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Paranormal Posers Beware: We Have Your Number and Aren’t Afraid to Call It

Lately Paranormal Posers are popping up everywhere. That’s how it seems anyway. I mean, they’re always around, but anymore they seem more audacious about expecting people to buy their faked paranormal evidence as real. (And in some cases I don’t mean “buy” as in “believe” but actually fork out money.)

Luckily there are people out there willing to call out paranormal posers when they see them. Below are two examples of Paranormal Poser Busters, Jason Stromming of the Occult Section and Steve Fernino, Director of Paranormal Research Groups.

I tip my virtual hat to people like these two who unofficially police the paranormal community in an attempt to keep it safe, real, and free from the ridicule paranormal posers ultimately bring upon it with their fakery.


Jason Stromming of The Occult Section is a hard sell when it comes to proof. Don’t call it that unless you have irrefutable evidence to present.

One of his most recent stories is about a paranormal team who claimed they caught a photo of a ghost. It looks interesting and creepy, but far from real. It certainly doesn’t look like irrefutable proof.

It wasn’t so much the photo I took exception to, however, as it was the newspaper article included within Jason’s post. Here’s an excerpt from Jason’s post.

“The first thing I want to do is disprove it.” says Robert McCall, skeptic and co-founder of the Ozark Mountain Paranormal Investigation Team.*

Robert spends a lot of time disproving apparent haunting in the region. “A lot of times people think there is a presence in the room and it turns out the room is where the breaker box is. Or your meters on the outside of the wall and there is a lot of energy there. Sometimes people think they are hearing things and it turns out they are just hearing things.”

But something that happened during his latest ghost hunt left Robert with no explanation. A family in north Springfield contacted the group because of some odd things that were happening.

“All the lights were shut off and the doors were locked,” says Robert. ” I came around to lock up the front door and as soon as I turned the corner I heard a growling disturbance on my EVP and seen something darker then dark move around in the hallway so I just started taking pictures of a completely dark hallway with nobody there.”

Two things really stood out to me:

  1. As I was reading the second paragraph, all I could think was, “Watch TV much? This sounds like he’s regurgitating a Ghost Hunters episode.”
  2. The second thing that bothered me was in the last sentence posted above. About how he heard a growling on his EVP. Um, an EVP is not a device. It is something you get off a device like a recorder! How can I take anyone seriously who doesn’t know that difference?

This team is about as transparent as a sheet of freshly cleaned glass. Good try. Not buying it. Bunch of adults playing ghost hunter dress-up at best. Wannabes. Posers. Period.

Two other great stories Jason’s covered along these lines are:

  1. Ghost Evidence Found? Nope
  2. Bigfoot Press Conference: Much Ado About Nothing…and $5,000.


The other day Steve Fernino, the Director of Paranormal Research Groups, Direct Messaged me on Twitter:

Hey Courtney…I noticed you follow NQGhosthunter on Twitter. He is a complete & total fraud & makes $ off people viewing his faked videos.

I trust Steve, both as a friend and investigator. He’s not the kind to look for trouble or stir up drama just for kicks. In fact, I’d argue he’s the opposite. If he sees you need a hand, he’ll be one of the first to offer aid. (I know he did when I had the hacker/web hosting issues a couple of weeks back. He spent tons of time answering all my questions about how I could fix stuff.)

He wasn’t asking I unfollow NQGhosthunter, but I got the feeling he was strongly implying I should. Since I’m not one to just unlike/not follow others for the sake of allegience to friends, I started doing my due diligence. What had this guy done to make Steve’s red flag radar beep?

First, I went to NQGhosthunter’s profile. After perusing his bio and Twitter stream, I vaguely remembered getting an “@” message from him about a video I should watch. He claimed he was being haunted by a poltergiest and had numerous videos of the unseen entity attacking him.

I watched the video. To me, it looked stage. I shared it on HJ”s FB page and said something to the effect, “I don’t know about this. Claims it’s real, but his reaction doesn’t sit right with me when the pipe flies. What do you think?”

