straight into a camera like that?

Anyway, now it seems Javier’s uncovered more info that may solve the Louisiana Swamp Monster mystery. (And likely points to it being what most suspected, a hoax.)

What do you think? Do you think it could be a Dover Demon, or could it be someone else was as well read as Gummerfan and digitally created it using the DD as a model?

I’m hoping it’s fake, because I’d hate to be wrong in this case and there’s actually a freaky looking creature like that roaming around in any woods anywhere. (We have a lot of woods by our house. Wouldn’t want to meet one of its cousins on one of my walks with Murph!)

Now I’m just curious if we’ll ever see this photo turn up on a Fact or Faked episode? Maybe not for them to investigate, but to make it to the stage where they’re considering cases. (I have a feeling they could debunk this one from their couches.)

Courtney Mroch
Courtney Mroch, otherwise known as HJ's Ambassador of Dark and Paranormal Tourism, is an author, traveler, and ghost enthusiast. When she's not writing, jaunting, or planning her next trip, it's a safe bet you'll find her in one of three places: on a tennis court somewhere, on a yoga mat somewhere, or watching a horror movie somewhere. She currently resides in Nashville, Tennessee.

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34 thoughts on “WTF Is This Thing? Dover Demon or Hoax?

  1. That is very scary, but I can’t believe it is real. It looks like something from my iphone ghost app that adds different cool ghosts to all your photos.

  2. I agree Marilyn.

    Jessica, I remember some pics you posted on your blog using that app. Loved it! Made me want an iPhone even more.

    Brian…are you just messing with me? Because if you really saw something like that ona swamp tour….ACK! I’ll never take another one!

  3. I was thinking about this in bed this morning (don’t know why Loser I guess) I’m sure that the trap camera works off of IR so why would this creature look right into the camera unless someone new it was there.

    Some good work on the other post above (Louisiane Swamp Monster Photo) very interesting stuff.

    Hey Courtney glad I could give you a good laugh. 🙂 Hope everyone has a wonderfull Christmas and a safe New Year!!!

  4. LOL Jack! Laying in bed in the morning’s is usually where I do all my best thinking…unfortunately I usually forget all my brilliant ideas by the time I finally get up and moving.

    I had the same issue with the pic. Why would the thing be looking directly at the camera like that? Maybe they’ll take that into consideration for their next hoax?

    You have a good Christmas and safe New Year too!

  5. Thank you. They need to get a hold of people who think out side the box if there going to pull off hoaxes but it was pretty cool looking.

    And yes sometimes I forget my best stuff as well after I get up and moving around. Rethinking is just to hard somtimes LOL

  6. I tried warning people about the zombie Apocalypse but would they listen no they just said i was crazy well here is proof. lock and load ….. yeah

  7. It’s part of the viral marketing campaign for the movie Super 8, as it originated on a site owned by the studio.

  8. It’s so good it’s bad…if you get my drift. It just looks too good. They should have blurred it up a little. I can’t even get my dog to sit that still while I take a photo!
    It looks a little like me crawling home from the pub after a beer festival.

  9. OMG! Dave, I’m quickly learning that if you leave a comment I better have an empty bladder and no drinks I’m sipping because you make me burst out laughing. (I guess that’d be BOL in abbreviated speak???)

  10. So it doesn’t even have to do with Super 8! Thanks so much for sharing this, Jake!

  11. i love cryptozoology… but i would have to say its fake due to the absent genetaila, very costumish…but i have to say i do believe there are animals and humanoids out there yet to be discovered

  12. Hey Ashley, I’ve heard that a lot. Some said Super 8. SOme thought it was something else…the name of which I’ve also forgotten. Whatever it was, it was a good stunt!

  13. ghosts are not real!! there a lll just a spam can crap there all if ghost were real there would be nice things <<<

  14. actually, the Syfy show “Fact or Faked” proved that this was a faked picture, tho they freak out a little when they’re trying to disprove it wen they hear the freakiest noise ever. it turned out to be a dying boar.

  15. It looks staged i agree some one naked wering those old pilot mask u know the kind that ww2 pilots used to wear…..if u really want ghost stories come to africa the stuff we see en hear at night would freak u so bad ave seen people go mad instantly

  16. It could have clicked when it snapped a pic my deer cam does it. Maybe it heard the click and looked?

  17. I feel that we are getting closer to the period of time like the bible says we shall see unexplainable things . The reason for that is because satan knows he has little time left to deceive mankind . Of course he has interfered in humankind in the past . He tried to mess up Gods creation from the beginning . The Angels that were ment to watch over mankind to help turned out to lust after woman kind . These hybrid beings became monsters . They multiplied into the hundred of thousands . So many were at first friendly but as the planet could not feed all the humans and Giants then the Giants turned to canniblism. God created the flood to kill off these monsters . It worked for awhile but then a second group of angels came from heaven to the earth and began to create more problems . The demons are spirits of dead Giants that no longer have physical bodies . Jesus drove them out into pigs and the pigs killed themselves . As we approach the days again of Noah there won’t be a flood to kill them again. God allows satan to draw away certain people that refuse to accept him but he has shut off hell for humans and reserve that only for angels . The bad angels will be back to attack mankind and deceive man into fighting Christ when he returns to set up his government. So angels will mix with strange flesh . The book of Enoch mentions what Jude 6 mentions only more plainly . Angels left there habitation meaning bodies to join with animals and humans . In denial Seven the last part of the feet of the statue has mixture of iron and clay . The ten toes are ten nations but the people will be part angel and part human hybrid this is why alien abductions occur all over the earth in 2 percent of the population. People are missing . Hybrids are being groomed to take over control of governments right under our noses . The government won’t admit it because most people don’t want to know as long as things go well . Once the collapse of government takes place satan will move his hybrids in place under the disguise of helping . That is why the great tribulation is really half deception 31/2 years then the trap on mankind slams shut the last 31/2 years then if God doesn’t rescue mankind there would be no flesh saved alive . Revelation tells the rest of the story of mankind for the next 1500 years into the future . The future has already been written . To God he can exist in a multiple diamentions . We exist in four dimensions there are at least ten we know of six we can’t see or experience . That is why the bible says we will be changed in the twinkling of an eye. From physical to spirit . Mortal to immortal .

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