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Watertown, NY Acknowledges Park’s Paranormal Vortex

Watertown's Area 51 - Photo from
Watertown’s Area 51 – Photo from

Thanks to the Weird News section on my Roku’s NBC News channel, I saw the story about Watertown, NY putting up a sign to acknowledge a paranormal vortex in one of their parks. Thompson Park to be exact.

Apparently there’s been an urban legend in that area for years about people going missing for brief periods of time.

The video was interesting for a couple of reasons. For one, if you go looking for the vortex, don’t expect it to be near the sign. According to Alex Dunbar’s report, the mysterious spot is located somewhere near the golf course.

The other hilarious thing was what Watertown’s mayor, Jeff Graham, said about the vortex:

“I keep bringing people up here I’d like to disappear but it never happens so we’ll keep trying,” joked Graham.

Oh my. I can’t believe a public official said that out loud on camera. Hope he’s a beloved mayor or when he’s up for reelection his opponent’s camp could have a whole lot of fun with that.

I embedded the video below if you’d like to check it out also. If you want to investigate an alleged vortex, Watertown is a place to explore.

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Courtney Mroch
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2 thoughts on “Watertown, NY Acknowledges Park’s Paranormal Vortex

  1. This is all created by a old nutcase satanic worshiper who many people have seen go up there claiming about the vortex, She was seen many times and even left behind a pewter earn goblet where they cut up animals , was her and 2 other guys doing it. There is no vortex, what is there has been proven throughout the years in regard to the iron deposits, quartz crystals in the limestone rocks along with copper combined they create electromagnetic fields that can cause you think of time lapses or disorientation. The other thing anyone can take a cell phone, compass anything electronic even a EMF detector that is used for testing circuit boards not for ghost since that is its real use anyways up there and you will get allot of issues such as different polarities in the compass, even radio waves and cell phone frequencies waves from RF transmitters are blocked and or distorted. all the lime stone in that park and around the entire higher elevations outside Watertown are loaded with iron cores combined with quartz crystals. Just search Herkimer County New York just the other side of this area and they mine quartz diamonds. Even one guy found 1 the size of 10×20 inches in the Black River about 25 yrs ago and had it displayed in his computer shop he use to have under the old Woolworths what later became Stream.

  2. Hey Kevin! Such great information about the vortex, or lack thereof based on its history/geology. I’m glad you stopped by to share this. Thank you!

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