Others who viewed it had the same thoughts. Too staged. Looked fake.

Next, I went to Steve’s Twitter stream (@ParanormalRG). It seemed like it started innocently enough. The NQ guy must’ve sent a similiar message to Steve like the one I got. Steve had looked at the video, maybe some of the others, and let the guy know his opinion. (Because if I remember correctly, when Mr. NQ sends his Tweets, he writes something like “Hey @GhostPerson, check out my vid. I’m being haunted. What do you think?”)

Me? I thought it looked fake but didn’t want to hurt the guy’s feelings. I shared it on FB, called it as I saw it there, no harm no foul. Steve’s the kind who if you ask for his opinion, be prepared to receive an honest one. (It’s among the reasons I respect him. You always know exactly where you stand with people like Steve. There’s no B.S. mind game shenanigans.)

Well, Mr. NQ didn’t appreciate  Steve’s honest assessment.

The guy bristled at being called out and threw some mud back Steve’s way. He said Steve was a skeptic of the worst variety. (Meaning he was not as open-minded as he claimed to be.)

That was it. The gloves were off. Steve started digging more, found the guy’s trying to turn a profit by passing his fake paranormal vids off as the “real” deal, and guess what? He cried “Foul!”

Good for Steve!

Mr. NQ might not have liked it, but it was well-deserved. As Steve pointed out, don’t send someone something to look at asking them what they think if you don’t really want to hear their thoughts. If it smells like shit, looks like shit, reeks of shit, guess what? People are going to tell you it’s shit!

But what’s troubling is how often this kind of stuff is happening anymore. I blame Syfy. They’re trying to pass off shows like Fact or Faked and Haunted Collector as “real.” Oh, and let’s not forget the king of them all and the benchmark setter for paranormal reality TV (and “faking it“), Ghost Hunters.


I fully expect nasty comments on this post. Why? Because getting defensive and angry is about the only recourse Paranormal Posers have since they don’t have any real proof.

To any PPs out there who want to take me on: Bring it! Contenders welcome. You’re only kidding yourself if you put your faked evidence up to scrutiny. Dirty laundry always comes clean in the end. I have my detergent ready.

Courtney Mroch
Courtney Mroch, otherwise known as HJ's Ambassador of Dark and Paranormal Tourism, is an author, traveler, and ghost enthusiast. When she's not writing, jaunting, or planning her next trip, it's a safe bet you'll find her in one of three places: on a tennis court somewhere, on a yoga mat somewhere, or watching a horror movie somewhere. She currently resides in Nashville, Tennessee.

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49 thoughts on “Paranormal Posers Beware: We Have Your Number and Aren’t Afraid to Call It

  1. Wow Court, thanks for the mention. This will be a long one! LOL

    Here is what exactly went down. He started out by sending the following tweet to me on August 1st: “@ParanormalRG have a look at my footage a little advice to what I should do? I believe it may be a demon.”

    I shook my head after watching the video and left it alone figuring he would just go away. Then on the August 11th I got this tweet: “Video footage of me being attacked and bitten in North Queensland Australia.”

    Since it was obvious he was going to keep it up, I sent the following responses to both videos also on August 11th: “@NQGhosthunter Please stop sending me links to FAKED footage.”

    Instead of getting the hint, I received the following response from him: “@ParanormalRG So you can prove its fake then? No one else has come
    close. Are you a true paranormal investigator or just another skeptic?”

    I responded… “@NQGhosthunter A “true” #paranormal investigator has to remain
    somewhat skeptical. I have experienced real activity. Your trickery
    is sad.”

    I am not going to play by play the rest of it, but it escalated from there. He continued to call me out on Twitter and taking potshots at me and my credibility (and others who have challenged him.) He contacted the website with a fake email account and said that the video was real and urged me to check out his other videos.

