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Myth Monsters That Likely Will Be Proved Real

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October was great. There were tons and tons and tons of shows on TV about myth monsters, such as wolfmen, vampires, and Bigfoot. Two shows in particular really grabbed my imagination, though. And both dealt with the same subject matter: the Yeti, or Abominable Snowman.

I’ll get to them in a second, but first…


I like ghosts, and I prefer to Haunt Jaunt to places with ghostly paranormal activity. However, cryptozoology also interests me –from afar.

I’m not as keen pursuing it beyond the safety of my couch, though. Ghost hunting in a hotel, museum, restaurant…what’s going to happen? I might twist my ankle walking around or lose a night of sleep if my room is particularly active.

I don’t know what might happen if I go looking for a new species of beast. I don’t want to chance becoming something’s dinner. (Hey, I’m a rotund girl. I have to be careful. I know I could be mistaken as a tasty treat in the wrong creature’s eyes!)

So I leave creature hunting to the experts. And the experts have not only been busy, but have turned up some interesting evidence!


I have to admit, when I was little (circa 1970s), I was all about Bigfoot. And back then I was all about camping, was scrawny because you could barely get me to sit still for five seconds to eat much of anything, and I was fearless. (Or maybe it was more a matter of being clueless.) I was always hoping we’d see a Bigfoot on one of our camping trips.

Then I think Harry and the Hendersons wrecked the Bigfoot mystique. After that, I pretty much considered all things Bigfoot to be a lot of bull.

However, my former interest was revived after watching MonsterQuest’s “Abominable Snowman” episode last month. I liked how the team of experts did more than just look for proof that a beast could exist in the region. They looked for evidence that the region could even support as big of a creature as has been reported.

While they didn’t turn up a Yeti, they did turn up some promising evidence. Such as plant species they hadn’t expected to find –ones great apes are quite fond of eating.

Also, they explained about a great ape (I didn’t note the name unfortunately) that had lived way back when. I forget if they said it was before or after the Ice Age, and if it had migrated or hadn’t from one place to another, but if it had migrated that it could’ve and perhaps no one knew. And if that was the case, the Yeti was likely one of its ancestors. (It’s all a little fuzzy now. I didn’t take notes, and the info didn’t stick exactly…) The point that did stick was a great ape could theoretically occupy the area.

Of course, they also hypothesized the Yeti might also be mistaken for a species of bear that’s rarely seen which also lives in the area. But they were more inclined to believe the ape connection based on the evidence they’d collected.

So was I. That’s when I started thinking that it’s highly likely the mystery of the Yeti may one day be solved. And I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if they end up revealing it’s an ape. Especially after the seeing the evidence collected on another show….


Josh Gates and his team went and found some hair on their expedition to the Himalayas in search of the Yeti. Hair that, once they came back to the States and had it analyzed, didn’t match any known species. All they could determine was that it was of primate origin. (If you didn’t see the episode, I recommend reading Above the Norm’s recap. It’s very thorough and will definitely catch you up to speed.)

I admit, I was expecting it to be goat hair or some such. When I heard the lady classify it as primate, that cinched it for me. Especially with what I had watched MonsterQuest’s expedition find. I got really excited that in the quest to prove the Yeti myth true, they may ultimately find a new (or previously thought extinct) ape species. How rocking would that be?

It’ll certainly be exciting and I now have renewed hopes it will really happen.

But this is just one of my thoughts on myth monsters one day being proved real. I have plans for future posts to demonstrate what I mean. Stay tuned…

Courtney Mroch

Courtney Mroch, otherwise known as HJ’s Ambassador of Dark and Paranormal Tourism, is an author, traveler, and ghost enthusiast. When she’s not writing, jaunting, or planning her next trip, it’s a safe bet you’ll find her in one of three places: on a tennis court somewhere, on a yoga mat somewhere, or watching a horror movie somewhere. She currently resides in Nashville, Tennessee.

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2 thoughts on “Myth Monsters That Likely Will Be Proved Real

  1. I loved that “Destination Truth”!! Oh my gosh! I admit that I’ve probably taped every Bigfoot and Yeti documentary ever shown on TV. I’m addicted to them. Some days off, I just run bigfoot all day long while I kick back and enjoy myself. I like the subject even more than ghosts and I’m a ghost hunter! I think the reason is, some day we can get real physical evidence, but I doubt we’ll be capturing and tagging ghosts any time soon. It’s so rewarding to chase something that can be caught! I just worry that if they do find him, he’ll end up in a zoo.

  2. A zoo would be very bad! Your comment just made me reconsider my wish (that whole “be careful what you wish for” popped in my head.) I hadn’t thought about the zoo angle. And once I considered that, I thought about how, while it would be incredibly exciting to find a Bigfoot, once it’s found it’s done. That thrill is over.

    HOWEVER, if it could still live in its own environment and be studied…all the finds from that would still prove exciting! Lots of firsts there I’m sure!

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