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Haunt Jaunts Takes a Ghost Tour of Quebec City – The Video

View of Quebec City from our ship, including the Funicular and Chateau Frontenac

Quebec City stole my heart. What a beautiful, romantic, haunted city! It was the final destination on our Canada/New England cruise and what a way to end the trip.

The nice thing was all the time we had in Quebec. This would have been one of those ports I mourned only having mere hours in. We had a full day and night.

We took advantage by taking the Ghost Tours of Quebec ghost tour. (There’s also another ghost tour company.)

Their beautiful sign outside of their office building

I was hoping to put together a little video of the adventure. Alas, what I was able to piece together was mostly only outtake worthy.

But that’s still entertaining in and of itself. It sort of gives you an idea of the stone building basking in the glow of warm lights. It was such a romantic setting period, but add in ghost stories too? Marvelous!

But I didn’t catch any of the stories on video. That’s the bad part. Another lesson learned in my burgeoning film career.

Yet, I caught the atmosphere. In a separate post I’ll write in more detail about my favorite ghost stories I heard on the tour, as well as the fun part of going in the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity with only lantern light to see by. (Now that was an adventure!)

For now I’ll just share the video I made of our Ghost Tours of Quebec adventure.

Courtney Mroch
Courtney Mroch, otherwise known as HJ's Ambassador of Dark and Paranormal Tourism, is an author, traveler, and ghost enthusiast. When she's not writing, jaunting, or planning her next trip, it's a safe bet you'll find her in one of three places: on a tennis court somewhere, on a yoga mat somewhere, or watching a horror movie somewhere. She currently resides in Nashville, Tennessee.

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  1. Funny you should ask…as a matter of fact, YES! (But just actors. I’ll be posting those pics eventually. Or pic. I think only one sort of came out.)

    However, while making the vid I did spot something weird. Perhaps an EVP. I’ll be posting about that later this week too.

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