    What I found out next was disturbing. It turns out that he gets some kind of compensation from YouTube for the amount of videos viewed, which is why he is so quick to get everyone to view (which is also why I have not included any of his video links here.)

    There is much more to this story (maybe a future blog post?) so I will try to condense the rest. Let’s just say that I talked to a reputable colleague who not only debunked his videos but had been admitted to by NQGhosthunter that he had faked it. en also claimed the Twitter NQGhosthunter account was a fake and that someone was masquarading as him but the videos were indeed real (In which Twitter gave him control of said fraudulent account only minutes after he reported it? Also why would someone fake his account to promote his videos?)

    Please do NOT try to view his videos directly as that is how he makes money from this scam.

    Here are some must see links to some worthwhile videos and posts about NQGhosthunter:

  2. Great post! Going to share right now! Frauds should be called out and made aware that us “true paranormal investigators” will NOT stand for their BS anymore!

  3. Nice post! There are a lot of people out there trying to make money “being paranormal”. From teams taking money to classes to become a “certified paranormal investigator”.

    All we can do is just what you, Steve, Jason and some of the others are doing – make it public.

    Look forward to next post and will be sharing this one!

  4. Great article, this is something I deal with almost daily. Its funny how people want your opinion but get upset when it doesnt coincide with theirs….

  5. Hey, I see the comments on here are al from people I HIGHLY respect and admire. THANK YOU so much for taking the time to come share your thoughts after reading. Much appreciated!!!!

  6. I spend the occasional hour trawling through Youtube looking for “real ghost videos”. They fall broadly into these categories:

    1) Rehashes of TV ghost shows (TAPS etc)
    2) Ghost hunting organisations own videos (usually full of orbs – AKA dust particles, and EVP’s).
    3) People who made shock videos (the kind where all seems peaceful then some screaming face suddenly appears on screen.
    4) Bad hoaxers making clearly fake videos.
    5) Good hoaxers making professionally produced, almost believable fakes.
    6) honest individuals posting videos.

    The latter, in my opinion, is responsible for less than 5% of all “ghost videos” on Youtube. The rest are made for sensationalism, self-promotion or just kids/adults larking around. Believe me, I have wasted more hours than I care to mention trawling through dross to find the odd gem that amuses me.

  7. Dave: LOVE your breakdown! Thanks so much for leaving it. Also, am I following you on YouTube? I want to be sure to subscribe to your channel and friend you.

  8. Actually, No.2 is as legit as No. 6 especially with the EVPs though not all orbs are dust particles either) so that makes it more like 10 to 15% of all the videos on Youtube being legit. They are mostly professional ghost hunters so obviously they are going to get good legit results which they should post anywhere they can. Calling them as fake as the other categories is just as wrong as calling Bashar Assad a humanitarian. Dave owes every single one of them an apology and that should happen immediately in order to save credibility–if he ever had any to start with.

  9. Me and several others have been a thorn in NQghohsthunters butt for some time know,I am amazed on how many people believe and defend this guy?he is a Photographer for starters and he has been caught in so many lies with time frames and video edits not to mention his lovely attitude towards anyone who shows a hint of anything wrong,I have a You Tube channel where I have re-created many of his videos that can be found at mrshutter45 on YT.

    It is such a shame that people like this continue to mock the paranormal community with this type of deception that makes it harder for the real evidence to surface that you can believe in!

  10. Rich B. most real Paranormal groups dismiss orbs!they are either dust Particles or some sort of camera issue,as for a apology? for what…..speaking out? keep in mind that You Tube is a community in itself,so there is plenty of room for them to act out and say they are real because most of these “real videos” are stuck on You Tube because they are fake! if you have “real” video of tables moving around in your house the first thing to do is “document it”, and not just on You Tube, call in a team to investigate the problem! by saying you want your privacy only adds fuel to the fire of deception and that is what alot of them do that you are defending!I agree that the evidence of real video on You Tube is very very small! todays software has many options on it to trick you into thinking this is all real! ask your self this, why is there no 8mm videos of activity such as you see on YT? the answer is simple they did not have the tools we have today in order to make a video as you see today!

