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Is This Why Donna LaCroix Was Mad at the Ghost Hunters?

Donna LaCroix
Former “Ghost Hunters” cast member, Donna LaCroix

ATrueOriginall left a comment on one of my other posts with an interesting observation. It was in reference to a mention I made on  “Noteworthy Blogs: GhostTheory”. In that post I listed some specific GhostTheory articles which I felt made that a noteworthy blog, including “Donna Lacroix Talks: Secrets Behind Ghost Hunters.”

In his article, Javier summed up his take on an interview Donna did with the GhostDivas. (Which ended up leading to quite the debacle. To get a flavor of that in case you missed out on the “Donna dishes on Ghost Hunters” snafu, check out Javier’s entertaining follow-up article “Donna LaCroix & Scifake Backtracking.” It’ll give you a sense of what a disaster Donna’s criticisms of Ghost Hunters  spiraled into.)

Anyway, back to ATrue’s observation. Here’s the comment she left:

No clue on the princess bride thingy but I have something here I thought y’all might like to see. I know you have a more appropriate post on this but I am just too lazy to go find it. lol Actually, I’m too busy.

Check out the first video at the 7 minute mark. I think this may be where the Donna LaCroix thing with the Ghost Hunters originally stemmed from. This is a 2007 episode.

They were rude to her. I don’t think she would have even forgotten that incident, especially since they aired it, which would piss me off. I would have quit right then and there. The blame should have been placed on Jason and Grant but instead appears to have been put more so on Donna.

She also left the link to her post containing episodes from the show she was referring to with a follow up comment (which will make sense if you click the link and see it in your browser):

Ignore the Old Idaho address, it’s actually Crescent City Hotel in Arkansas. I use old trailer pages for newer posts so that’s why the confusion in the addy title.


Of course I checked out the link, found the first video and started watching at approximately the 6:30 mark.

Here’s my take on that scene: I don’t know how bad Jason and Grant were to Donna, but Steve certainly came across as a major butt.

I have to admit, though, Jason and Grant certainly needed to take the blame. (And somewhat did. Somewhat.)

But I also got the sense they were treating Steve more like part of the Boys’ Club and Donna as, well…not in the Boys’ Club.

And this is what it makes me wonder: This is what we were allowed to see on-screen. Was this the sort of thing she endured off-screen time and time again? (Maybe not the being blamed thing, but the Boys’ Club vibe?) And was it maybe even more intense than that?


I know Donna struck Gary from GhostTheory as neurotic and irresponsible, and both him and Javier felt she was suffering from disgruntled employee syndrome when she leveled her accusations against Ghost Hunters.

I think the disgruntled thing might have factored in somewhat, but I’d like to add a female’s perspective.

Having worked for personalities similar to Grant and Jason’s before (just business owners, though, not celebs), it sucks being looked down on and treated as less than. Which some boys have a tendency to do to girls.

No, I’m not getting all battle of the sexes on anyone. My husband and I constantly argue about this. I see it, because I live. He doesn’t, because he’s a man and gets treated differently.


Another one of our friends, who’s male, understand what I mean and explains it thusly: “Well of course I do that! I’m a boy. And what does ‘boy’ stand for? Boss of You. We are the rulers of the universe and you girls need to remember that.”

(He adds that last bit to get my goat.)

Anyway, maybe Donna got tired of the “Boss of You” attitude. Which Jason and Grant are sometimes guilty of.

However, in their defense. I also remember plenty of episodes where their respect for Donna came across loud and clear.


Ultimately, something went wrong somewhere and Donna wasn’t happy about it.

Either that, or some producer got a hold of her and coached her about leveling the accusations to spark a controversy, because they wanted to use her as a pawn for publicity purposes.

Or maybe it was even more strategic than that and was a defensive move.

Ghost Hunters has been taking ever-increasing heat for potentially staging evidence. Having Donna say something about it, then painting her as a space case with a grudge, helps them look like the victims. See where I’m going with that?

There’s lots of possibilities about all of it. I’m curious to hear other takes on it, so please feel free to comment at will.

