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Team Michael, Jason or Zombie? Choose for a Chance to Win a CrazyDog T-Shirt

Guess what time it is? Giveaway time! Thanks to our sponsors, CrazyDog T-Shirts. They’ve generously offered up a free shirt for one lucky winner.



It’s easy. Just do two things:

  1. Tell me which team you think would be the ultimate victor in a showdown between Team Michael from the Halloween series of movies, Team Jason from the Friday the 13th series, or Team Zombies from any movie ever featuring them.
  2. Then tell me which shirt you like. If I draw your name, you’ll win it!

ADDENDUM ADDED 10/31/11: The comment form is once again acting up for some people. Naturally. It seems to happen at least once every contest…

Anyway, if you’ve had this problem and can’t enter using the comment form, send your entry to cmroch[at], OR go to HJ’s FB page and leave your entry there. (Either on the wall post where I talk about this problem, or just write a new post on the page.), OR Tweet it to us @HauntJaunts.

Sorry for any inconvenience!


  • Entries accepted until midnight CST on Halloween (aka October 31, 2011).
  • A winner will be picked on All Saints’ Day/Dia de los Muertos (aka November 1, 2011).
  • If you don’t specify which shirt you’d like when you are picking your team, you will win the shirt related to your pick. For example, if you pick Team Jason, but like the zombie disguise shirt, say so. Otherwise you will win the Gettin’ Down on Friday Shirt.
  • Your shirt pick does not have to match your team pick. Refer to the bullet point above.


As a teen, I was a nuts for the Friday the 13th, Halloween, and Nightmare on Elm Street movies. It was the rare weekend I didn’t rewatch at least one of them.

Freddy was probably by far my favorite out of the three horror movie villains. I loved his snide remarks. Both Michael and Jason scared me. Michael even more so than Freddy, though, I do believe. I was in my early 30s before I could watch the original Halloween or Halloween II by myself at night.

But Jason was the one who haunted my dreams.

Actually, they all did. Usually together. But I’d watch them terrorizing others as if I was watching a movie, even though they were right there.

But if I dreamt of one alone, it was always Jason. In the dreams where they were together, they never saw me. In the dreams where it was just him, he knew I was there, but he didn’t necessarily chase me or try to kill me. It was more like psychological menace.

I haven’t had one of those dreams in a long time, but I remember them distinctly. The uneasy feelings have never faded.

Even though I’m afraid of angering Jason’s ghosts into coming back to haunt my dreams and I own two Friday the 13th-related shirts from CrazyDog (the Camp Crystal Lake counselor one pictured below and a What Would Jason Do? one, which I recently discovered now also comes in orange!), I would actually pick the Haddonfield High shirt for my shirt choice.

As for my Team choice, that’s a tough one. Michael and Jason are basically like zombies, aren’t they? Those damn boys never die. But I do love my zombies (naturally, that’s why I started Alien Invasion Zombie Apocalypse Fitness) so…my team choice would have to be Team Zombies.

Your turn! Tell me your picks!

Love being a counselor at Camp Crystal Lake but I choose Team Zombies

DISCLAIMER: We don’t know if it matters or not, but in the interest of full disclosure we’re formally stating that Haunt Jaunts participates in an affiliate program in which we are an affiliate for CrazyDog T-Shirts. Them offering up shirts for a giveaway has nothing to do with our being one of their affiliates though.

Courtney Mroch
Courtney Mroch, otherwise known as HJ's Ambassador of Dark and Paranormal Tourism, is an author, traveler, and ghost enthusiast. When she's not writing, jaunting, or planning her next trip, it's a safe bet you'll find her in one of three places: on a tennis court somewhere, on a yoga mat somewhere, or watching a horror movie somewhere. She currently resides in Nashville, Tennessee.

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12 thoughts on “Team Michael, Jason or Zombie? Choose for a Chance to Win a CrazyDog T-Shirt

  1. I love all of the movies as wrll, but I have to go with my man, Michael!! Team Halloween!

    The Haddonfield High shirt rocks! I need 2xl..

  2. Hard decision, but I would pick the zombies. In films in the past years, they gotten faster for walking corpses. And if they were brought back by the original means, voodoo, then maybe magic might even have a hand in this monster mashup.

  3. I’m going with Team Michael! Michael seems to teleport, first he’s here then he’s there, so I think he would have an advantage over all the others.

    If I won I’d want a Team Michael shirt in a medium.

    Happy Halloween!

  4. I have to go with Michael Meyers…Nothing beats the original Halloween movie…I would love the Haddonfiel High shirt in a 3XL if possible, Thank you and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!

  5. I’d say Jason, he’s dead flesh so the zombies would leave him alone. Jason tends to demolish anything in his way so the zombies wouldn’t stand a chance even in mass.

    Haddonfield shirt please. XL for size. Thanks for the contest and Happy Halloween!

  6. I think Michael would kick butt! So sneaky and damn hard to kill!
    If I win I would love a Haddonfield High shirt! Size medium, please and thank you!

  7. I would pick Team Michael. Although I was surprised to lean that Michael Myers was not the same guy who played Austin Powers, I still like him!
    – To mix it up a little, I like the zombie t-shirt.

  8. This entry is being left on behalf of Lee due to the comment form acting up.

    Gotta win the Haddonfield High shirt, it’s too cool for school! I go with Team Michael and here’s why…he’s like a ghost that sneaks up on you, and before you know it you’re dead & you become a real ghost! Michael is a stalker in the shadows, you catch a glimpse of something, then he’s gone, only to appear right behind you with a big ‘effin knife!! AHHH!!

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