Frightful Photo Friday: 3 Tips For Urban Exploration Photography

Today we're going to be talking about something a little different: Urban Exploration. Also known as Urbex, it's the hobby of entering old abandoned buildings or similar locations, and just exploring the heck out of them. Snooping in and out of rooms, going through objects left behind, exposing yourself to all

Frightful Photo Friday: The Myths Surrounding Post Mortem Photography

I love anything vintage. Literally anything. Vintage homes, vintage clothing, vintage decorations, just the overall vintage aesthetic and you can count me in. And so, naturally, when I first stumbled upon Post Mortem Photography (also known as Memorial Photography and Mourning Portraits), I was immediately enamoured by the history. (Just a

Haunt Jaunts Is Back On Instagram!

Just a quick post to let whoever might care know that we're back on Instagram. We were briefly on Instagram a long time ago when it was first launched. We deleted our account for some reason. (I think something to do with some of the Terms of Use wording?) Some of that's

October 2016 Caption This Contest

Happy Halloween season!!! Before we get to the Caption This info and photo, let me tell you about what else we have going on around here this month. If you like contests and giveaways, be sure to stay tuned. We've got some great prizes and trophies we're going to be rewarding this

July 2016 Caption This Contest

Sincerest apologies for the delay in posting this month's contest. I meant to schedule it to post in my absence while I was on a two-week jaunt in Alaska, but alas... I didn't get that far before we left. I knew I was going to have limited Internet access, so I