Courtney Mroch
Courtney Mroch, otherwise known as HJ's Ambassador of Dark and Paranormal Tourism, is an author, traveler, and ghost enthusiast. When she's not writing, jaunting, or planning her next trip, it's a safe bet you'll find her in one of three places: on a tennis court somewhere, on a yoga mat somewhere, or watching a horror movie somewhere. She currently resides in Nashville, Tennessee.

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40 thoughts on “Is This Why Donna LaCroix Was Mad at the Ghost Hunters?

  1. There is definately two sides to the story……she said, they said…..who knows? Whatever, you don’t burn your bridges because it may come back and bite you in the ass.

  2. The Donna situation is a real soap opera. If you look at this as a job because J&G consider themselves the bosses, it was really J&G’s fault Donna didn’t know what to do in Arkansas. The fact is, they were pushing her into a position that was not hers on a walk through that was not her skill set. Obviously, the editing process for the show made it so that they were guiding us to that point where Steve would be finally allowed on walk-throughs. They did that by using bits of interactions to foreshadow what would happen later in that episode and in future episodes. They do this all the time. When it goes to TV, however, it looks quite different. So, she could have been miffed about that, but she certainly knew these guys well enough to know the way they do things and Steve certainly chewed Brian up much more than Donna. Whatever made Donna to to GHI (whether to get away from J&G or be a big shot in a new show or see Europe) who knows, but once there her illness, Crohn’s Disease, certainly cut her time on that show to a halt because that’s a very hard to treat and serious illness. She should take care of her health, shut up about the show, and rise above it all. Take the higher ground. At least she doesn’t do adds for TurboTax. I respect her like hell for that.

  3. Just the same, no matter what Donna did, I think (excuse my French) that Steve is a @#$%^&*

    He is so rude to people. I got sick of it in GHA and noticed that he’s been that way for a very long time when I saw that 2007 video. He is forever using a condescending tone with the other “team” members. Sure, he may be their boss on GHA but the word ‘bossy’ doesn’t work for anyone when you’re a boss. He really has no such right. Tango is starting to sound like him too now. It’s as if he can, because Steve does it.

    Anyway, that’s why I really don’t care to watch GH or GHA any longer. That’s playground garbage and they’re adults. So let the tv viewer with the Judge Judy mindset get their jollies out of such childish nonsense.

    GHA and GH have a new boss now, lets hope we see change.

  4. Admittedly, Steve is a natural misanthrope. We all have to deal with people like him who think that humanity is just in his way. He’s obviously uncomfortable in his own skin and very self conscious and doesn’t really like to have to deal with humans. In a nerdish way, I totally get him. I’ve known lots of awkward nerds like him and on the scale of self-absorbed doctors I’ve had to work with, he’s a charm. It’s pretty obvious by that close knit group of males that women will never work on the team. The only reason Kris survives is she keeps her mouth shut–unfortunately! But, she doesn’t seem like a fully formed woman yet. I think if they had an opinionated Jason-like middle-aged woman on the team–it might actually make the show worth watching again.

  5. Wow. I missed something. GH and GHA have a new boss? Who? When did that happen? Man, I feel so out of the loop! (I knew about the TurboTax spot thanks to Julie’s post though…but just from the title. I saw it in my RSS but haven’t read it yet. Maybe there’s clues in there???)

    All I know is, I liked that you sent the link with the vid, ATrue. Steve and Tango I enjoy watching for the comedic relief they bring to GH epis but I’m not so keen on how Steve’s been portrayed lately…because like you and Autumnforest pointed out, he’s got issues. Getting too big for his britches. They all are.

    I always liked Donna and feel bad for her it went down this way. I kind of follow Julie’s philosophy…better not to burn bridges!

    Thanks for all the awesome comments!

  6. The incident happened with Andy before, on another earlier episode
    he got it worse from jason an grant. steve was hard on him to.

  7. Oh really? If I saw it (which I’m sure I did), I totally forgot about it. THANKS for stopping by and sharing! Seems to be a pattern developing doesn’t there?


