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Semi-Wordless Wednesday: The Monster Sculptures in Costa Maya

Just a random sign with Costa Maya on it that I happened to snap a photo of

I wasn’t sure what to expect when our ship docked in Costa Maya. Ports are so unpredictable. Ones you think will be nice are sometimes not. And small ones you don’t expect much from often surprise you.

Costa Maya was the latter. It was a small port but it was loaded with tons of charm and ammenities. As we walked out of the port through the gates and into part of the town beyond, we encountered a nice landscaped walkway. Whoever designed it combined art in the form of sculptures with native plants, flowering bushes, and waterscapes.

A portion of the landscaped walkway just beyond the gates of Puerto Costa Maya

The sculptures fascinated me. The very first one we encoutered was an interpretation of Medusa.

No one turned to stone looking at this Medusa

She was among what I came to think of as the “centerpieces” of the walkway. (In the middle of the sidewalk every so many feet were large sculptures like her.) But along the sides, in front of the plants or nestled among the fountains, were smaller statues.

I’m not sure what they all were representative of. Was it other monsters from Greek mythology? Creatures from local lore? I’m not sure. But they were very interesting.

I took photos of some of them. Here are a few of them:

Some kind of lizard creature
I don't know why, but this one reminded me of the movie Tremors
My, what interesting pinchers you have, Mr. Beastie!
This one reminded me of Edward Scissorhands in worm form
Courtney Mroch
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