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The Baby Angel Ghost: One Reader’s Possible Spirit Photos

A few weeks back, one of HJ’s Facebook friends, Aaron, asked if I knew of any sites that were good for sharing real ghost photos and discussing them. I referred him to another of HJ’s FB friends, Marilyn, who moderates the Unexplained world and paranormal group. They’re a pretty active bunch who share a lot of photos and discuss a variety of things. I figured they maybe could help him.

I forgot what all Aaron’s FB comment said, but it prompted me to give him my email address in case he felt like sharing the photos with me to post on the blog. Because what he was looking for was answers.

He sent them, and while I don’t normally deal with ghost photos of this nature, his story and the accompanying images both intrigued and touched me to no end. Perhaps those who view them might be able to see something in them to help Aaron out.


Here’s what Aaron wrote to describe the above picture:

This picture is of the baby sitters house where he passed… I’m sure you see the small body & what looks to be wings right? Well here is the kicker… This picture came off a roll of 35mm film out of my dads camera (he’s the only one who doesn’t use digital) the house the picture was taken in is in Virginia Beach, my dad lives in Washington state… He never came to Virginia and neither did his camera yet that’s where the picture came from.

Questions? Comments? Etc?

It could be many things. It could be steam. It could be glare. It could be who knows what all else.

This is one of those times when I hope fiercely this is no joke or hoax or mistake. With all my heart I want to believe it’s proof of the Beyond. That somehow, someway, in defiance of all that should be rational or possible, this image represents Love.

I want to believe this is the Universe’s way of sending a message to parents whose hearts were hurting. That this is proof angels exist and have manipulated circumstances to show them their son is now one of them.


Even before I read Aaron’s description that accompanied this photo, it caught my eye. Specifically, the way the baby is smiling caught my eye.

This is the first time we all got together for a picture after our first son passed… This is what I imagine orbs should look like, we checked to see if it was glare from the window behind us and thats not possible for 2 reasons. 1, there is black out blinds covering the glass (we couldn’t recreate any glare) also 2, if you look close the orb is actually in front of my wife’s face… Not to mention if you look at my younger sons face he seems to be looking right at it and smiling…

I know there will be skeptics who have things to say and that’s fine but please comment respectfully tho ok? Thanks y’all I look forward to reading your thoughts.

Some might argue the baby could be smiling at the girl across from him. I like to think he sees something we don’t. Something the camera captured as an orb but that he, with his uncluttered mind, sees in its pure, good form.

I believe in angels and I believe in the power of Love. Whether these images are proof of either or both, I don’t know. But I was honored Aaron chose to share and entrust them with me.


If you have possible ghost photos and stories you’d like to share, or want to check some out, Ghosts of America posts a lot of ghost stories and pictures, as does Angels & Ghosts.

Courtney Mroch
Courtney Mroch, otherwise known as HJ's Ambassador of Dark and Paranormal Tourism, is an author, traveler, and ghost enthusiast. When she's not writing, jaunting, or planning her next trip, it's a safe bet you'll find her in one of three places: on a tennis court somewhere, on a yoga mat somewhere, or watching a horror movie somewhere. She currently resides in Nashville, Tennessee.

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7 thoughts on “The Baby Angel Ghost: One Reader’s Possible Spirit Photos

  1. Of course I’m not an expert – amature in photography and paranormal investigation myself….but wow, taking these to be genuine, I would say they are some pretty compelling photos.  I would agree that the first one could have been chalked up to steam, lens flare, reflection of some sort or whathaveyou, but if I’m reading this correctly, the film and the camera that this picture came from had never been anywhere near the location that this is a photo of?  Dad in Washington state develops a roll of 35mm film and ends up with a picture (not clear if just this one?) from a house in Virginia Beach where his grandson passed away, and with this anomaly to boot?  How could anyone explain that?

    And the second…having worked part time for a photographer for several years and being her student as well both w/ 35mm film and now digital cameras, I’ve seen a lot of orbs appear in photos over the years, but not quite like this.  It doesn’t look like the typical moisture or dust reflection to me. I’m glad to see Aaron say there were attempts to recreate it to rule out glare or reflections.  By looking at it here, the orb appears to be self-illuminated and hovering in between and just in front of Mom & Dad, and yes, the baby appears to be looking right at it and smiling.  I don’t know Aaron, it looks like just maybe your family was really all together for that photo.

    I’m so very sorry for the loss of your son, Aaron.  Like Courtney, I would really like to believe that these are messages from beyond, that he is letting you know that he is okay and loves you all.  May you and yours be blessed.

  2. Take # 2!  For some reason, as soon as Courtney read my comments here, they suddenly disappeared.  Ghost in the machine?  LOL

    So…as I said…Wow.  I’m by no means an expert of course – an amature in both photography and paranormal investigation, but in taking these photos to be genuine, I’d have to say they are pretty compelling.  Yes, the first photo could be chalked up to steam, lens flare, reflection, or whatnot – but if I’m reading this correctly, the film and camera that this photo came from were never in this home that the picture is of?  Dad in Washington state developed a roll of 35mm film and ended up with a picture (unclear if it was just the one?) from a home in Virginia Beach that he never visited, that just so happens to be where his grandon passed away, with this anomaly to boot?  How could anyone explain that?

    And the second….well, having worked part time for a photographer for several years and having also been her student in both 35mm film-based and now digital photography, I’ve seen plenty of orbs appear in photos over the years.  However, none quite like this.  This doesn’t appear to me to be the typical moisture in the air or dust refracting the light of the flash.  By looking at it here, this orb does appear to be self-illuminating, hovering right in between and just in front of Mom & Dad, and yes, it does seem that the baby in Dad’s arms is looking right at it and smiling.  I’m glad to see Aaron say that attempts were made to recreate the effect which adds to the validity of it when it was not possible to get the same or similar anomaly in other shots.  I don’t know Aaron, it does seem that your family really was all together for the taking of this photo.

    I’m so very sorry for the loss of your son, Aaron.  Like Courtney, I would very much like to believe that these are messages from him from beyond to his family that is still here in the physical world – to let you all know he’s okay and that he loves you all.  It’s times like this I wish I had more absolute answers rather than just my personal beliefs. May you and yours be blessed.

  3. Interesting photos. I hope they are real and not a mistake too, especially one with the baby.

  4. Thank you for doing a take 2. SO sorry my comment system failed you. LOVED your comment. Very beautifully written. And insightful. Love that youn shared your perspective.

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