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One Blog Leads to Another

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There are lots of ways to find blogs to follow isn’t there? A friend suggests one, a Google Alert leads you to another, following someone on Twitter leads to some, and of course there are the other blogs you already follow.

Recently I’ve come across some pretty cool blogs. I can credit one blog in particular for leading me to them: Autumnforest’s Ghost Hunting Theories. (GHT)

I thought it’d be fun to trace my steps from her blog to these others and share the neat things I’ve found.


The first blog I started following thanks to Autumnforest was Above the Norm. I liked the comments Julie (and Mike, too, when he left them) would leave on GHT. One day I ended up clicking Julie’s name to check out out her profile and and found out she had a blog. I read some past posts and immediately liked what I saw. They are fans of so many of the same shows I like and they write about them. It’s nice to find people with similar tastes and to have a place to leave comments like they make it possible to do. So, just like that, Above the Norm was added to my Blogroll and quickly became one of my fave’s.

The next one is a blog Autumnforest just recently gave a shout out to: Hedgewitch Hollow. Wonderful layout, neat posts, links to interesting information…another add to the list.

It was actually Hedgewitch Hollow which led me to The Play of Light and Shadows, but without finding the one thanks to GHT I never would have found the other.

The Play of Light and Shadows has amazing graphics. They even provide free backgrounds, and soon will be offering free graphics. In addition, they have lots of info about all sorts of things. And their blog exchange buttons led me to finding three more blogs/sites.

Sinister Visions’ Sinister Circuit has links to some neat Halloween sites I didn’t know about. (Some I did, but some I didn’t and they’ll all come in useful for some Halloween-themed blogs I’ve got in mind to write.)

And speaking of Halloween, the other neat finds from The Play of Light and Shadows was fiberdoodles and Confessions of a Pagan Soccer Mom: Mutterings of a Domestic Witch. These ladies are my kind of gals. They love Halloween and are really getting into the Halloween spirit on their blogs.

For instance, Sharon, fiberdoodles’ blogmistress, is hosting a Halloween Blog Party on October 19. (Well, really it starts on October 19. The party’s technically going to last 13 days! THAT’S a good PAR-T! BOO-YA!)

She’s calling it her 13 days of Halloween and is inviting other bloggers to join the fun. There will be giveaways, costumes, and all manner of tricks and treats. If you’d like to participate too, click here to read about what you’ll need to do and how to sign up.

Mrs. B, who waves her magic wand to create Confessions of a Pagan Soccer Mom, is also celebrating the season in high style with her 31 days of Halloween. She does a ton (and I do mean a TON) of giveaways regularly anyway, but that streak will continue during her 31 days. (Last year she had almost 70 sponsors donate things. Some days she had as many as four giveaways!) But there will also be guest bloggers, recipes, crafts…and something that appeals to me and my particular interests, a Haunted Walking Tour featuring blogs all decked out for Halloween. (A virtual Halloween Haunt Jaunting tour! Right on!)

But I think it’s cool that all these discoveries originated from simply following one blog, Autumnforest’s Ghost Hunting Theories. I give a big shout out to her for educating me even when it’s not her blogs I’m learning from!


What about you? Is there one blog in particular that you follow which has led you to discovering neat new blogs too?

Courtney Mroch
Courtney Mroch, otherwise known as HJ's Ambassador of Dark and Paranormal Tourism, is an author, traveler, and ghost enthusiast. When she's not writing, jaunting, or planning her next trip, it's a safe bet you'll find her in one of three places: on a tennis court somewhere, on a yoga mat somewhere, or watching a horror movie somewhere. She currently resides in Nashville, Tennessee.

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4 thoughts on “One Blog Leads to Another

  1. Wow! It’s the butterfly effect. I flapped my wings and HauntJaunts was affected. Cool. I do believe in the domino effect. Just when I thought I was strange and weird and different and had no people–I went in the blog-o-sphere and found “my people.” I’ve never felt so much okay with me as when I met others like me. We can be geeky, curious, irreverent, goofy, intellectual, philosophical, and child-like and there’s dozens and dozens more just like us out there. I’ve found that if I like someone’s blog, looking at the list of what they follow helps. Of course, sometimes they follow things that have to do with family members or strange interests that aren’t part of their regular blog, but even those sometimes make me stray into amazing territory. One time, I wandered onto the Chesapeake Lady’s site and found a woman willing to go to my old summer home and take a picture for me. I wept when I got it–I missed that house and hadn’t seen it for 35 years! Thanks for continuing to spread the good sites with others. Soon, we’ll all be up on the same cause we’re following the same sites together. hee hee

  2. Thank you for the mention. I like your blog and its original layout and background. Great job!! I just posted two posts about haunted ChinaTown. Now, I am going to see about adding your feed to my igoogle. Thanks again!

  3. MarZel: What a compliment coming from you! Your blog is AMAZING! Thanks for taking the time to check mine out! And your info??? Holy cow. I learned about blogging, graphics, Halloween…so many things. It’s awesome! Quite the find!

    Autumnforest: Sometimes I feel that same way too! Then I get online and WHAMO! Suddenly I find people with interest like mine, who don’t laugh at my weird ponderings but instead go, “Hmmm, I wonder…” and next thing we’ve got a discussion going. It’s very cool. You do that all the time. Your blog is loaded with neat ideas/conjectures/theories…I always look forward to reading it!

    And Patty: You’re a new gem of a find, and I have only you and your comments to thank for that. But I went to leave a comment on your blog about Atchison and guess who I saw already commented? Autumnforest! In time I’m sure I would have found you, but I’m glad it happened sooner and by way of you leaving me comments like you have been. Your blog is very cool too and I just love your “I do believe in spooks. I do, I do, I do!” So cute!

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