Haunted Houses Celebrating Valentine’s Day 2017

Last year we listed Valentine's Day haunted houses, which proved pretty popular actually. (Hits-wise. It's the special post that gets any comments.) Anyway, we thought: "Why not do it again this year?" We meant to have it pulled together before now, but...well, "better late than never" seems to be our motto around

Haunt Jaunts on The Fearless Ghosthunter 2/11/17

I've got some exciting news! HJ's Ambassador of Dark and Paranormal Tourism, Courtney Mroch (a.k.a. moi), is coming out of interview retirement/exile* to appear as a guest on Scott Morrow's The Fearless Ghost Hunter radio show. That's right. The spell is over. I'll be stepping into the radio spotlight again. Here's the

The Be Skellie’s Valentine Giveaway

If you follow HJ on social media, you're well aware that last weekend I attended HAuNTcon and walked away with some new friends...and swag. So guess what that means? (If your answer isn't "giveaway," we've got problems...) The first people I met was in the registration line the first day. They

Notable Birthdays and Deathiversaries Added to Calendar

We decided to add something new to our Calendar of Odd Dates: birthdays and deathiversaries. Whose birthdays and deathiversaries did we add? Great question! We're talking heavyweights who have created some beloved classic horror movies (both producers, directors and writers), as well as beloved horror book authors. But it's not just horror icons.