  11. Rich B. also keep in mind that since all of these paranormal shows have got popular, the same goes for the NEW amount of what you call “real Ghost Hunter” are popping up by the thousands! they are being caught by the dozens faking evidence because let’s be real here if you don’t have anything to show, no body is going to follow you! NQghosthunter has thousands of people thinking a plastic doll came to life and used his ipod to take video?are you kidding me! I have the software these guys are using and it is very easy to make these videos! the sad thing is the fact people defend people like KEN GOLDSTEIN (aka nqghosthunter) with such force that you would think they are defending family!!! LETS GET REAL PEOPLE! REALLY!

  12. sorry but I keep rambling lol, I want to believe in a ghost but there really is not much documented proof out there! so a ghost is smoke,orbs,shadows,mist etc etc, it can move heavy things and yet will not pick up a pencil and write a real letter saying what it is? you might see a word scribbled on a wall but why not “my name is Fred and I died 100 years ago” a third party will speak for them as in a medium! but they are being caught all the time as well! so once again the evidence is very small on documented activity, you see alot of videos on You Tube saying “real poltergeist activity” and yet they don’t even know what a poltergeist is! they destroy anything in there path,disrupt the family to where you would not be putting this on video for people to see! the main component missing on You Tube viewers is COMMON SENSE! would you buy a car because the guy says it runs great? I always use the age old saying, “if its to good to be true….it probably is”

  13. Hey Dave! LOVE all your comments and the passion. You’re voicing the frustration so many of us have. Glad this prompted you to speak up and share your take on this issue too. VERY glad you stopped by and took the time to speak up. 😉

  14. well just to completely expose Ken Goldstein (aka NQghosthunter).
    #1 he has been a Photographer for over 10 years.
    #2 he was dismissed on Fact or Fake.
    #3 he has change his stories many many times.
    #4 he has time frames that are incorrect due to him being online at the time of filming.
    #5 he is not known for his “ghost” activity in his home town of Townsville Australia.
    #6 his videos are being debunked as we speak (phone trick,ghost image’s,bottle trick etc).
    #7 he quickly sensors and monitors his pages.
    #8 he spends more time disproving me and others rather than proving himself.
    #10 anyone with 80 videos of constant activity would be seen around the world (evidence wise).
    #11 he will not allow any paranormal teams or any one around his home.
    #12 after you read all of this…he calls me and others fruit cakes and nut jobs?.

  15. thanks Courtney!! excuse my mistakes on my comments lol my hands are quicker than my brain and I don’t see the mistakes until it’s to late lol,we have this page posted on our Facebook page that is against old NQ and it’s driving him nuts lol, just trying to wake some people up anyway I can!!

  16. LOL! My fingers are often making typos. I sure do know what you mean! No worries! And what a riot you even created a FB page like that. That’s actually pretty smart!

  17. lol,it drives him nuts,this guy must spend hours online guarding his blog,Facebook pages,You Tube channel and watching what we are posting! it really is sad that so many people fall into this type of trap that gives people like Ken the attention that he must be missing in real life! I have posted things on his You Tube channel in the middle of the night (Australia time) and will only take about an hour to be removed!

    his “followers” are defending the fact that his car is haunted (video of doors & seats moving) a plastic doll came to life and took video! a stuffed teddy bear moves on his bed! the ghost bit him “very poor acting” on that one, then he claims the ghost hit him in the mouth with a soup can lmao leaving no marks on his face but knocked a tooth out? how does one believe that this could happen and not be on every front page of every newspaper and news channels around the world??????? AMAZED once again lmao

