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Welcome to the World — “A No Safe Haven Caper”

Miss Scarlet, Miss Scarlet – Caper Company’s birthing our newest Haunt Spots tour, “A No Safe Haven Caper”!  We’ve got all new audio stories and everything.

Here’s an audio snippet for the first Haunt Spot on the tour.

In this newest exploration of Wisconsin’s ghosts, you will experience a haunt so deeply rooted that the spirits moved with the Haunt Spot on "A No Safe Haven Caper"buildings, trek haunted trails with their own legend trip, and investigate a tragic road to nowhere.  This tour includes one Bonus Haunt Spot — a haunted theatre.

Lots more details at the Caper Company website.

Happy Haunts,
Susan Scot Fry

Caper Company Tours LLC — What’s Your Ghost Story?

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One thought on “Welcome to the World — “A No Safe Haven Caper”

  1. Hi. My name is David Zastrow. A few of my friends and I are starting a haunt group and I thought to messege you since you been around the eschweiler buildings. I also see that you got a few orbs in the pic. I was wondering if you heard, felt, or saw anything. We know that you can’t going in them. I was when I was in high school but that was a while ago. Aside from that Im going to look into the tours and might take one. Well get back to me when you can.

    David Zastrow

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