  9. I tend to treat all TV ghost hunting shows as pure entertainment. They are just soap operas in the dark. It was usually the hapless Brian who used to catch the sharp end of the bosses tongues. It was a change to see someone else get both barrels. Here’s a question – if your boss was going to chew your rear end off about something, would you allow him/her the luxury of doing that on TV? – surely there’s some kind of law about that. Youtube is full of videos supposedly showing proof of fakery.
    If you think about it, they are producing a TV show that relies on a certain amount of paranormal sensationalism. Can you imagine what the shows financiers would think if several of their shows summed up with them saying “well wasn’t that just a waste of time” – I know on several of the ghost hunts I have been on, that’s just what I have ended up saying. Thank God they don’t do what Most Haunted used to do over here. Claim bits of dust caught on camera were orbs. They used to do it to the point of making me want to both hurl and hurl things at the TV.

  10. SOOOOOO funny you point out Most Haunted’s antics. I watched them before I discovered GH, and then I was dissatisfied with MH. Now I only really watched Ghost Adventures, because I know they will cheese it up and give me good entertainment in interesting locations. But the rest…it took me a while to understand what you pointed out. It’s sensationalized for entertainment purposes. Not true ghost hunting advancement of the science type stuff. And you’re last comment made me LOL yet again, funny man!

  11. This issue has been buried under a mile of lies and truth.So much so now,no one can discern the difference.That’s the only truth left and it’s a sad one.

  12. I think the program is so sensationalised, and so many video’s are on Youtube hailing them as fakes, it’s hard to accurately gauge whether this is a publicity stunt or not, but I do find myself muttering “who cares anyway” under my breath 🙂

  13. Paranormal State seems better value. At least their psychic Chip Coffey is a real time-served actor. Very polished pragram and almost believable (after a few drinks).

  14. I heard that after she got ill on GHI, she went to Grant & Jason to get back to TAPS & they didn’t have room for her anymore on a full-time basis. They had a full crew on TAPS but she wouldn’t go back to GHI, because of her illness. (You can’t blame her for that~she did get sick while overseas). They had Kris Williams & Amy Bruni, they had Dave & Steve, Joe Chin. GHI was still getting their act together with Brian leaving then Andy etc. So to get back at them she comes out with all this trash. Grant & Jason were good to her, they let her pick & chose their cases as their case mgr, sent her to GHI where she traveled all over the World & was case mgr. & even was more involved in the hunting. Like they said don’t bite the hand that feeds you, she did & they bite her back in the ass. I really like Donna & was sad that she left & was always looking to see how she was doing. But what she did wasn’t right.

  15. Of course J&G get citicised because THEY are the Founders of TAPS. Not Donna not Brian. They are allowed to e bossy whenever they want. They gave Steve lead investigator for a reason, because he has been with them way before ever Donna was. So for her to go bitching about ” im a girl and I felt left out” shut the hell up and move on. Nobody gives a damn about her. And it’s good she is not with them anymore, GH succes became more successful after she left, and by the way she sucked at every investigation. This comes from a fellow GH and GHI fan.

  16. Hi Everyone,
    This is the real Donna LaCroix. I can’t believe it’s been almost 3 years and there is still talk about me. Really folks? I can tell you, I’m not that important, and there are waaaay better things to mull about.

    But, while I’m here, I’d like to comment on some issues I’ve come across from the above content. I think Courtney March did a good job on this article by bringing up points I never considered, and ones that definitely didn’t play any part into my emotions behind the “Ghost Divas” interview, While I didn’t appreciate the attitude of Gary P. the “Ghost Theory” editor’s comments either, because they made no sense. On to that at a later time.

    #1The “Boss of You” attitude was evident to establish the media pecking order…who the main “stars” were and who supported them. I wasn’t miffed about that, I had some engineering jobs in my life before GH and GHI where that behavior was more the rule than the exception as, at that time, males ruled the industry

    #2And there was no ulterior motives from a producer wanting to start controversy. The Ghost Divas conducted their interiew. In fact, in order to start over (as I’ve lost 2 job prospects due to web search of my name and the amount of negativity from poorly and untruthfully fair articles popped up. On of them being the “Ghost Divas” article: “DONNA LACROIX IS LYING..”<<The Ghost Divas". I politely asked one of the divas to archive it as I feel after a few years, whatever dues I had to pay, have been paid over numerous times. The response was, "I will have to consider your point of view." Truthfully, to me, that sounds like, "I've loving that I have you in a vulnerable position and won't work with you, even though I violated the copyright infringement law and you could easily sue me for third party distribution."