  18. So sick and tired of haunted locations popping up seemingly overnight. There is a location such as that in middletown ohio that has no deaths associated with it or the property but all of a sudden is one of the hottest locations for paranormal activity out there. After doing a little digging I have learned that the so called owner isn’t even the owner but more like the property manager. Its the old Poasttown Elementary School. There is a so called paranormal team (Crossover Paranormal) doing “ghost hunts” for money. They are charging $20 per person to go through the place. The “owner” and one of the members of the paranormal team both have criminal records as long as your arm. And go figure its for fraud lol. The sad part is that well known paranormal people are falling for this line of bull. I am a journalist so I know how to dig up information for a story. And I can say the crap these idiots are dishing out to people making this place sound haunted is just that, a load of CRAP. There is not one stitch of validity to any of the stories they are telling. From what I have learned it is all lies to make the place sound haunted in order to get people to fork over thier hard earned cash to “ghost hunt”… It is a definate scam. And not to mention the teams I have talked to that have been to this place. One team even told me that they watched a woman and two kids leave the building, but when they asked the owner and one of the guys from Crossover about kids in the building, they were told no there were never any kids in the building. Needless to say they had to throw out all of their audio due to contamination. Another group saif they caught the owner on one of their cameras sneaking around the building in the dark and slamming doors and making noises then sneaking down the steps to make it look like no one was there. they packed up their gear and left early. Another guy told me that he was sitting up on the stage in the dark when he watched the owner and one of the tour guys walk in to the gym over by the back entrance and the one turned on his phone and was playing a ringtone or something that sounded much like that of a child saying “mommy”, then they hurried back out of the gym as people from his team were coming out into the gym in excitement of capturing and “EVP”, he let them know what it was when they left that night.
    The place is a joke and its places like that, that make the real haunted locations look bad.

  19. Tom, GREATLY appreciate you taking the time to leave such a comment. I have often suspected shenanigans like the ones you’ve described encountering. I haven’t seen those yet, but ones similar. It’s all pretty damn disgusting really. Especially because as you pointed out, it does such a disservice to the true haunted locations. Thanks so much for stopping by with your comments.

  20. i was so disgusted by what robert belford had done by making those hurtful degrading videos about donna lacroix and the other things. that i have been posting on some paranormal facebook pages bringing their attention to robert belfords hate page and thats what it is,the more people know about it the better and i hope someone really takes offence to what he has says on his epp facebook page and reports it and enough people report it hoping he will get kicked off facebook

  21. I have only recently been watching NQghosthunting,and will completley, admit was taken in.I believe completley in the paranormal,especially after recently loosing my mam,and was taking in by the whole thing!! I thought it was amazing and eye-opening… BUT… I did start thinking to myself,after god knows how many films!!! WHY IS THIS MAN STILL LIVING THERE?…WHY ISN’T HE REMOTELY A LITTLE BIT SCARED?…AND WHY IS IT EVERY BLUDEY ROOM,GARDEN,SHED,YOU NAME IT,HAD POLTIGIEST ACTIVITY?. All I can say,this poltigiest is bludey clever!!

  22. If I was you, I’d call His bluff and arrange to go there and see for yourself!! while there, ask the poltigiest to go down the job-centre, could do with more hard-workers, but maybe not at IKEA!!! LOL

  23. Hi, first i did belive NQ mr Ken goldstein, but after he never answer quest and it seams that he and another guy called i think Mellobl something who also is fhotagrafer….i now think they 2 “stick together”. And they both can be rude…i dont like that. So now i acually think they both are 2 fruad. But i cant understand how they can spend so much time to fake all this, i mean so rich cant they be on youtube…or?

