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Warehouse on the Canal

On October 25, I received a really neat email from a very nice gentleman by the name of William Mayor about Warehouse on the Canal in Canal Fulton, Ohio. That was during the midst of the Halloween Blog Party Giveaway madness. I had just enough time to thank him for contacting me with the info, but I didn’t really have a chance to check it out more.

But now things are settling down again and I have had a chance. Here’s an excerpt from his email which particularly sparked my interest:

They now do mostly private tours, having given up on public ones, but their tours are led by a true psychic. This is not someone who has memorized a talk, but rather one who tells what she sees as she sees it. Further, participants often get a chance to experience “spirit energy”, as well as often have a chance to have a spirit walk through them.

Should you be planning to travel to Northeast Ohio, you might wish to try to schedule a visit. Their website is:

Since he didn’t really say in his email, I wondered what kind of activity they’ve had there. I decided to Google it and came across a variety of links about the paranormal goings on at Warehouse on the Canal. Here’s the ones I found most interesting:

  • Warehouse on the Canal  – Haunted Site? – This article details some of the personal experiences owners (I believe now former owners) had while working there. It also gives a brief account of what the “Ghost Dinner and Ghost Hunt Tour” that used to be held on site was about. As well as some brief historical information. (For instance, at one point the basement of the building was used as a morgue.)
  • Warehouse on the Canal – Dead Ohio had a page dedicated to the site. It hasn’t updated any of the info since 2004, so a lot of the information is about the ghost tours that used to go on there. (Which is kind of neat in it’s own way. It seems like it was a really active place.) But the neat thing about this link was all the pictures included of Warehouse on the Canal.
  • Spirits Rule at Warehouse on the Canal – You know a place has a pretty good haunted reputation when the local TV news station does a story on it. That’s what I thought I’d find when I clicked this link. Instead I found the Ghosts of the North Coast, which features all kinds of ghost stories from northeast Ohio. As far as Warehouse on the Canal, it provided a wealth of info about the different ghosts and locations of the hauntings within the building.
  • Case #5002010OPJRQ – This link lets you read the Ohio Exploration Society’s case file on their investigation of Warehouse on the Canal. It includes EVPs and a video of a guy supposedly being punched in the stomach by a ghost.
  • Ohio Researchers of Banded Spirits Warehouse on the Canal Investigation – What a rocking site this is! (If you click and have your speakers on, you’ll see what I mean. While you scan the pics they have posted, you get serenaded by a jammin’ tune.) Anyway, more pics and EVPs are presented for those curious to see what these researchers turned up. Pretty neat.

From what I can tell, Warehouse on the Canal seems like a pretty active spot. I’m actually kind of surprised Ghost Hunters hasn’t been there yet. (Maybe it’s on their radar? Or maybe it’s on the Ghost Adventures crew’s radar? They seem to like places with spirits that touch, and almost everything I read about this place included accounts of the spirits touching, slapping, punching, etc. That’s right up Zak Bagan’s alley in particular!)

Anyway, I had never heard of this place before Mr. Mayor’s nice email, but if I ever am up that way I’d definitely make a Haunt Jaunt to Warehouse on the Canal.

Courtney Mroch
Courtney Mroch, otherwise known as HJ's Ambassador of Dark and Paranormal Tourism, is an author, traveler, and ghost enthusiast. When she's not writing, jaunting, or planning her next trip, it's a safe bet you'll find her in one of three places: on a tennis court somewhere, on a yoga mat somewhere, or watching a horror movie somewhere. She currently resides in Nashville, Tennessee.

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4 thoughts on “Warehouse on the Canal

  1. That would be cool to see one of those ghost hunters show investigate this place. It seems real creepy to me. BTW, I have been wanting to comment on some of your other posts but for some reason I was having problems getting it to submit.

  2. Thanks for letting me know Julie! ARGH! I went with this new format, but….see? Another dang but. Never saw the comment submission form as being the next problem! Thanks for letting me know.

    I want to go to Ohio. There’s a ton of haunted places up there it seems. And I think I only became aware of it recently (meaning this year) and in part some of it had to do with your Haunted Formula, Autumnforest!

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