    And onto my comments on the comentators on here:

    Julie (the first commentator) states the #1 rule of a disagreement: Their are two sides to a story. And if voicing my opinion was going to result in bridge-burning, all I can say is that that sentiment was not a valid consideration on their part while I was the one getting flames thrown at long before this interview. I don't give respect if I don't get it. I give it freely until I'm shown otherwise. There are kiss asses and then there is me. I don't kiss ass. I'm fair, I will put in 150% if I work for someone, but if I get screwed over, and brushed off, my respect for the other party will cease to exist. I don't care if you are a media mogul, that doesn't give you the right to treat people like crap.

    Autumn forest: Let me first say I didn't accept a job for GHI to "be a big shot". This is the problem with people online. You think you know me from what little (and what is being edited on TV) you have read or see of me on TV, and then come on the internet to read inaccurate statements of my behavior and I get labled as basically a whore fame. Anyone who knows me, knows that is NOT my style.

    I left GH with Brian H., and Andy A., because we wanted to showcase the essence of what TAPS was really about for many years, until in my opinion, TV came along and basterdized it. We were a group that respected one another, a show where everyone had an equally important role, whether you had a vagina or a penis.

    When we were offered to do he spin off series, GHI we were told we could pick other fellow investigators (another lie: the others auditioned from a cast calling). We insisted that we COULD NOT do a show overseas. This was because Andy's wife was due in December to have her baby and Brian wanted to be closer to his family. And medically, I wanted to be close to my doctors in case I should suffer a relapse.

    We were promised the world. In fact the name that we selected originally for the show was called, "ParaQuest". Our conversations that were supposed to be private were not: Jason and Grant knew all about them (silently listening on conference calls set up by the production company) and basicaly told us were were naive to think we could do a spinoff show without them knowing. We didn't care either way. Without saying too much more on the subject, I believe we spent an incredible amount of money on a very inadequate entertainment lawyer. Our hearts sank when we knew what this meant. We never got to name the show because production was establishing Ghost Hunters as a franchise, we never got to film in the states, only overseas, because it would draw a bigger demographic. How could we be fooled to that extent? You don't now Hollywood. They are in the business to promise you the world and take it all away in a millisecond.

    All our fan mail that was given to us when we filmed for GH at the TAPS location in Warwick, RI was immediately ceased. Cards, letters, and gifts were never forwarded to us. I found out a sick boy who had leukemia had a final wish for some of us to visit with him at the childrens hospital in RI. He died after a relative of his found my email address online stating he drew us pictures and looked forward if we would visit him. Another man sent Brian, Andy, and I Northface jackets (very expensive), and we were never contacted. He finally found an address for me, and told us, and showed us a picture he took of them before he packed them. Sad.

    And AutumnFest, you speak ill of Kris on the show, saying that "I think if they had an opinionated Jason-like middle-aged woman on the team–it might actually make the show worth watching again." I was that woman. Except that behavior from a female is not allowed as it interfers with the dynamic of the men being the leaders. Most of my opinions and theories taped on the show were cut out or used by someone else (male).

    Thank you Courtney Mroch, I appreciate your support, but the bridges that I supposedly burnt were already burnt, and not by me. The only ones who showed a direct interest in our problems were the network. I can not say enough good things about SyFy.

    Dave, you brought up a very good subject relating to reality shows: "– surely there’s some kind of law about that. Youtube is full of videos supposedly showing proof of fakery." Now there are lots of reality shows out there..and we all know that some of them are faked. I mention it 3 years ago, and I got tarred and feathered, death threats, videos mocking me and my illness, a number of articles demeaning me from a very misinterpreted interview – and a severly damaged reputation. For the record I never said they faked anything. Listen to the tape, never did those words come out of my mouth. I only indicated I had my suspicions and if it were coming from an inside job, people who know me know I have high standards and would freak out about it.

    As far as YouTubing, my audio recording (which has a copyright that is automatically shared by the interviewer and interviewee) was released without my permission to Dan Bell, a radio host sensationalist. This is called copyright infringment. He then went on to recruit a few other well know para-celebs in his "Dina LaCrotch" videos performing vile acts such as as the woman who played me, Rie Sadler, eat her own (fake) excrement. Numerous organizations were alerted to these videos.