    after i have seen many “ghost/demons” vids i can say 3 cases im very sure its real one of them i know personly so his case i know its not fake. one guy on youtube i do not think its fake and i think he really need help its a intresting case…have seen all his vids from beginning , his name om youtube is: MichaelDMagee this case is scary…..and i know its not fake. Then we have Dave Jacobson who often start his vids “5 yars after Ouijaboard. Shane Smith that person i know-not fake. And also Joseph Chansuolme he was needed to move…i think he maby had also done Ouijaboard as all the other here i named. Now maby people think im naiv and stupid why i think this 4 people dont fake, but i know this is real and i know what just Ouijaboard can do. That shit must be more Beware on!!!! its not “a game” its a door to demonic and can make peoples life upsid down compleatly! I want to know more about what Orbs really are if someone know. when i camcorder over my friends gravestone it came stronge whit towards her stone when i was talking to her…..i was chocked…i have never ever seen an orb self. so i tryed filmed at home…nothing, but then i asked for “them” it directly came…..i was stunned! i camcorder more and asked for an angel….for my suprice it came one BIG yellow/green orb slowley towards me……what a hell was that??? Thank for answer. Tina

  24. Paranormal Investigators of Michigan charges for their services but do not say so on their website which is deceptive but the deception doesn’t stop there. They make every claim in the book that you can possibly imagine and the list keeps getting larger. It’s a husband wife ‘team’. Especially annoying is the wife who started out saying that she was a ‘positive’ person but now claims she has about every psychic ability imaginable! Not buying it! Greed and ego come to mind and the need for notoriety and to be viewed as some sort of authority on the topic. People, don’t be bilked by a nice looking website. These people claim to eliminate every sort of inter-dimensional being that can be imagined, seal and sense vortexes, hexes, generational curses, sense beings in properties far away…the list is endless. Their outlandish claims of being ‘scientific’ can not be substantiated. Though I believe in paranormal activity, their claims are way overblown and they charge you money! This is a warning to avoid paranormal ‘teams’ that make outrageous claims and charge you money which is a red flag to the paranormal community.

  25. Oh wow. Thanks for sharing this, Tom. It’s such a shame to see people thinking they can make money from “ghost hunting” like this. BUT it’s very good when people some forth and call out the posers. Thanks for taking the time to wave a red flag.

  26. Wow…there are a lot of butthurt “paranormal” investigators on here. I love it how so many of you declare yourselves “paranormal” investigators while dismissing others you have decided are fakes. All of you are fakes to one degree or another, it comes with the territory of being a “paranormal” investigator.

  27. “Butthurt”…ok you grabbed my attention with that one, Nick. ROFLMAO! And you nailed it. Valid point very well taken. There really are no “true” paranormal investigators, are there? Because, scientifically speaking, ghosts are still just a theory and not yet proven. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment…and in the process giving me a chuckle.

  28. Well, I found this post while researching the Michael D Magee guy. His videos look sincere, not faked. A few of the ‘orb’ ones are clearly flies/mosquitos/specks of dust on IR cameras, but in others the orbs don’t wax and wane, they keep the same size/brilliance and seem to exhibit an ‘intelligent’ behavior (move in straight lines, always at same height and speed, cross closed doors and appear on the other side, interact with objects). The videos with telekinetic activities and ‘shadows’ are downright creepy. I know a fake video when I see one. Michael Magee’s videos are the first ones who seem legit to me, especially his toned down reactions to the events. I have seen all their videos, I cannot find one flaw! If they’re fake, they’re studio-quality fake!

  29. For anyone reading this in 2015… I have to say all of this bagging on Ken is bullshit… of any one of you actually took the time to watch all of the videos, his diary videos, etc… you would see how genuine his haunting is… He has moved several times, has made videos debunking debunkers, has been open about why he is private (which is understandable as a human being!), has live streams where he DOES answer questions, and in my opinion is more believable than almost anyone else out there. YES, he does have an exclusive channel where you do need to pay…. but, come on… the amount of time he puts into letting the rest of the world in on his world is a lot… I’d ask people to pay… after all, I’d be the one having to go through the scary stuff while everyone else gets to watch and tell me it isn’t real, when it is… you see what I am saying? You all have a lot of nerve judging a man just because he asks you to watch a video… I am pissed because if I was haunted I’d want you all to tell me what you thought about it and get feedback instead of being told what is happened isn’t happening because it “looks fake.” There are posers out there and there are genuine people out there, there are those of us who keep an open mind, and there are those who judge…


  30. Hey Rose, thanks for your comment. Points well taken. I still don’t agree with what Ken is doing. I simply expressed my opinions. Never asked anyone else to share them. In fact, I didn’t expect many would. My last lines make that clear.

    And if you want to call what I get from my advertising “financial benefit”…well. Far from it. I barely earn enough to cover site fees. I also don’t charge anyone a darn thing to read my posts and am 100% transparent when it comes to ads.

    But I appreciate you stopping by and sharing your thoughts and opinions.

  31. I agree that Ken is a total fraud. Why on earth would you have something like That… go on for that long and never want investigators or in his violent case, an exorcism? With kids around (child endangerment anyone…If it were actually real) Oh he said he had one team in and THEY were the frauds..What a f-ing liar. He never has and would never let anyone in because his “demon” only exists on his special effects software…Because this “entity” is his meal ticket and now even more so that he has a paid channel…You know how many people out their spend money to be fooled by this charlatan. For someone that is supposedly genuine , He is a total rude dick and completely defensive forgetting not everyone has to believe in his BS. Micheal Magee doesn’t act that way;if someone disagrees he respects their right to their own opinion. I hate trolls too but Ken deserves it. It really pisses me off because for those of us out there that truly believes in the paranormal and have experienced things, this type of thing is what makes it a total joke in the field of science and makes it hard for real investigators to be taken seriously. At least Sunshine girl, whom I don’t watch at least has the decency to admit its fake and look….still millions of views. Ken reminds me of a TV evangelist taking advantage of people’s beliefs and now wants more money? He would be very rich if he actually had a real team from a reputable university come in to prove his “real” violent as shit poltergeist/demon was real and share it with the world on a wider scale. Think of the movie and book deals…This is way crazier then Amityiville. Ok, I needed somewhere to vent this for a long time, so thank you! The more people like this that keep wanting to be the next “Paranormal Activity” real footage success…This field is going to continue to be laughed at more than in already is. And anyone who wants to defend Ken, Go and comment a really nice compliment on his you tube and the most gracious reply you’ll see is…Thanks….He doesn’t care he just wants $$$$$

  32. And @ Rose I have seen all his video’s I am reluctant to admit. I stand by everything I have said. He is a rude fraud looking for a paycheck…period.

  33. Hey JMM, I think you hit the nail on the head why these types of people aggravate me. If he let more researchers in, I’d be more apt to believe him. But that he’s opposed to that, and charging…well…it gives everything a bad feel, which lends to the bad aura that people involved in the paranormal are either crazy or shady. Very disheartening. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  34. Ok so on his “Real Paranormal Activity Part 3, around the 7:00 mark) Seems like an odd response on the night Jake was there, to ask if he moved the chair & then to say, “I must be imagining things.” when CLEARLY, the chair has moved before & he already sorted through all the questions raised. Why would he now, at a later date, not believe this was part of the activity & thus, blow it off as “his imagination”? I feel like Michael Magee is using a bit of reverse psychology, by saying he DOESN’T believe, he’s much more likely to have people chime in & argue why it’s indeed REAL. Not too hard to figure out since most videos posted on YouTube quickly get attacked if the person uploading it claims its real.

  35. I had to come back after watching more of his videos. I actually think they’re legitimate. The first videos were a bit strange but the more you watch, the more convincing they are. Everyone is different & whether or not you’ve experienced anything paranormal will have a LOT to do with how you perceive this footage. I say it’s real.

  36. Hey Kary, Thanks for the comments/thoughts. I never considered the reverse psychology of saying, “I don’t think this is real” to have people look. If that’s the case? Savvy. And interesting that the more you watched, the more you thought they might be legit. I appreciate you taking the time to leave your thoughts. (And in such a rational/diplomatic way. I always let my emotions get the best of me, but admire people who can stay cool, calm and collected like you’ve demonstrated.)