    Donna B: Ha! This one made me laugh. I NEVER went back to Jason and Grant and asked if I could have anything back. I left the first show, I left TAPS, I left the second show…see a trend? I never approached them about being on their tv shows again. My life has been infinitely better since I left that group and all the non-sense surounding it.

    I've always invited my friends, and fans if they had any questions to contact me personally at I'll give you my answer, and then want you to make an educated decision. I'm not looking to win over people. I'm asking they now take everything they read or see on TV as the ultimate "Truth". You have a mind of your own.

    The reason I care, almost 3 years later, is because this insidious and absurd lies and manipulation caused by several individuals on a witch hunt for me generated this all up for all of you to hate me and love them. Love them all you want, I pray for the best for them, but I also want to invite you to another angle, my truth.

    When I first put this out there, not ONE single person emailed me, not one. Just goes to show how incredibly manipulated they've been or are afraid of talking to me.Other para-celebs in the industry knew what was going on, but couldn't say anything and were given instructions to not associate with me, as their own jobs were at stake. My former manager of D'Mentd Entertainment – who had me believe the woman Cyberbullying me was the same one doing it to him was apparently told her better not represent me anymore unless he wanted some serious trouble to start on his end. I don't know how true that statement is, but the result is that he did not deny they had a ongoing friendship, called me out publically as "someone that was interferring with their business relationship", and when before I knew it, never sent me a contract to represent me because he never intended to. Our two year friendship – a friendship that was based on trust and caring – was let go by him to protect his business interests. I'd like to hear otherwise and again invite him to contact me, but that probably won't happen. This woman, Cyberbullied all my closest business and personal acquaintences.

    I do offer this because I am about the truth. I live a very private life now, and these negative headliners that come up (along with several malicious Youtube videos that my lawyer is in the process of having taken down), I want my name to be cleared. I admit to my mistakes, and I'd be happy to discuss them with you. But to sit behind a computer being spoon fed assumptions with no substantial evidence, lies about me, when you don't even know me and continue to make negative remarks about me when you have not heard all sides, is sad and ignorant.

    You people don't realize I've had my computer, email, facebook broken into. One woman – who basically started this hateration campaign against me – came into my facebook as an alias, contacted my personal friends, while trying to convince them to not be my friend. I have 53 sworn, and notarized affidavits of their experience with one woman and her interference in my personal and professional life.

    The only thing I ever did to her – which spawned all this invasion into my personal health siutation – is cut her off as a friend. No body ever questions that? Why? No body says "Why would this great friend of Donna's that she worked with do these things to her or say these things?" Because people only want to see the dirt on you.

    That is the problem we call Cyberbullying. It's an addiction because you feel empowered to sit behind a computer to say anything you want to disgrace, harass, and demean someone. It is because you are jealous of them or are abusing because you are the victim of abuse in your life.

    To give you an example, I once invited her and her husband up north for a vacation for his birthday, they secretly videotaped me dancing and there is one YouTube video left for review for it to come down. It cites that people with cancer can't dance…look at her hair, its not a wig!" It was again – passed along a third party to Ron Tebo of scifake who reposted it. In fact, if you check out his site, he is a master of Cyberbullying. He is cruel, dishonest, inflammatory, and negligent in his behavior towards others in my opinion.

    So before you go and assume things about people, if they are as open as I am and are giving you the chance to learn the entire situation, take them up on it. Cyberbullying is a serious issue that I have had to endure to this day. I'm not an angel, just ignorant to the how cruel people can be, and trusted way too many people in the media business. Adah, if you knew the truth, you would be in shock for the last entry you just posted. I know legally what to say and what not to say, and what I'm telling you is that until you've walked in someone's shoes you will never, ever know what they've been through. Your opinion doesn't affect me because you are ignorant and don't know me. I invite you to be so brave as to email me.

    Afraid of the truth. Don't be. It will set you free.

  17. Donna, I am so honored you stopped by and added this comment, but I’m also dismayed. It’s obvious you’ve sure been through a lot. Your words touched, humbled, and inspired me. I’m writing another post prompted by your comment. I will email it to you when I’m done. All I know is you sure came off very likable on the show. You were my favorite GH or GHI person. I’m sorry for some of the backlash your departure from all of that has caused, though. No one, and certainly no one as nice as yourself, deserves harassment in any form. Thank you again for stopping by like this!

  18. Inagree with you, Donna. Something as I gotten older is there are rthose who will say what they want about you whatever their reasons are and so forth. I write books and one them got this nasty review and a freiend was upset for me and I said, I learn to look above it. Unfortunately, with the Internet, people who normally wouldn’tmsay boo to anyone, can be nasty or sweet (Like Cpurtney). Nothing one cn do about it. I don’t knowyou personally, Donna, but don’t listen to what is out there. I hope good luck to all and futruew endeavors of yours.

  19. Courtney & Pamela,
    Thank you for your comments. It is me that is honored to both of you to be so kind as to read my post and comment. Courtney, I am touched that you think so highly of me from the shows. I was so tired of holding it all in for so many years, and I could have done this on Facebook, but it was hacked into.

    And I had to chance my email (from to because I was using the djean one to help my lawyer remove the discrediting videos that Dan Bell and and others made, only to have that hacked into. But, you are both – and all you who are reading this, welcome at any time to reach me at That may get hacked into as well, but until I can get a secure email, that will have to do for now (I will be getting one over the weekend).

    Courtney, again, thank you for your sentiments, as they say, what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger. There is so much more I am willing to share. You seem like a lovely lady yourself, and don’t ever let anyone treat you with any disrespect.

    Pamela, yes, with time that people will use their computer to hide behind to tear you apart because they don’t have to face someone face to face. That is being a coward. Look at the nasty review this way: for someone to write that, they were jealous. If they weren’t why would they take the time to write it? You obviously have talent and anyone with talent is game for criticism. It hurts, I know. I’m very sensitive, but like you mentioned, you can rise above it. You don’t have to lower yourself to their level. Thank you for your advise about not listening to what is out there.

    I’ve held in alot over the last three years, but sometimes in life, it is time to set the record straight…especially if these vicious lies and unsubstantiated claims are causing you grief, your family grief, affecting your job prospects, and your reputation.

    I’m one of those people who think everyone is inherently good inside, but I’ve learned that some are not. Some use the power of the internet to get themselves drunk off the fame and buy into popular opinion (not because it is right, but because everyone else is doing it).

    Stay true to yourself. Always. There is a good quote I like to use for those writers out there who think they can say anything and get away with it: It is this: “By giving us the opinions of the uneducated, journalism keeps us in touch with the ignorance of the community.”
    ? Oscar Wilde

    If people choose to stay uneducated and not explore all sides to the story, they remain ignorant. I am not here to have people side with me, I am here to give people another angle to consider (my angle, which is seldom asked for), so they can weight it into their judgement on an issue.

    Thank you ladies, once again, for commenting.
    My sincerest wishes to you both. 🙂
    ~Donna J. LaCroix

  20. Hi Courtney, I’m also a friend of Donna LaCroix and we write together and are starting a new blog about cyber bullying and just plain bullying in general which is why your topic above is so interesting to me.

    I have already subscribed to this blog but I’m wondering if I can use some of the comments on here for my blog – Donna’s response to you was very powerful and thought out and I loved the strength in her comment. She is a very strong personality and has been through a lot of bad shit at the hands of people who misled her into thinking they were friends when they were really out for their own self-promotion. There are many stories to tell bad and good but I would never encroach upon your blog without asking permission first.

    Thanks in advance and I look forward to getting to know you and your blog – I may have some interesting places to offer to you that we have visited with my investigations group – THE SPIRIT SOCIETY –

    best – Bonju Patten

  21. Hi Bonju!

    Of course you can use whatever you want if it’s okay with Donna. I’m glad you asked in advance, though. Most people wouldn’t. Says a lot about your character! 😉 And of course I’d love to hear about any interesting places you’d have to share with your group. Always open to guest bloggers if you’d ever want to do something like that too…


  22. I guess I’m a late bloomer to this story. I had tuned in to “Ghost Hunters” during the first two or three seasons; was excited that my beloved Eureka Springs was featured in an episode, then lost interest in the show. No big reasons why; I don’t follow TV shows season after seasons, and even the show I currently contend is my favorite, Anthony Bourdain’s “No Reservations”, I don’t watch but on a few occasions anymore.