  37. Michael D Magee is totally legit… I’m not a P.I. but i don’t see how anyone could deny this guy has a genuine haunting. He’s doing what any honest human being with a scientific mind and a willingness to share would do… Trying to understand, gain knowledge, share what he finds and ask for thoughts on how he might progress. I can point out at least 10 instances where he has taken recommendations from his channel comments and applied them to his videos.
    In any case, the only thing that would be wrong to do in these situations is to make up your mind that the idea of the paranormal and hauntings, spirits, demons, other dimensions is simple a farce and all faked (well,
    I’ll say with the exception of NQGhostHunter, that dude is very clearly 100% buuuuuullshit… I think he’d get along great with Donald Trump, lying money grubbers United) .
    Anywho, Michael D Magee is the 1st really great evidence of life on a plane that we are yet to understand. That one clip of the shadow apparition that walks over to him in his sleep and very audibly starts to growl… Hoooooho man, first time I’ve been genuinely frightened by watching something on a screen since seeing the exorcist for the 1st time as a kid.
    Cheers to the author and the commenting P.I.’s here. Thank you for trying to give us a glimpse of the world behind us.

  38. Jax, THANK YOU so much for taking the time to leave your comment. I like when people come to the defense of the people I’ve blasted. Makes me stop and re-evaluate. However I also liked your Trump comment. Totally made me giggle. Always appreciate a little levity.

  39. Wait have you blasted Michael Magee?? Pardon my ignorance, I hadn’t noticed it at least on this thread. I would loooooove to see an argument against M.M.
    … For the same reason you appreciate differing views, keeps me honest too, I suppose.

  40. Hey again, Jax! Phew. Okay I didn’t bag on Michael D. Magee but it appears someone else in one of their comments said they didn’t think his videos were real. I had to Google him and I’m not sure what I make of his videos. I’ve only watched one so far. I’d have to see more. But then I’m not sure how much good that would do. I don’t have a lot of the expertise some other people do when it comes to video analysis. I pretty much rely on a highly trained and very sensitive B.S. meter to make judgment calls. Haven’t seen enough of this guy yet to have an accurate meter reading yet though. 😉

  41. Ken is a complete fake. I helped him make some of the videos. He also made ones years before at his previous place of employment. It ended up on the local news, was his first “attempt” at this type of thing.
    The way he abuses and swear at people who call him out, that’s the way he talks to people in his life.

  42. The Magee guy is no different than any of the others. How can anyone believe edited videos recorded from his own location? He has learned how to make money on Youtube, period. Just as with UFO videos, here’s how it plays out:

    British “media” cover “paranormal” stuff as if it is real, they mention people like Magee, he gets tons of viewers, then makes money by constantly posting videos. This is how “paranormal” people make money on Youtube.

    No one ever asks for scientific proof from outsiders investigating. They just believe the edited videos thrown on Youtube. This is why the vast majority (not all) of the scientific community ignores the subject.

    Throw out science and scientific methods, throw out logic and reason, and you’re left with the paranormal world. This is also why the majority of scientists studying the subject study NOT any alleged events, but they research the psychology of the people who believe such things.

  43. Great comments, Nigel. And interesting you mention how most researchers study the psychology of people who believe or claim to experience such things. Over the summer I read an excellent book about this subject. Very well researched. It didn’t exactly prove there is no such thing as ghosts, reincarnation and all other paranormal type claims, but it definitely proved it’s VERY easy to trick people into believing something’s happening, especially if they’re predisposed to such beliefs. Although there also were a couple of interesting studies that showed other factors can play with brain waves, or maybe enhance them so they are more “attune” so to speak so…something might be happening but until they can recreate it in a controlled environment they’re not keen on saying it’s ghosts and such. Very interesting.

    Anyway thanks for taking the time to leave your thoughts.

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