    I had noticed over the years that there were new faces on GH and others had disappeared, or moved over to GHI, which I didn’t watch more than a couple of episodes of. Then I caught drift of Donna’s story and became interested once again.

    Donna…for all that you’ve gone through and have had to deal with: You. Are. A. Survivor. I won’t pretend to know you just by reading what I’ve seen on the web, but if you just outline what you’ve had to deal with….DAMN! No one deserves to have to go through what you’ve had to.

    Hang in there. Eventually, somewhere, some way, things will get better.


  23. Wow. I had no idea all of this was going on behind the scenes. I started bing-ing if Jay & Amy (or any women investigators) had an affair & I come across all this “info” on Donna.

    To Donna specifically, be true to yourself girl! The truth ALWAYS comes out in the wash no matter if it is Hollywood or some high maintenance radio host. I wish you the best of luck in all your endeavors & from someone who has lost job opportunities because of boy club tales…it wasnt meant to be anyway. Your golden egg will fall into your lap one day & all the trials you have endured will be worth every moment. Mine did a few weeks ago & I couldnt be happier in my life. I am a firm believer in karma & it always always always comes back around. Keep sending out good & good will come back to you. For the ones who hack & bully, it will come back on them 10 fold so pull up a chair, pour yourself a margarita & enjoy the show. I have done just that before & what a fabulous show it was. 🙂

  24. I recently stumbled over GH and GHI on Youtube. The show is quite entertaining and I always enjoyed the episodes with Donna, she seems to be a very sympathetic person.

    Donna, best wishes to you from Germany!

  25. I stopped watching GH after Donna and Brian left. From what I’ve seen around the Internet, many claim that a particular member of TAPS is a bully. Besides the seemingly fake collar pull incident, other things about GH seem shady. It seems rather conflicting to be a ghost hunter with a tv show who goes on to buy an inn that was investigated on that show. And, of course, that inn now offers a special ghost hunting package. It all seems like questionable and shady dealings by certain people.

  26. Interesting how all of a sudden that Ashley was asked to leave the show and go on to “better things” at TAPS west coast.

  27. Hi Donna LaCroix, I am one of your fans. I loved you on the ghost hunters. you were great. I have know for years that ghost hunters were fake. what is your email address? I used to have a facebook account until it was hacked. I believed it was hacked by a former friend of mine. My email address is I was wondering what ever happened to you and the other former ghost hunters Brian h. and Andy A.

  28. Hello Donna,

    As a regular viewer (at the time) of GH and GHI, I was saddened to see you leave the show. Up until that time I had become a fan of yours and was unaware that you had an illness until the GHI episode where you announced your departure, and I was equally sorry to see Brian and Andy leave. Once you three (my favorite team members) vacated the show, I’d lost interest in both programs. Since your departure from GH/GHI, I’ve been wondering whatever became of you, thinking maybe you’d formed another paranormal group that might have eventually surfaced on another network, that is, until I read the horror stories above; MY GOD!! I’m sorry that you’ve had to go through that cyber-thrashing. That’s quite an eye opener! As I share the feelings and sentiments of your other advocates, I’d love to know more. My best wishes for your future health, friendships and job prospects.


  29. You arre so cool! I do not think I’ve read through a single thing like that before.
    So nice to find someone with a few genuine thoughts on this topic.

    Really.. thank you for starting this up. This website is something
    that’s needed on the internet, someone with a bit of originality!

  30. I’m so glad to hear from Donna . I always trusted your vibe on GH. I left you an e mail. I think social media can be dangerous so ill keep it short. Stay strong Donna. Truth and experience is apriciated by you more than opinions by
    Others . Bobo

  31. Hi Donna I’m Bob and I’m
    A strong supporter of you and your intuition on GH and trusted it more than test of the team. I study Metaphysics and you seemed to be more in tune with the infinite. Anyway I just wanted to comment you have my support. Bob Hunley.

  32. I never liked that jason or steve. I thought jason was a “know it all”. Like his expertise were the top notch and Steve seemed like he was bully and a liar. He bullied brian right off the show. I always liked donna. When she left the show, I stopped watching the show. I really hope she doing ok.

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